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Effluent Treatment Plant ATEEPL provides solutions for effluent treatment plants using revolutionary separations technology-Vibratory Shear Enhanced Processing (VSEP).

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Effluent Treatment Plant

  1. 1. increases water recovery by 50% reduces reduces fresh water requirement evaporator operating costs 50% V SEP-EVR : Revolutionary membrane based separation technology Fouling resistant Virtually no pre-treatment Lower chemical consumption Higher recovery ensuring low volumes going to evaporator Small footprint Fully automatic touch screen operation Option of remote monitoring ADVANTAGES : Group Company A.T.E.ENVIROTECH by
  2. 2. A.T.E.Envirotech A.T.E.Envirotech Pvt.Ltd. is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company. A.T.E.Envirotech offers a comprehensive range of technologies to address the treatment and recycling needs of industries,including zero liquid discharge, recycle needs of buildings,and a blend of renewable energy solutions for industries as well as buildings.The products and solutions offered are energy efficient,eco friendly and contribute to sustainable development. A.T.E.Envirotech’s products are marketed by the Clean Technology Group (CTG) of A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited.CTG has a dedicated team of design,marketing,sales, project and service people with expertise in product recommendation,application engineering,layout planning,project execution and after sales service. A.T.E.Envirotech has partnered with New Logic Research,Inc.(USA) for its patented VSEP technology. VSEP is a revolutionizing membrane based separation technology with hundreds of proven applications and installations in more than 17 countries. About VSEP as an EVR VSEP,a patented,fouling resistant membrane based separation technology for evaporator volume reduction, offers a convenient solution to tackle the problems associated with the high costs of evaporation. VSEP can recover a substantial quantity of recyclable water (50 to 80%) from conventional RO rejects,generating considerably lower reject volumes. These lower reject volumes from the VSEP in turn substantially reduce the sizing as well as associated operating costs of evaporators. PHARMACEUTICAL TEXTILE DISTILLERY DAIRY,FOOD & BEVERAGE CHEMICAL PULP AND PAPER ELECTRONICS PETROCHEMICAL MINING PRODUCED WATER TREATMENT COOLING WATER BLOW DOWN TREATMENT V SEP-EVR SYSTEM Treated effluent tank Quality of VSEP-EVR permeate Micron filter Permeate to process MEE RO 1 RO 2 V SEP +75% reduced Additional recovery Quality of VSEP-EVR Feed
  3. 3. 50 AVI G IN O E A ING STS F E PO A R!!% S N P R T CO O VA R TO Low recoveries:The entire RO reject goes for evaporation Low recoveries:High energy consumption in evaporator. Low recoveries:High MEE capex. Low recoveries:High MEE opex. With A.T.E.’s VSEP EVR RO without VSEP EVR High EVR: Additional 50-75% recovery when VSEP is integrated;only 25-50% goes in for evaporation. Due to high EVR,low energy consumption in evaporator. High EVR: Low MEE capex High EVR: Low MEE opex (chemicals & spares) Potential CDM project No CDM benefit VSEP FLOW DIAGRAM Crossflow filtration Filter pack ConcentrateFeed Clear permeate Concentrate O-ring retainer O-ring Membrane Drain cloth Stainless steel tray Drain cloth Membrane Permeate channel FeedClear permeate TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (SERIES I) Footprint : 4 X 5 (meter) Membrane area : from100 to 2000 sq.ft. Filtrate removal capacity : from 18 to 1135 liters per min. per machine -1 Shear rate : max.150,000 sec. Pressure : max.600 psi Power : 460V,60Hz,3-phase,40 amps Wetted materials : SS 304,Buna N,polypropylene, special contacting materials available. Material
  4. 4. A.T.E.Advantages A.T.E.'s Clean Technology division,with its India-wide network of regional sales and service offices,is always close to its customers and provides them prompt pre and post sales services.Our qualified and trained sales and service teams support our customers on product recommendation,application engineering,design layouts as well as installation. #2,Shreenivas Classic,2nd Floor,Baner Road,Pune 411045 India Tel :+91-20-27293942 /27290831 Fax :+91-20-27293308 E W, Registered Office :43,Dr.V B Gandhi Marg,Fort,Mumbai 400 023 India A.T.E.ENTERPRISES PRIVATE LIMITED Ahmedabad T :+91-79-2560 0995 E Bengaluru T :+91-80-2551 0030 E Chandigarh T :+91-172-2697 179 E Chennai T :+91-44-2813 1634 E Coimbatore T :+91-422-2223 286 E *Bangladesh T :+880-2-9893 745 E * Logistic support office Hyderabad T :+91-40-2789 8132 E Kolkata T :+91-33-2486 9811 E New Delhi T :+91-11-4555 5000 E Mumbai T :+91-22-6676 6100 E An ISO 9001:2008 certified company VSEP manufactured by: New Logic Research,Inc.,USA Other equipment and application engineering by: A.T.E.ENVIROTECH PRIVATE LIMITED Goregaon,Mumbai Exclusively marketed by: MBR aerobic Primary treatment Secondary treatment MLSS recycle For eliminating bio treatment Primary treatment To cooling tower/ boiler feed RO Existing RO reject concentration Wastewater recycle Primary treatment Secondary treatment MBR anaerobic Primary treatment Anaerobic digestor MLSS recycle Primary treatment Secondary treatment OTHER APPLICATIONS To conventional ROUF To MEE To MEE To cooling tower/ boiler feed RO To conventional secondary & tertiary treatment UF/NF Existing conventional RO Recycle Reject To MEE