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Opening Day Photo


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intro to photo class

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Opening Day Photo

  1. 1. Welcome Back! Take a seat wherever you’d like and have a pen or pencil handy.
  2. 2. What is Photography? The Syllabus
  3. 3. Quick stuff Who am I? What are we doing today?
  4. 4. To use the camera as an art tool to capture great photographs, not just snapshots
  5. 5. Think about what you see and design strong photographic compositions
  6. 6. Learn about famous photographers and careers in photography Dorothea Lange
  7. 7. To reflect on your own photography and the work of your classmates.
  8. 8. Learn and use Adobe Photoshop to create and manipulate digital images
  9. 9. Spend a substantial amount of time shooting for various assignments
  10. 10. Sketchbook – must bring everyday to class Pencil – bring one to every class Digital Camera with Memory card (we have a few that can be checked out) USB Flash Drive
  11. 11. It is expected that you will bring your own batteries and memory card, reader or USB cable to connect your camera to the computer. SD Cards can be inserted, too.
  12. 12. We have cameras, lenses, filters, flashes, tripods that can be checked out. You will all receive a camera, bag, and SD card that you will be responsible for. Sign a contract – for the camera and all parts (lens cover, cord, SD card, etc.) Will go over contract
  13. 13. each semester 10-14
  14. 14. Questions so far?
  15. 15. The Mather High School code of conduct applies in all of my classes. See agenda for full rules and expectations My class rule: RESPECT! RESPECT Materials &Resources Classmates Teacher Yourself
  16. 16. When the bell rings to START class. In seats, quiet and ready to begin class. Bell ringers – stamped. When the bell rings to END class: In seats, cleaned up, ready to tuck chairs in and leave Tardies Unexcused and repeated will result in contact home. Absences Must be excused and legitimate You are responsible for making up class work and reviewing materials discussed in class
  17. 17. No food or drink at any computer, any time, under any circumstances! Do not save to the desktop, always save to your server space, your flash and we will have a large external hard drive Save often to avoid losing your work. These computers are for art applications, research and resources…not games, social networking, etc. Treat these machines as if they are your own If something breaks, is missing or damaged, let me know as soon as possible!
  18. 18. Create an Instagram account for this class Upload at least 1 photograph that you have taken this summer to Instagram #mhsfotosummatime15