Karen L. D O L M A N I S T H Updated Resume


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Karen L. D O L M A N I S T H Updated Resume

  1. 1. KAREN DOLMANISTH Kdolmanisth3000@hotmail.com http://www.dolmanisth.comEDUCATIONUniversity of Massachusetts, MFA Honors, SCULPTURE, NEW MEDIA, INSTALLATION, VIDEO Amherst, MassachusettsStudied with Jerry Kearns, Susan Jahoda, Richard Yarde, Pat Lasch (Umass), Sherry Milner (Hampshire College)New School For Social Research and NYU, Graduate Course Work: Semiotics, Film Studies New York, New YorkParsons School of Design, New School For Social Research: BFA Summa Cum Laude,VISUAL ART/DESIGN/ILLUSTRATION/PRINTMAKING, Kathy Dunn Memorial Full Scholarship New York, New YorkCooper Union, BFA Course Work, PAINTING, PRINTMAKING Studied Painting with JACK WHITTEN New York, New YorkSELECTED PUBLICATIONS/DVD’SLIFE LINES OF CONNECTION AND CONTINUITY& AWE, Curator, Loretta Yarlow MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ARTProduced By Jackie Hai, 2008 University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MANEW ARTEdited by Roxana Marcoci, Dian Murphy, Eve Sinaiko Published by ABRAMS, 1997, New York, New YorkWENN DIE KINDER SIND IM DUNKELNText by Birgit Jurgenssen, Andeas Pfersmann, Jeff Rian, 1994 Published by WEINER SECESSION, Wien, AustriaPRAYING PROJECT, 2006, Trickster Theater EXIT ART, New York, New YorkFRAGMENTS AND WHOLENESS, The Temporal Art of Karen DolmanisthBianca Kaprielian, 2002 SMITH COLLEGE School of Fine Arts, Northampton, MAARTIST ASSISTANTSHIPArtist Assistant and Archivist for art critic and pioneering, international performance artist, LIL PICARD, with whom Dolmanisthfrequented Andy Warhols Factory/Studio at Union Square and accompanied to private interviews and openings, in Soho and the EastVillage in the seventies and early eighties.GRANTS 2010 MASSACHUSETTS CULTURAL COUNCIL Grant, LCC Recipient, Exhibit: HERE and Artist Talk, Public Workshop 2008, 2009 MASSACHUSETTS CULTURAL COUNCIL, INDIVIDUAL ARTIST AWARD, INTERDISCIPLINARY MEDIA 2005 VERMONT STUDIO CENTER, Full Fellowship, Artist’ Resource Trust Award 2004 BERKSHIRE TACONIC A.R.T. AWARD 2004 MASSACHUSETTS CULTURAL COUNCIL Grant, LCC Recipient, INTERDISCIPLINARY MEDIA 2003 MASSACHUSETTS CULTURAL COUNCIL, INDIVIDUAL ARTIST AWARD, SCULPTURE / INSTALLATION 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000 MASSACHUSETTS CULTURAL COUNCIL Grant, Individual Artist Award, LCC, INSTALLATION 1996 NEA NEFA, New England Foundation For The Arts, ARTIST’S NEW FORMS PROJECT Grant 1979-83 CONNECTICUT SCHOLAR SCHOLARSHIP AWARD, Four-Year RecipientARTIST IN RESIDENCECANAL GALLERY, Three Gallery Sites, Historic Industrial Canal District, Holyoke, MA, Full Year Inter-Media Site Work 2003DAYTON ARTIST IN RESIDENCE PROGRAM, Connecticut College, New London, CT 2001Dolmanisth: Sculpture Installation with Action/Happenings, PARADOX, and Meredith Monk, with Ann Hamilton: MERCYEUSEBIUSBIUTENSINGEL 52, Arnhem, Netherlands, Month long, In Residence Project: NEW AGE DADA 1995, 96VIENNA SECCESSION