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Toddlers Dental Visit Story Karen Chu Dmd


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A fun tip on preparing toddlers and preschoolers for early dental visits.

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Toddlers Dental Visit Story Karen Chu Dmd

  1. 1. Toddler’s Early Dental VisitsShare A Story To Make The Day A Happier Time For Your Child
  2. 2. It is time to take baby tothe dentist…oh my!How can you help those early visits be ahappier experience for your kids?A GREAT way to help younger children prepare forthe dentist is by telling them a personalized storyabout dental visits several times during the week inadvance of the appointment!Quality time and the care they feel from youprepares the way for a better day.
  3. 3. For example, you can tell yourtoddler a story in which:A hero withyour childsname goes onan adventure…to the dentistsoffice.
  4. 4. Once There…Your child canencounter aforest ofchairs(or otherwaiting roomsurroundings)
  5. 5. Which must be searched forhis/her smile…
  6. 6. Then your toddler meets… a special guide
  7. 7. Who takes them to a magician in afortress with a special throne forheroes
  8. 8. OR for VERY young children...A special lodge where a medicine personwraps up the hero like a papoose to keepthem safe
  9. 9. The guide tells the hero…That the missing smile is in the hero’s mouth
  10. 10. And so, the magician must searchthe heros mouth for that silly lostsmile…
  11. 11. The hero of the story will be verybrave throughout the search…
  12. 12. Even if it takes a longertime to look…
  13. 13. If the magician or medicine(wo)manusesstrangetools …
  14. 14. Or, odd-smelling potions…… to search for the missing smile.
  15. 15. At the end, the magician findsthe heros beautiful smile
  16. 16. And encourages the hero to hangon to that wonderful smile… by remembering to brush every day and after eating sweets
  17. 17. And, to come back for helpfinding their smile any time.
  18. 18. Parents can re-tell this storyvarious times before the visit..• So that it will be more likely to "stick“.• And, provide that frame of reference your young child’s mind can use …• To make the experience seem less scary or uncomfortable and a bit happier when appointment day rolls around.• And even…gives you some extra quality cuddle time with your child.
  19. 19. The End… This Time!
  20. 20. KC ‘Kids Zone’ Dentistry TipsBy Phoenix Kids Dentist Dr Karen Chu DMD