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Fun things to do in toronto


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Fun things to do in toronto

  1. 1. Fun Things toDo In Toronto
  2. 2. Toronto is among the three largest cities in Canada, and the capital ofClick to edit Master text styles Ontario. It is also a big tourist spot,Second level as people from all around the worldThird level regularly visit to take in the various amenities.Fourth level  Fifth level Toronto is a diverse and multi-cultural city with many cultural festivals, a thriving theatre district and the annual Toronto International Film Festival. There is also about fun, and although the list of fun activities is a long one, here are some that will appeal to members of the whole family.
  3. 3. CN Tower• The CN Tower is basically what makes the skyline of Toronto so recognizable, but it is a lot more than just a monument or landmark. Construction on the Tower was finished in 1976, and at the time it was the world’s tallest free-standing structure at 1815.4 feet. In 1995, the American Society of Civil Engineers declared the CN Tower one of the modern seven wonders of the world.• Some of the features of the CN Tower include:   • 360-degree revolving restaurant • High speed elevators • Glass floors • Skypod • Movie and Motion Theatre Ride • Edgewalk attraction 
  4. 4. CN TowerClick to edit Master text stylesSecond levelThird level The EdgeWalk is a newFourth level attraction that sends thrillFifth level seekers outside on a 5-foot ledge, 116 storeys above the earth. Basically, you’re attached to a harness system and you can lean back and walk around the outside of the Tower, hand-free.
  5. 5. Professional Sports• The size and population means that Toronto is home to several professional sports teams. Depending on the time of year you visit, you might be able to see one of:  • Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL) • Toronto Blue Jays (MLB) • Toronto Raptors (NBA) • Toronto Argonauts (CFL) • Toronto FC (MLS) • Sometimes, tickets can be hard to come by, so if possible try to get yours ahead of your visit.
  6. 6. Canada’s Wonderland• Canada’s Wonderland is a huge, 330-acre theme park located in Vaughan, Ontario just north of the city. The park opened in 1981 as the first major theme park in the country, and it’s still the biggest one in Canada. • Canada’s Wonderland boasts 16 roller coasters, scores of other thrill rides, a complete kid’s section and a huge water park with the largest wave pool in Canada. The park is open each year from May until October, 7 days a week.
  7. 7. Royal Ontario Museum• The Royal Ontario Museum, affectionately called the ROM, is the largest museum of natural history and world culture in the country. It is actually one of the larger museums in all of North America, featuring items and exhibits spanning the entire globe. • The ROM was founded in 1912, and today has over 6 million items and 40 different galleries. Among the collections are dinosaurs, meteorites, minerals, fossils and fine art.
  8. 8. Toronto Zoo The Toronto Zoo is a fun attraction for all members of the family. The zoo sits on 710 acres and is theClick to edit Master text styles largest zoo in the country. The zooSecond level is broken up into seven distinctThird level regions, consisting of:Fourth level AfricaFifth level The Americas Indo-Malaya Australasia Eurasia Tundra Trek Canadian Domain
  9. 9. Toronto Zoo• There are more than 16,000 different animals at the Toronto Zoo, covering almost 500 different species. Some of the animals are outside and some are in indoor tropical environments to simulate their natural habitats. • You can see lions, tigers, hippos, elephants, giraffes, monkeys, polar bears, gorillas, penguins, bears and just about any other kind of animal you can think of. If you want to see all parts of the zoo, it is best to devote an entire day.
  10. 10. Playdium• Playdium is located in the city of Mississauga, which is in the Greater Toronto Area. It can best be described as the ultimate escape from reality for gamers, sports fans and adrenaline junkies. • Some of the features of Playdium include: • More than 200 interactive arcade games, including ticket redemption games with prizes for all ages • 18-hole miniature golf course • 9 variable speed batting cages with softball or hardball • go-kart track • A place like Playdium is perfect for kids both big and little. It’s truly a place that is all about fun and nothing else. You won’t learn about culture or history or anything like that, but your heart will get pumping and you just might end up having the most fun you’ve had in years.