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Everything gone google last update


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In a world that everything gone Google.
We will teach you some specific tactics that help you manage your email more effectively.
Plus, we will explain what they mean when they say
"Google Experience" and why it's so important.
-Specific tactics to spend dramatically less time in your Inbox (and why that's actually more productive!)
-The best way to empty that Inbox to zero - BTW its super important to do that.
-Tools to manage all your messages.
-How you benefit from google when they make Gmail open to develop and what are the best scripts you can use.
-Different strategies and tools to be more productive with email.
-How to integrate Google Drive, Google Calendar and Google Chrome as a part of your Google Experience.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Everything gone google last update

  1. 1. Everything Gone Google
  2. 2. Everything Gone Google
  3. 3. Not all Googl just….
  4. 4. G-Mail Drive Calendar Chrome
  5. 5. Let’s
  6. 6. Did we have a problem with old email?
  7. 7. We don’t know…!!!
  8. 8. Why Gmail ?
  9. 9. Backup. Sync. Multiple. Secure. Organize. Control.
  10. 10. Google Tasks. Automatic forward. Powerful search. Star.
  11. 11. Send as. Filters. Labels Not Folders.
  12. 12. Addictive Chat Group Chats Video Chats Hangouts Phone Call Etc…
  13. 13. Wait… That’s not all
  14. 14. Archived and Searchable conversation. Track login sessions Many signatures Sneak Peek Free SMS
  15. 15. Create your Mail Hub Account & Import. Alias.
  16. 16. Set up your own Theme Priority Inbox Themes Conversation View Indicator Stars
  17. 17. Search & Advanced search
  18. 18. Security 2 steps verification. Sign-out all other session.
  19. 19. Security 2 steps verification. Sign-out all other session.
  20. 20. Your UNIQUE G-mail Experience Canned Response. Large attachment. Gadgets. Undo Send. Auto-Forward your message. Tasks. Access G-mail Offline.
  21. 21. Signature. Preview attachments & Maps. Boomerang. Bananatag. Rpportive. Gmail Merge.
  22. 22. Drive
  23. 23. Calendar
  24. 24. Chrome