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Prin4 a daypresent2010


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Alain L. Locke Elementary School - P.S. 208 welcomed their PENCIL Parter, Kara Smith of Karasma Media for Principal for A Day assembly.

During the 2010-1011 School year, Principal Susan Green and Karasma Media will be working with The 10-Cent Project Solution, Metro-Hope ChurchSee Kara's slide show

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Prin4 a daypresent2010

  1. 1. Kara Smith Karasma Media Public Relations Alain L. Locke Elementary School P.S.  208 and PENCIL Partner
  2. 2. What I Do... • Karasma Media The first Harlem based public relations boutique specializing in social media marketing campaigns for small to mid-size businesses and Legal Marketers
  3. 3. Who Is PENCIL? A not-for-profit organization that partners NY City schools with businesses, based on the needs of their principals
  4. 4. This Year 1-to-1 Net Books will enable you to be better readers & mathematicians Featured in Harry & Rosemary Wong’s September issue of “ Gazette
  5. 5. You Are Getting Smarter & Smarter!!! YOU ARE GETTING SMARTER & SMARTER!
  6. 6. This Year’s Goals Raising Your Reading & Math Levels Demonstrating Your Greatness Ownership of Your Actions Being of Service
  7. 7. Metro Hope Church In National Black Theatre of Harlem Pastor Jose Humphreys and is wife Mayra wanted to connect their congregation with a school in their community Alain L. Locke – P.S. 208 is their choice Donated 40 bookbags filled with school supplies Paying It Forward
  8. 8. Community Service The Africa Hope Center and Alain L. Locke Elementary School – P.S. 208
  9. 9. Africa Hope Center Located in Nairobi, Kenya Founded by Joseph & Antoninah Wamutitu Kara’s friend, Scott Shackelton from Pennsylvania is helping them in any way he can 250 Orphans
  10. 10. 10¢ Project Solution Kara’s friend and neighbor, Joe Gonzalaz, founded the program Allows students the opportunity to get involved in helping children throughout the world with dimes Africa Hope needs a new computer You’ll be working Joe to raise $200 for the new computer by the holidays! You’re going to be see photos
  11. 11. PENCIL Partnerships Kick-off • Principal For A Day • Visiting Classrooms