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A Social Business Plan for the Tory Burch Foundation


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A social business plan for Tory Burch and the Tory Burch Foundation, created for Michael Brito's spring 2012 Social Business class at San Jose State University by Sera Michael, Sarah Gurbach, Shelia Saadieh, Jennifer Elias, Karen Chiang and Brenda Canales.

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A Social Business Plan for the Tory Burch Foundation

  1. 1. Team ToryA Social Business Plan for the Tory Burch Brand and Foundation
  2. 2. Introd u cing Te am Tory K are n C h iang S e ra M ich ae l S arah G u rb achS h e ila S aad ie h Je nnife r E lias Bre nd a C anale s
  3. 3. To extend theOur Mission Tory Burch brand to a more influential audience by increasing conversation of the Tory Burch Foundation through a strategic social business plan.
  4. 4. Our GoalsTo increase conversation about the Tory Burch Foundation and its philanthropic efforts on social media platforms by 30% by September 2012. As a result of this the Tory Burch brand will also increase its social conversation.
  5. 5. Target Audience Social media savvy women, ages 20-40.
  6. 6. Strategy #1Reach out to bloggers.
  7. 7. Tactic #1Start buzz about the Tory Burch Foundation
  8. 8. Strategy #2Community Involvement Campaign
  9. 9. Tactic #2 Foundation WebsiteHub and Spoke Model #TBF
  10. 10. Where is theconversation happening?
  11. 11. Where it needs to be happening:
  12. 12. Content Calendar
  13. 13. Decision Tree
  14. 14. Measurement
  15. 15. Thank You! xx, Team Tory