What is #FoodPorn doing for the hospitality industry? #Hotelympia


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When you look on social networks you will see hundreds of thousands of images posted of food within the last month. Many people actually take photos and upload to a social network with the hashtag foodporn before they’ve even take a bite of food. But what is this doing for the hospitality industry? Is it a fantastic way of promoting a chef or restaurant? Does it create conversations about dining out? Or is it spoiling the dining experience for some?

Research results and panel discussion with

Tom Aikens

Ed Butcher
Square Meal

Daniel Doherty
Duck& Waffle

Jonathan Doughty
FCSI and Coverpoint Food

Claire Wilson
Le Manoir

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What is #FoodPorn doing for the hospitality industry? #Hotelympia

  1. What is #FoodPorn doing for the hospitality industry? #FoodPornPanel : Karen Fewell : @DigitalBlonde Copyright Digital Blonde Ltd
  2. Karen Fewell @DigitalBlonde #FoodPornPanel #Hotelympia On the #FoodPornPanel @TomAikens @DanDoherty_ @CoverpointFood @SquareMeal @LeManoir
  3. In the UK, there have been 9.2 million mentions of the word ‘food’ on Twitter over the last year On Twitter, average 674 tweets an hour mentioning #FoodPorn 26.1 million Instagram images tagged as #FoodPorn Karen Fewell @DigitalBlonde #FoodPornPanel #Hotelympia Food porn is a glamourized spectacular visual presentation of cooking or eating [1] foods boasting a high fat and calorie content, [2] exotic dishes that arouse a desire to eat or the glorification of food as a substitute for sexWikipedia On Twitter, average 803 tweets a day using #Foodgasm www.FoodPornIndex.com Based on 258.6m food hashtags on Twitter & Instagram
  4. Karen Fewell @DigitalBlonde #FoodPornPanel #Hotelympia “Jamie Oliver said the ‘real food revolution’ will come from the mobile phone. I also believe it will. What I find fascinating is how much we can learn about people’s behaviour around food as a result of what they happily share on social networks. Maybe social data will give us the insight to bring about that real food revolution” @DigitalBlonde
  5. Karen Fewell @DigitalBlonde #FoodPornPanel #Hotelympia ”Are chefs the social stars of the hospitality industry?”
  6. How many times a day do you check your favourite network? 0.0% 5.0% 10.0% 15.0% 20.0% 25.0% 30.0% One Two Three Four Five Six Over six Over 10 I don’t check every day 90.1% of chefs agree that social media is a great way to increase footfall to their establishment 85.6% of chefs like it when a customer posts photos of food they have cooked 76.8% of chefs think online review sites help our industry Karen Fewell @DigitalBlonde #FoodPornPanel #Hotelympia www.slideshare.net/KarenFewell
  7. 65.6% of chefs say they would be interested in attending an industry training course on social media Karen Fewell @DigitalBlonde #FoodPornPanel #Hotelympia 63.1% of chefs think social media should now be part of a chef's training 63.1% Announcing Mars Foodservice #SocialChef Workshops Chefs to contact @MarsFS_UK
  8. What makes a dining experience shareable? Karen Fewell @DigitalBlonde #FoodPornPanel #Hotelympia
  9. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 To record an event or social occasion When it’s a special treat Beause it is beau ful and looks like art When it is my friends food To en ce other people to eat the food Because I am proud that I made it myself To congratulate the person who made it Because it is unusual or different To show that I am ea ng healthy food Because it says a lot about me Other Why do you take pictures of food? #FoodPsych Karen Fewell @DigitalBlonde #FoodPornPanel #Hotelympia Karen Fewell @DigitalBlonde Nathalie Nahai @TheWebPsych
  10. @TheWebPsych @DigitalBlonde When are you most likely to post a picture of food? #FoodPsych Karen Fewell @DigitalBlonde #FoodPornPanel #Hotelympia
  11. Karen Fewell @DigitalBlonde #FoodPornPanel #Hotelympia Why was this the most shared Great British Chefs Facebook post? SocialBakers 22nd Jan - 23rd April 2014
  12. Karen Fewell @DigitalBlonde #FoodPornPanel #Hotelympia Why were these the most shared posts on their Facebook pages? SocialBakers 22nd Jan - 23rd April 2014
  13. Karen Fewell @DigitalBlonde #FoodPornPanel #Hotelympia Five most liked user generated Instagram #FoodPorn posts taken in restaurants 20hr period 23rd – 24th April, Instagram data from Simply Measured 1 2 3 4 5
  14. Where are we heading? Karen Fewell @DigitalBlonde #FoodPornPanel #Hotelympia
  15. Karen Fewell @DigitalBlonde What can social data tell us about your customers behaviour around food? Karen Fewell @DigitalBlonde #FoodPornPanel #Hotelympia Full report available from @DigitalBlonde
  16. What influences the need to eat/choose a restaurant food? Which brands do customers compare against? Karen Fewell @DigitalBlonde #FoodPornPanel #Hotelympia
  17. Tweet patterns for brand mentions on Twitter UK 26th Jan 2014 – 27th April 2014 Pizza Hut Toby Carvery Pizza Express JD Weatherspoon Karen Fewell @DigitalBlonde #FoodPornPanel #Hotelympia Valentines Day Sundays #YesPimpMySummerBallKent User generated campaign
  18. Allegra Strategies, Social Media Use by Restaurants in May 2013 Which of these brands do we crave more? Karen Fewell @DigitalBlonde #FoodPornPanel #Hotelympia 0.00% 0.50% 1.00% 1.50% 2.00% 2.50% 3.00% Pizza Express Toby Carvery Yo! Sushi Nando's Wagamama 5 restaurant brands, 1 year of tweets % of tweets about craving the brand
  19. Karen Fewell @DigitalBlonde #FoodPornBook Do we crave the brand as much as the dish? Based on UK 6,447 tweets between 27th Jan 2014 – 28th April 2014 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 Crave chicken Crave Nando's FEMALE 67% MALE 33% Crave Chicken FEMALE 69% MALE 31% 0% 0% Crave Nando's Food that is most likely to be mentioned when someone tweets about “craving Nando’s”
  20. “Some of the best moments in life happen around a table when we are eating with people we love” Joe Perez, Tastemade Karen Fewell @DigitalBlonde #FoodPornPanel #Hotelympia
  21. Stories from the Dinner Table Karen Fewell @DigitalBlonde #FoodPornPanel #Hotelympia
  22. Karen Fewell @DigitalBlonde #FoodPornPanel #Hotelympia “#FoodPorn and dining experience social sharing could really benefit the hospitality industry. Businesses need to get social out of the marketing department and spend more time understanding what social data is telling us. Then use the data to inform business decisions and create food experiences your customers truly want.” @DigitalBlonde
  23. #FoodPorn Book Karen@DigitalBlondeMarketing.com Karen Fewell @DigitalBlonde Copyright Digital Blonde Ltd