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  1. 1. Colombia<br />Karee Ann Klein<br />
  2. 2. Geography<br />Located in northern South America<br />Connects to Central America<br />Bogotá is the capital<br />Highest city of its size in the world (8,500 ft)<br />Bordered by:<br /><ul><li>Venezuela
  3. 3. Brazil
  4. 4. Ecuador
  5. 5. Peru
  6. 6. Panama
  7. 7. Caribbean Sea
  8. 8. Pacific Ocean</li></li></ul><li>Geography cont.<br />Part of the Ring of Fire<br />Subjected to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions<br />Includes diverse regions:<br /> Andes mountain range<br />Savanna of Llanos<br />Orinoco River basin<br />Amazon rainforest<br />Colombia’s territory includes several Caribbean and Pacific Islands<br />
  9. 9. People<br />Population is approx. 46 million (2008)<br />Third most populous country in Latin America<br />Most people live in the Andean highlands and along the Caribbean coast<br />Main language is Spanish<br />Fourth largest number of Spanish speakers in the world<br />Religion<br />Predominantly Christianity (95%), 81-90% are Roman Catholic <br />Less than 1% practice indigenous religions, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism<br />Many reported that they do not practice their faith actively<br />
  10. 10. People cont.<br />Estimated ethnic break down:<br />58% Mestizo<br />Mixed European and Amerindian<br />26% White<br />Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German<br />14% Afro Colombian<br />Mixed African and European<br />1% Amerindian<br />Indigenous<br />
  11. 11. Culture<br />There are very strong regional identities because of the diverse, isolating landscape of Colombia<br />Catholicism unites the diverse cultures<br />There are many religious celebrations and festivals<br />Education<br />Basic education (1st-11th grade) is required by law <br />In many rural areas, only 1st-5th grade is offered for lack of qualified teachers<br />
  12. 12. Culture cont.<br />Other things that unite Colombians:<br />Music and dance<br />Popular genres include cumbia and vallenato<br />Sports<br />Football is the biggest sport in Colombia<br />The Colombian Football Federation was founded in 1924<br />Television<br />Telenovelasare very popular<br />Betty La Feahas had several adaptations in other countries, including the US and Mexico<br />
  13. 13. History<br />The Spanish came to Colombia in the 1500’s<br />Santa Marta was established as the first permanent settlement July 29, 1525 by Rodrigo de Bastidas<br />The territory became known as the New Kingdom of Granada<br />There were several rebel movements<br />In 1810 Antonio Nariño led a rebellion which began la Patria Boba, meaning “the Foolish Fatherland”<br />This lasted six years and was full of conflicts over the way the country should be governed<br />SimónBolívar led a rebellion that resulted in the independence from Spain in 1819<br />Bolívar became the first President and Francisco de Paula Santander became Vice President<br />
  14. 14. History cont.<br />After gaining independence, civil wars plagued the struggling country<br />This included the Thousand Days civil war, which lasted from 1899-1902<br />In 1903, Panama separated from Colombia<br /><ul><li>The US influenced this through building the Panama Canal
  15. 15. The US paid Colombia $25 million in 1921 after the canal was built in compensation for losing Panama</li></ul>After brief political stability, conflicts rose again between the political parties in the 1940’s-50’s<br />This period became known as La Violencia<br />
  16. 16. Sources<br /><br />