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Summer Snowboarding Blog by kararennie

  1. 1. Overview• Perspective• Blog Topic• Persona• Blog Post Titles• Social Media• Stats• Recommendations• Rationale
  2. 2. Perspective• Importance of Internet marketing Why Use it?• 2,280 million users (32.7%) •Effective, economic and measurable• Websites/micro sites alternative to other media forms• Landing pads Successful Companies• •Google Apps• •iTunes SEO •Amazon• PPC• Banners •Online advertising highest increase of• Email Marketing advertising investment• Viral Marketing •$31.3 billion spend on online advertising in• Social Media 2011• Games• Web 2.0• Traffic Driving• Classifieds
  3. 3. Importance of Internet Marketing
  4. 4. Reason for Summer Snowboarding
  5. 5. Persona•Snowboarders age 15 - 30•Income – low - moderate•Education – high school or•Work – no job, or part-time job•Gender – Male and Female•Home life – live with parents or•Hobbies – sports and exercise•Values – friends, family, health,
  6. 6. Post Titles
  7. 7. Social Media
  8. 8. Performance• Google Analytics• Twitter• Facebook• YouTube• Pintrest• Hubspot Grader
  9. 9. Blog Stats
  10. 10. Blogger Stats
  11. 11. Audience
  12. 12. Facebook InsightsTwitter Counter
  13. 13. YouTube Channel
  14. 14. Pintrest
  15. 15. Social Bookmarks
  16. 16. Business Review• Key Learnings Indicated Actions• Blog – more views from people •Blog - Titles, tags and content who are targeted (FB) •Facebook - Tag, post, share and Tag• Facebook –Post continuously on •Twitter - #hashtag related ALL referral websites (FB, companies or people, link to blog Twitter) •YouTube - Upload YOUR OWN• Twitter – more followers after videos, link to blog, share sharing or tagging others •Pintrest - Pin interesting pics direct• YouTube – views and from blog subscriptions on uploaded videos •Keep posting newsworthy posts on• Pintrest – post interesting bookmarks pictures from each post• Social Bookmarks – Post each page
  17. 17. Recommendations• Website – Yes, recommended• Blog – I made changes to the post titles to be a little bit more interesting• SEO – Tagging/keywords, Interesting titles, domain name, optimize content, easy to navigate through• Display Ad – Ads with pictures• Email – professional, newsworthy, informative, not spam, unsubscribe button
  18. 18. PPC Ads and Display Ads1. 6. Highcascade.com2. 7.• 8.• 9.• 10.
  19. 19. PR A press release will inform readers of the existence ofyour website or blog and let them know what’sImportant or newsworthy.
  20. 20. E-Mail MarketingAn E-mail campaign should offer thereader something that will drivethem to your website.E-mails should have a visual appealand text that gets to the point but alsoentices the reader to “learn more”.E-mails should be consistent with yourwebsite or blog for more appeal andless confusion.
  21. 21. Mobile MarketingMobile apps for your website or blogshould be simple to use as well aseasy to navigate through.Visuals and bold titles help readersto find their way around easy.Keep the app consistent with yourblog or website.
  22. 22. Thanks for listening! 23