Struggle and survival part 2


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Struggle and survival part 2

  1. 1. Struggle and Survival Part 2<br />Karee Ann Klein<br />
  2. 2. Antonio de Guoveia<br />Born in Terceira in 1528<br />Born to Christian parents<br />He moved to Lisbon when he was 20<br />Within two years he was named a deacon<br />He was then ordained as a priest<br />He studied many things that were out of the ordinary for a priest<br />Latin and Rhetoric<br />Theology and medicine<br />He practiced medicine to make money after he was shipwrecked<br />He is an example of the shift of Humanism from the strict ethic of Tridentine renewal<br />
  3. 3. Enrico Martinez<br />Born in Hamburg in 1557<br />Spent most of his life in Spain<br />Moved to Seville when he was 8 and lived there for 10 years<br />Studied mathematics at the Sorbonne<br />Traveled to Germany and Poland<br />Learned German and Flemish<br />Became interested in astronomy, astrology, physics, and mathematics<br />He moved to Mexico City in 1589<br />Became a well known scientist and public official<br />Wished to research his own interests of physics and astronomy, but was forced into public work<br />Worked in a drainage canal designed to prevent flooding in Mexico City<br />Accused of sabotaging his own work in 1629<br />He was imprisoned but found innocent<br />Entered a period of disillusionment<br />Died in 1632 <br />
  4. 4. Miguel Hernandez<br />Born in Mexico City in the 16th century<br />Married Ana Hernandez<br />No relation<br />Had children<br />Moved to Queretaro<br />Small agricultural and commercial town<br />Strattled highway connecting Mexico City to Zacatecas, which contained silver mines<br />He was well-liked by many different people<br />He became one of Queretaro’s leading mulatto citizens<br />He was literate and skilled<br />Hernandez died in 1604<br />
  5. 5. Cristobal Bequer<br />Born in Lima in 1693<br />In 1714, his brother Pedro murdered the chief police guard for the merchant shops, don Pedro de Torres<br />Motive was unknown, but Torres had apprehended them while breaking into their own father’s store<br />Cristobal was accused in aiding his brother in the murder by patrolling the tobacco shops that day<br />They then went into hiding in the nearby mountains<br />Here, Pedro died of unknown causes<br />Cristobal joined the priesthood<br />He committed many crimes such as battering a woman who rejected him and tormenting her family<br />He was put on trial but escaped<br />He lived his final days in the Franciscan monastery without ever receiving punishment for his crimes<br />
  6. 6. Rachael Pringle-Polgreen<br />Born in 1753<br />Daughter and slave of Scottish schoolmaster William Lauder<br />Her mother was his African slave<br />He attempted to rape her multiple times, and when she refused him he had her whipped<br />Thomas Pringle saw her being whipped and rescued her<br />Pringle bought her<br />She changed her last name to Pringle<br />In order to gain influence over Pringle, she faked a pregnancy and told him a baby was his<br />The real mother of the baby demanded her infant back and foiled her plan<br />She opened a tavern and hotel in the 1770’s<br />Very successful for being black and a woman<br />She died in 1791<br />