MUSEUM, Vienna, Austria, Two month In Residence Project: WENN DIE KINDER… 1994WEXNER CENTER FOR CONTEMPRARY ART MUSEUM, “Alchemy, Improv/ Happening”, Columbus, OH 1994NEW WORK, Large Scale Ephemeral Constructions, SCULPTURE COURTYARD, Univ. of Mass, Amherst, MA 1989SELECTED REVIEWS 2010 ARTSCOPE MAGAZINE, “Amherst’s Joyful Biennial” Gregory Morrell 2009 FIRST CITY, DEHLI, INDIA, “Everywhere/Nowhere, Spiritual Temperament in Current American Art” Siri Fort 2008 ARTSCOPE MAGAZINE, “KAREN DOLMANISTH” Gregory Morrell 2006 THE NEW YORK TIMES “The Studio Visit” Roberta Smith 2006 NY1 StephanieSimon 2005 FreeNYC, “Franklin Furnace Archives” re: EXIT ART Prayingproject 2005 BRIDGES, Publication on Science and Technology, re: EXIT ART Prayingproject Philip Steger 2004 SPRINGFIELD RECORDER, “Canal Knowledge, Holyoke’s Mind-Bending Art Exhibit” Pat Cahill 2003 ART IN AMERICA “Smack Mellon” Lilly Wei 2002 THE NEW YORK TIMES “Sacred Matter” Holland Cotter 2002 THE NEW YORK PRESS “Sacred Matter” 2000 THE WASHINGTON POST Blake Gopnik “Forget SOHO, Now It’s D.U.M.B.O., Forsaken Warehouse District, NY’s Latest Art Home 1994 NEW YORK MAGAZINE “Dance Of Life And Death” Kay Larson 1994 THE NEW YORK TIMES
  2. 2. “Making A Statement With Castoff Objects” William Zimmer 1994 DIE PRESSE, DER STANDARD, Vienna, Austria “Secession” Georg Schollhammer 1994 KURIER, Vienna, Austria “Beautiful, Run Down, Raunchy and Very Touching” Henriette Horny 1994 SALZBURGER NACHRICHTEN, Vienna, Austria “The Age Is Given Its Art Again” Jana Wisniewski 1994 FALTER, Vienna, Austria, “Just No Shit” Mark Wailand 1994 ART IN NEW ENGLAND “Creating an Exhibition / RESURRECTION / ‘Objects With New Souls” Sal Scalora 1994 THE HARTFORD COURANT “Recycled Art” Owen McNally 1993 NEWSWEEK MAGAZINE “Summing Up Doom And Gloom” Peter Plagens 1993 THE NEW YORK TIMES “Assemblages Offer Views Of The Spiritual” Vivien Raynor 1992 VILLAGE VOICE “Give Me Fever” Elizabeth HessSOLO PERFORMANCE ART (Selected) (List of recent 2008-2010, Local/Interactive (6), on request)2010 “LEAP, Arteon in Motion, BEINGBLUE” LA MAMA, New York City, NY2010 “SMILE RAINBOW TEARS” TOMPKINS SQUARE GALLERY, New York City, NY2009 “WALKING WOMAN: RED PURPLE” ZEA MAYS PRINTMAKING STUDIO, Northampton, MA2008 “AWE” On Site at “ISLES OF VIEW”, By George Trakas, UNIVERSITY GALLERY, FINE ARTS CENTER University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA2008 “SENTIENCE”, “Up Down Strange Beauty” CABARET VOLTAIRE ART CENTER, Poughkeepsie, NY2006 “PRESENT, In The Moment UNIVERSITY GALLERY, FINE ARTS CENTER, UMASS, Amherst, MA2005 “FLUX Emptying” EXIT ART, New York City, NY2005 “WASHING PRAYER”, PRAYINGPROJECT EXIT ART, New York City, NY2002 “ACTION TASKS CHANCE MOVEMENT LABOR BREATH TOUCH” SMACK MELLON, Brooklyn, NY1995 “THE THUNDER /PERFECT MIND” C WORLD, NYC, NY1995 “LADY” EUSEBIUSBIUTENSINGEL 52, Arnhem, THE NETHERLANDS1994 “BLACK And GOLD” VIENNA SECCESSION MUSEUM, Vienna, AUSTRIA1994 “INNER MARRIAGE, THE ALCHEMICAL BRIDE” REAL ART WAYS, Hartford, CTGROUP EXHIBITIONS: SCULPTURE INSTALLATION(UNIQUE/SITE