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Community Share Offers


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Community Share Offers
Co-operative Ways Forward Conference
January 2014

Published in: Business, Technology
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Community Share Offers

  1. 1. Community Share Offers Ways Forward conference 17 January 2014 Jeremy Thorp
  2. 2. Renewable energy co-ops, local ownership and control e.g. • Leominster Community Solar, £150k shares, 93 members • Neen Sollars Community Hydro, £150k in shares, 77 members • Woolhope Woodheat, £320k in shares, 168 Members • Many other examples
  3. 3. What are renewable energy co-ops for? (different order of importance for different people) • green electricity / carbon emissions? • To put power generation in the hands of the public? • To generate income for another purpose (community benefit or otherwise)? • To create an ethical investment opportunity?
  4. 4. Features of renewable energy coops Leominster Community Solar • Structure of electricity market makes it difficult for members to “trade” • How to share profit? • What is a “fair rate of interest” ?
  5. 5. Factors to consider • How to factor in risk? • The need to publish a target interest rate before launch of share offer – difficult to adjust later • How to engage with enthusiasts and pale greens? • target interest rate likely to be exceeded = better returns. Is this OK?
  6. 6. More factors • Different technologies regarded as different level of risk • If the community fund benefits a popular cause, it will help to compensate for a low interest rate • Tax relief – this can boost effective rates of return • Not enough examples to establish what return is just sufficient to raise the amount required – too many variables