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Southampton - A co-operative city


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Southampton - A co-operative city
Co-operative Ways Forward Conference
January 2014

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Southampton - A co-operative city

  1. 1. Southampton A Co-operative City Sustainable and fair economic development
  2. 2. Co-operative City Vision  To re-mutualise and build a sustainable local economy which is 25% owned and controlled by co-operative members by 2035  To make every living, working and learning experience available through a co-operative  To build the membership of co-operatives to be 50% of the population
  3. 3. Project structure Action group Action group Action group elect spokespeople Co-op City co-ordinating group Employ and appoint Co-op City co-ordinator(s) and education and marketing and admin employees
  4. 4. Action groups at present SACDA (local Worker and Community Co-ops) Southampton Co-operative council City of Co-operative Education (Schools etc) City of Co-operative Development (CDB’s City of Co-operative Finance (banks, CU’s B.S.s) City of Fair Trade (Fair Traders ) Membership of the groups are coops, sympathetic organisations and individuals
  5. 5. Fairness, equality and democracy Members at present support the living wage The action groups and co-ordinating committee will use democratic and consensus processes maximising member involvement We are creating on-line communities for cooperation in action and information We are in preliminary discussions with trade unions
  6. 6. Co-operative councils and cooperative finance We are working with the Co-operative Council on case by case agreements and trying to get a policy agreement The SW Coop Group V and P committee have provided seed corn funding (£6,000 year one – awaiting decision for year two) A multi-stakeholder coop CIC has been created (Southampton Friends of Co-operation) to become the project lead organisation to be the successor bank account holder to Southampton Area co-operative Development Agency – The current lead organisation
  7. 7. Investment and democratic control We are approaching the LEPs, the Council, SIB and looking at community shares to build capital for coops for the Co-op City. Some non-co-op social enterprise and non-co-op IPS are on the action groups, we are encouraging them to encourage democracy in their organisations Common ownership and control, decent work and pay and commitment to the public good are all aspirations we are trying to make constitutional
  8. 8. Some 2014 targets More action groups (5 individuals and organisations minimum required) Committed investment in the Co-op City from the LEP Co-op City Conference 8th March 2014 Launch www.southamptoncooperativecity Co-op Council to consult co-op development workers as well as Trade Unionists on spin-outs etc. Create the structural and operational basis for a significant scale, participatory political and democratic economy