SPECIFIC, SELECTED)2010 “FiBi CONCRETE” Tompkins Square Gallery of The New York City Public Library, New York City, NY2010 “SHEER OPACITY” WILLIAM BENTON MUSEUM, Storrs, CT2010 “HERE” A.P.E. , Northampton, MA2010 “Amherst Biennial” Amherst, MA2009 “EVERYWHERE / NOWHERE” Gallery Of The American Embassy, Delhi, India2009 “PIONEER WOMEN” TABLA RASA GALLERY, Brooklyn, NY2008 “EVERYWHERE AND NOWHERE” International Festival of Sacred Arts, Delhi, India2008 “TITLES” L’ECUME DES JOURS, Montreal, CANADA, traveling to venues in London, UK2007 “TRANSIENCE” CABARET VOLTAIRE ART CENTER, Poughkeepsie, NY2007 “DADA 91, SUPREME DEBRIS” CABARET VOLTAIRE, Poughkeepsi, NY2006 “RENEGADES” EXIT ART, New York, NY2006 “INTERSECTIONS, Sculpture and Installation from Distinguished Massachusetts Artists” OPEN SQUARE GALLERY, MA2006 “SITE 92” SMACK MELLON, Brooklyn, NY2006 “THE STUDIO VISIT” EXIT ART, New York, NY2005 “TRAFFIC, (WINDOW INSTALLATIONS) “HOLIDAY WINDOWS”, FLUX, Emptying EXIT ART, New York, NY2005 “OTHER AMERICA, THE PRAYING PROJECT” EXIT ART, New York, NY2005 “DRAWING IN TIME: 3 SCULPTOR’S APPROACH TO SPACE” A.P.E GALLERY, Northampton, MA2004 “IN THE WOODS” DABORA GALLERY Seven Women Installation Artists, Curator: Lynda Dabora Brooklyn, NY2004 “THE RESPONSE” CANAL GALLERY, Holyoke, MA2003 “ABSTRACT”, Curator, Chris Nelson CANAL GALLERY, Holyoke, MA2000 “ANNIVERSARY EXHIBIT, 20 YEARS” EXIT ART Curators: Jeanette Ingberman, Papo Colo New York, NY1999 “MORE OR LESS” NO BIAS Invitational, Juror: Kathleen Gilrain, Director, SOCRATES SCULPTURE PARK, NY, NY Bennington, VT1997 “THE GARDEN OF EVE”, 7 Women Sculptors LOWER EASTSIDE ECOLOGY CENTER Invitational , Curator: Kathleen Gilrain, Dir., SOCRATES SCULPTURE PARK, NY, NY New York, NY1996 “GROUND FLIGHT” ONE MAIN SCULPTURE CENTER Sculpture Installation New York, NY1996 “IN THE NIGHT GARDEN” ONE MAIN SCULPTURE CENTER Sculpture Installation New York, NY1995 “NEXT AGE DADA” EUSEBIUSBIUTENSINGEL 52
  3. 3. Installation “LADY OF THE SILVER WHEEL” Arnhem, The Netherlands1995 “THE NEXT TWENTY FIVE YEARS” WESTBETH GALLERY Installation, “INANNA’S DESCENT, Contemporary Context” New York, NY1994 “FEVER, Traveling” THE WEXNER CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY ARTS Installation, Unique, Site-Specific, “ALCHEMY, IMPROV, OFFERING” Curators: Jeanette Ingberman, Papo Colo, of EXIT ART, NY, NY Columbus, OH1994 “WENN DIE KINDER SIND IM DUNKELN” WEINER SECCESSION (VIENNA SECCESSION MUSEUM) Installation, “THOSE WHO DO NOT SURVIVE, A Dedication” Curator: Birgit Jurgenssen Vienna, Austria1994 “THE GARDEN OF SCULPTURAL DELIGHTS” EXIT ART / THE FIRST WORLD Installation, “RADICAL FAITH” New York, NY Curators: Jeanette Ingberman, Papo Colo1994 “RESURRECTIONS, OBJECTS WITH NEW SOULS” THE WILLIAM BENTON MUSEUM Installation, “ INANNA HONORS…AND RESSURECTS THE DESECRATED TREE OF…” Storrs, CT Curators: Salvatore Scalora, Deborah Muirhead1993 “FEVER, Innaugural Exhibition” EXIT ART Installation, “INANNA / ALCHEMY, Nigredo, Albedo, Conjunctio…” New York, NY Curators: Jeanette Ingberman, Papo Colo1993 “SPIRITUAL CARGO” THE CHARTER OAK CULTURAL CENTER Installation, “THE JOURNEY MARKERS OF PERSEPHONE’S CLOAK” Hartford, CT1991 “SACRED SPACE / FOUR SCULPTORS” WHEELER GALLERY Installation, “THE DAUGHTER’S CLOSET OF WONDER, MAGIC & SHADOW” Amherst, MA1991 “4 X 4 SCULPTORS”, with Dan Zeller, Kathleen Gilrain, Michael Yue Tong BAYSTATE WEST ATRIUM Three Story Height Mall Atrium Installation Springfield, MASELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS/ SCULPTURE INSTALLATION (UNIQUE, SITE-SPECIFIC)2010 “SMILE RAINBOW TEARS” Yo Park’s FiBi Concrete II(Brochure) TOMPKINS SQUARE GALLERY, New York City, NY2009 “FIRST LANGUAGE, Immanence and Interpenetration” TABER GALERY, Holyoke, MA2008 “LIFE LINES OF CONNECTION & CONTINUITY” On Site Installation at George Trakas’ “ISLE OF VIEW” Campus Pond UNIVERSITY MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART, UMASS, Amherst, MA2006 “LOOM II”, An Industrial Mill Works Installation Collaboration w/ the Site & Afternoon Sun OPEN SQUARE GALLERY The Historic Canal District, Holyoke, MA2006 “PRESENT, In The Moment” Installation/Action UNIVERSITY GALLERY, FINE ARTS CENTER, UMASS, Amherst, MA2005 “FLUENT” Works on Paper and Ephemeral Constructions THE LAST MINUTE GALLERY, Northampton, MA2005 “ARROWS, NEEDLES, SPEARS, & STRANDS” VERMONT STUDIO CENTER2005 “STILL MOTION” Four Walls of Drawings and Prints Schultz Sculpture Barn, Johnson, VT2004 “INANNA, The Heroine’s Quest” WILLIAM BLIZARD GALLERY Two Galleries, Sculpture Installation, Holly S. Murray - Curator Springfield College, Springfield, MA2004 “IMMANENT & TRANSCENDING CIRCLES OF TIME” CANAL GALLERY Three Gallery Sculpture Installations, Chris Nelson, Curator, Year long Artist in Residence Project Holyoke, MA2003 “AXIS / ORBITING / Contain” NORTHAMPTON CENTER FOR THE ARTS Massachusetts Local Cultural Council Award Project, Sculpture Installation Northampton, MA2003 “MORPHOGENESIS” I & II WILD LIFE SANCTUARY Massachusetts Local Cultural Council Award Project, Sculpture Installation Northampton, MA2002 “THEOLOGICAL REVERSALS” I, II, II, & IV “SACRED MATTER PROJECT” SMACK MELLON Series of Four Time-Based Changing Installations, Two Galleries Kathleen Gilrain – Curator Brooklyn, NY2002 “SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING / Ground Work” NORTHAMPTON CENTER FOR THE ARTS Massachusetts Local Cultural Council Award Project Northampton, MA2002 “VERTICAL LOOM, VERTICAL TIME” NCA Massachusetts Local Cultural Council Award Project, Sculpture Installation Northampton, MA2001 “PARADOX” CRO’S NEST, CONNECTICUT COLLEGE Part of an Endowed DAYTON VISITING ARTIST (Artist In Residence) AWARD New London, CT2001 “PARADOX / CONTINUOUS CREATION (Transformation) CRO’S NEST, CONNECTICUT COLLEGE Installation In Motion / Transformation DAYTON A.I.R. AWARD New London, CT2001 “THE FALL” NCA Massachusetts Local Cultural Council Award, Installation and Performance Project Northampton, MA “CREATE/ un-do” NCA Massachusetts, LCC Award, Installation and Performance Project Northampton, MA “DANCING IN THE FLAMES’ NORTHAMPTON CENTER