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Hittestress in stedelijk gebied


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GIS applicatie voor het modelleren van temperatuurverschillen in stedelijk gebied en verkoelende elementen (groen, water, schaduw, etc)

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Hittestress in stedelijk gebied

  1. 1. Heat stress in cities ir. F.C. (Floris) Boogaard, (020) 606 32 50/06-51 55 68 26
  2. 2. Heat stress in cities• The problem• The model• Solutions
  3. 3. solutions• Shading by green• Using water
  4. 4. solutions• Vegetation roofs Malmo, Sweden (biggest vegetation roof in Sweden
  5. 5. solutions• Shading by green• Water • Ponds • swales Malmo, Sweden Copenhagen, Danmark
  6. 6. solutions• Green wallsDensed urban area Copenhagen, Danmark
  7. 7. solutions• Green wallsThink big
  8. 8. Gracht goten helofytenveld wadi