Region Vi – Western Visayas. Karenvalencia


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Region Vi – Western Visayas. Karenvalencia

  1. 1. Negros iloilo occidental capiz Region VI Antique Guimaras aklan Boracay
  2. 2. Region VI or Western Visayas is composed of the four provinces of Panay, the Guimaras Island and the western portion of the island of Negros and its outlying islands. Its boundaries are the Visayan Sea on the east, the Cuyo East Pass on the west, the Sibuyan Sea and Romblon on the north and the Cagayan Island on the southwest. Western Visayas has a total land area of 20,223.2 sq. kms. and covers six provinces: Aklan, Antique, Capiz, Iloilo, Negros Occidental and Guimaras. The region has nine cities namely: Bacolod, Bago, Cadiz, La Carlota, Roxas, San Carlos, Silay with IloiIo City as the regional capital. The latest city in the Region is the City of Passi of Iloilo. Its topography is characterized by relatively wide stretches of coastal lowlands with rugged hills and mountains in the interior.
  3. 3.  POPULATION In 2000, the region’s total population reached 6,147,000. The population increased by 6% from 1995. In 1990, the urban population was 36% of the total population.  CLIMATE The province has no pronounced climate. It has a short dry season and is relatively wet the rest of the year.
  4. 4. NATURAL RESOURCES Western Visayas is one of the richest regions in the country in terms of natural resources. Its forests however have been denuded due to indiscriminate logging. Its waters abound with numerous species of fish and other marine products. Mineral resources include copper, gold, silver, clay, limestone, coal, sand and gravel and other non-metallic. It is a key fisheries development area, with its 84 coastal municipalities, eight major fishing grounds, inland bodies of water and 43,050 hectares of fishponds.
  5. 5.  The Regional Disaster Coordinating Council (hereinafter referred to at RDCC) shall be composed of the Regional PNP Director as Chairman, and heads of regional offices and field stations, national agencies and selected Non Government Organizations (NGOs) at the regional level as member.The Regional Governor of ARMM shall act as the Chairman and PNP Regional Director as Vice- Chairman and the OCD Regional Office shall be the Executive arm and secretariat and as such, the Regional Director shall serve as the Executive Officer. Metro Manila Disaster Coordinating Council (MMDCC)
  6. 6. Camp Martin Delgado, Fort San Pedro Iloilo City ROSARIO T. CABRERA Director, OCD Region VI 033-3376671 PCSUPT ISAGANI RIFE CUEVAS 033-3369353 Regional Director Philippine National Police (033)335-09-70 (033)337-12-28
  7. 7. Information     Pictures   CREATED BY: KAREN IGNACIO VALENCIA for Marine Science 1 Gil Jacinto