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Britta Werner of Unicorn Grocery


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Unicorn Grocery - A Workers Co-operative
Britta Werner of Unicorn Grocery
Co-operative Ways Forward Conference
January 2014

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Britta Werner of Unicorn Grocery

  1. 1. Unicorn Grocery a workers co-operative Britta Werner
  2. 2. About Unicorn Grocery • Wholefood grocery shop located in South Manchester • Sells fresh organic fruit and veg and over 3,000 different lines of grocery and non-food items • Average customers a week 5,500 in 2013 and Average weekly sales £105,000
  3. 3. Our model • • • • Direct purchasing Competitive pricing Bulk buying Concentrating on wholefood, encouraging cooking from scratch • As local as possible, organic if possible, fairtrade
  4. 4. Our structure • All directors are workers • No elected management committee • Weekly and fortnightly meetings, larger decisions every 4 month. • All decisions are reached by consensus
  5. 5. Why worker co-operative? • More efficient and effective to have less hierarchy and have all members as employers, e.g. for strategic planning • Employee engagement • Trust, good communication, fair decision-making