FOR THE ARTS Massachusetts LCC Award, Installation and Performance Project Northampton, MA “THE UNSEEN REAL” NCA Massachusetts LCC Award, Sculpture and Interdisciplinary Performance Project Northampton, MA2000 “NEMETON lean-sa dluth ri cliu do shinnear” GRUBBS GALLERY, Williston Northampton Academy Time-Based Changing Installation, With Composer J.B. Weeks Easthampton, MA2000 “OPENING THE LANGUAGE” HAMDEN GALLERY Curator, Anne La Prad University of Massachusetts, Amherst,MA2000 “BEYOND & HERE, RELATIONSHIPS” CENTER FOR ART AND SOCIAL JUSTICE Installation Collaboration with Musician/ Composer Michael Billingsley Northampton,MA
  4. 4. 2000 “Interior INTERPRETATIONS Exterior” NORTHAMPTON CENTER FOR THE ARTS Installation Collaboration with Experimental Musician/ Composer, Helen Harrison Northampton , MA1999 “CHANCE & NECESSITY I, II, II, IV” THE ART BANK Series of Four Different Sculpture Installations as a Two Month A.I.R Project Shelburne Falls,MA With Experimental Musician / Composer, Helen Harrison1999 “ LIVE / WORK I & II” FLYWHEEL Installation and Collaboration with Experimental Musician / Composer, Helen Harrison Easthampton, MA1995 “THE THUNDER / PERFECT MIND: CORN, DICTIONARY, GLASS, SHELLS” C WORLD Actions Within A Sculpture Installation, With Composer / Musician, J.B.Weeks New York City, NY1995 “THE THUNDER / PERFECT MIND: CORN, WHITE DRESS OF FLAMES, SILENCE, CHAIR” C WORLD Actions Within A sculpture Installation, Audience Participants, and Composer, J.B.Weeks New York City, NY1993 “SACRIFICE: TO MAKE SACRED” HAMDEN GALLERY Installation and Collaboration with Spoken Word Artists University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA1992 “DAUGHTERS AND MEMORY” WHEELER GALLERY Sculpture Installation University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA1989 “NEW WORK, Large Scale Ephemeral Constructions THE SCULPTURE COURTYARD Three Month, A.I.R. Outdoor Sculpture Installation, Changing University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA1989 “EVICTION / QUESTIONS OF PROPERTY” SITE: CONDEMNED HOUSE, ROUTE 195 Condemned House From the Seventeenth Century, Changing Installation Storrs, CTGALLERY REPRESENTATION:PIEROGI 2000, Flat Files Brooklyn, NY Drawings, Painting, CollageEXIT ART NYC, NY Seven Group Exhibitions, EXIT ART Archives, Curators: Papo Colo, Jeanette IngbermanTWO PERSON EXHIBITIONSSCULPTURE INSTALLATIONS (UNIQUE, SITE-SPECIFIC)2009 “ILLUSORY MEETING PLACES, a brief tribute to people and places~” WINDSOR CONTEMPORARY ART CENTER Sculpture Installation and Photographs, With Painter, Kathryn Myers Windsor, CT2002 “SACRED MATTER”, With Deborah Masters SMACK MELLON Curator: Kathleen Gilrain Brooklyn, NY1993 “UNVEILING THE BRIDE” REAL ART WAYS Installation, “ALCHEMICAL WEDDING” Hartford, CT Curator: Salvatore Scalora, With Artist, Genara Banzon1992 “SHAPECHANGERS OF THE SACRED AND THE PROFANE” AMHERST CENTER FOR THE ARTS With Artist, Curator, of THE WILLIAM BENTON MUSEUM, Storrs, CT, Salvatore Scalora Amherst, MA1992 “MARRIAGE OF ABOVE AND BELOW” CENTER FOR VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS With Artist Laura Zindel University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MASITE WORK, ENVIRONMENTAL/ OUTDOORS (A Selection)TEMPORAL, TIME – BASED, SITE – SPECIFIC (Full List On Request)1995 “Sand Pile Presence” NORTHAMPTON RAILROAD TRACKS, Northampton, MA1995 “Corn, Traffic, Still Point” HADLEY FARM ROAD, Northampton, MA1995 “Homeless, Earth Site” CONNECTICUT RIVER BED, Northampton, MA1995 “Stone Works, Communion, Interference” QUABBIN RESERVOIR, New Salem, MA1995 “Circle Of Sludge, Sunset” TOOL FACTORY, SALMON FALLS, Shelburne Falls, MA1995 “Circle, Mound, Line” QUABBIN RESERVOIR, New Salem, MA1995 “Spirit” MT. HOOD, Portland, OR1995 “Determined By The State” CONDEMNED SITE, MANSFIELD TRAINING SCHOOL, Mansfield, CT1985- 2009 “Seeking Language / Using History” ABANDONED RAILROAD TRACKS/ THREAD FACTORY, Willimantic, CTVIDEO ( A Selection)2006 “River Works” The Mill River, Northampton, MA2006 “The Studio Visit” EXIT ART, NY, NY2006 “SMACK MELLON Moves to the Waterfront” SMACK MELLON, NY, NY1995 “Flaming White Dress, Corn, Worn Down Woman” C WORLD, New York, NY1995 “Corn, Dictionary, Lost Gospel” C WORLD, New York, NY1995 “Process, Production, Ritual: Leaving” The Artist’s Apartment, METROPOLITAN AVENUE, Brooklyn, NY1995 “Resurrections: The Sea” THE OCEAN, Ninnigret, RI1994 “Temple, Contemporary Disintegration of a Paradigm” HOTEL ORIENT, Vienna, AUSTRIA1994 “Double Standards, Exhibiting with Andrea Serrano, Studying Difference” HOTEL ORIENT, Vienna, AUSTRIA1994 “Studying Difference, Visiting Herman Nitsch’s Studio With Andreas Serrano STUDIO OF HERMAN NITSCH Vienna, AUSTRIA1994 “Towers On Top Of Bones On Top Of Old Stones On Top Of Ancient Energy Lines” Vienna, AUSTRIA
  5. 5. 1992 “The Bedroom, (Inanna / Dumuzi)” OLD HOUSE, Shutesbury, MA1989- “Private / Public, Home As Site” MANY MOVES, Shutesbury, Leverett, MA2011 943 METROPOLITAN AVE., Brooklyn,NY, 79 Upper Baptist Hill, Conway, MA, 5 TUDOR CITY PLACE, NYC, NY1991- “Body, Television, Personal Space” Shutesbury, MA1994 943 METROPOLITAN AVE., Brooklyn, NY1991/94 “Poetics, A Visual Love Affair” Shutesbury, MA, Brooklyn, NY1991/94 “Body Hair”, “Break Down”, “Power”, “Resistance”, “Persona” Shutesbury, MA, Brooklyn, NYOPEN STUDIO INSTALLATIONS (A Selection)1995 “Closet / Oasis” THE MILLWORKS STUDIOS, Willington, CT1995 “Leaving The City” 943 METROPOLITAN AVE, Brooklyn, NY1993 “Falling, Flying Women, Dogs And Seaweed Wall” 943 METROPOLITAN AVE, Brooklyn, NY1992 “Alchemical Bride As Oracle, Scarlet Lady As Oracle” MARSHALL ANNEX STUDIOS, Amherst, MA1991/92 “Alchemical Bride In Her Closet” MARSHALL ANNEX STUDIOS, Amherst, MA1991/92 “Alchemy” MARSHALL ANNEX STUDIOS, Amherst, MA1991/92 “The Wedding” MARSHALL ANNEX STUDIOS, Amherst, MA1991/92 “Fire And Grass” MARSHALL ANNEX STUDIOS, Amherst, MAPROJECTS PRODUCED Through NEA NEFA / NEW FORMS GRANT1996/97 MULTI-MEDIA CD “TOUCH PRAYERS” Photography, Allen Phillips, Musician / Composer, J.B. Weeks1996/97 NARRATIVE DOCUMENTARY PHOTO SERIES, Allen Phillips, Photographer “RESISTANCE” ARTS & INDUSTRY, Northampton, MA “FEMALE YANG” ROCKVILLE BIRTHING CENTER, Rockville, CT NARATIVE DOCUMENTARY / SITE- WORK, IMPROV HAPPENINGS, Allen Phillips, Photographer “CYCLE OF THE DARK MOON/ NEW MOON, Death, New Life, Beginning Waiting” ABANDONED USE RD, Mansfield, CT “RIVER’S EDGE / CIRCLE” Dolmanisth, Photographer PINE FOREST, Mansfield, CT “WINTER, Jars of Thawed Pond Water” Dolmanisth, Photographer NATURALLY FORMING MOSS CIRCLE, Pond Edge, Coventry, CT “WINTER, Frozen Reservoir, Long Walk” Dolmanisth, Photographer WATER’S EDGE, Mansfield Reservoir, Mansfield, CTTIME-BASED SITE-SPECIFIC SCULPTURE INSTALLATIONSAnd COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS Through NEA NEFA / NEW FORMS GRANT1998 “BLONDE BRANCHES” P.S. 122 HOT HOUSE IMPROVISATIONAL SERIES New York, NY Sculptor, Karen Dolmanisth, Dancer / Choreographer, Chivas Sandage1998 “BLONDE BRANCHES” JOYCE SOHO NEW DANCE ALLIANCE PERFORMANCE MIX New York, NY Sculptor, Karen Dolmanisth, Dancer / Choreographer, Chivas Sandage1998 “CONTINUOUS CONTAINERS” T. E. M. P. PROJECT SPACE Kinetic Sculpture, Installation and Performance Shelburne Falls, MA1998 “CONSTELLATION I & II” T. E. M. P. PROJECT SPACE Sculptor/ Installation Artist, Karen Dolmanisth Musician / Composer, Michael Richardson, Dancer / Choreographers, Chivas Sandage, Harriet Jastremski, Rose Oceana Shelburne Falls, MA1998 “STRING and STONE, Known, Not Known, I, II, III” T. E. M. P. PROJECT SPACE Sculptor, Installation, Performance Artist, Karen Dolmanisth Shelburne Falls,MA1998 “(with) WING (s) IT (and Owl’s Feet) LIFE AND HARMONY CAFÉ Sculpture and Drawings In Time: Artist, Karen Dolmanisth Musician / Composer, Joe Bartone, of FAT BUDDAHS Springfield, MA COLLEGE TEACHINGAcademy of Art and Design, S’Herto D’en Bosse, Netherlands Sculpture, Installation, Video, Visual Culture New Forms: Intermedia/ Interdisciplinary Research Projects and PapersKeene State College, Keene, New Hampshire Intro To Drawing, Drawing I, Interdisciplinary Design IVermont College, Norwich University, Montpelier, Vermont Sculpture, New Forms, Artists Books, Installation, MFA Thesis Faculty MentorUniversity of Massachusetts, School of Fine Arts, Amherst, Massachusetts 3D Design II (Sculpture), 3D Design I (Basic Sculpture), 2D Design II, 2D Design I, Installation/ New FormsGreenfield Community College, Greenfield, Massachusetts Video, Figure DrawingHolyoke Community College, Holyoke, Massachusetts
  6. 6. Drawing I, Drawing and Composition, Art HistoryEastern Connecticut State College, Willimantic, Connecticut Drawing I, Intro to Studio Art – Form and Content, Art History Survey, Art History Twentieth CenturyUniversity of Connecticut, School of Fine Arts, Storrs, Connecticut Advanced Design, Illustration Concepts, Senior Independent Projects and Papers KAREN DOLMANISTH 413-695-9535, cell PARADOX PROJECTS STUIDIO Arts & Industry, Studio 347 221 Pine Street. Florence, Massachusetts, 01062 P.O. Box 305 283 Pine Road Otis, Massachusetts, 01029-0305 Kdolmanisth3000@hotmail.com http://www.dolmanisth.com