Salesforce Summer'13 - Chennai DUG


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Salesforce Summer'13 - Chennai DUG

  1. 1. By - Jitendra Zaa
  2. 2. New User Interface and Login  First thing we noticed after Summer 13.  Login Page Changed.  Setup link appears separate now (Not if you have Community)  Admin setup has Administer option first.  To enable new Improved Setup User Interface, Navigate to “User Interface Setting” and check “Enable Improved Setup User Interface”.  Demo
  3. 3. Domain Management  Not able to open more than one Developer org/Production Org in one browser ?  Needed to create multiple Google chrome profile ?  Here is answer…  Assign Unique domain to your Salesforce instance.  If your domain name is “shivasoft”, it will take form like : 
  4. 4. Chatter Updates  Now Supporting Hash tag with three words.  Supports Topics.  In Chat Window, Now you can chat with users even if user is not following them.
  5. 5. Global Action  Fed up with Chatter Task ? Showing task info in Chatter is good, but too much is not good.  Replicate same behaviour with Global Action.  Create records right from Chatter.  Demo
  6. 6. Communities  New replacement for Portals.  New Organizations cannot use Partner and Customer Portal, they will use Community.  Existing organization needs to convert there Partner and Customer Portal to Community.  Partner / Customer and Community cannot be enabled at same time.  You need extra licenses for Community, its not free.  Demo
  7. 7. OWD / Sharing rule for Users  You don’t want external Users to see Internal Users ?  You need OWD / Sharing rule even for Users ?  -  Now its possible in Summer 13 only if Community is Enabled.  User Sharing for others are also available by Pilot Program.  Demo
  8. 8. Report Folder Sharing  Three Types of Sharing Now :  Viewer : Can see report but cannot modify  Editor : Can make changes and move Report/Dashboard to other folder  Manager : Can control visibility / access to other users for that folder.
  9. 9. Formula Enhancements  Now you can access Owners detail. Previously only ID was available.  In Formula type of field, we now have checkbox data type. Which will return either true or false.
  10. 10. Opportunity split  Implemented from Idea.  Many Sales People involved in winning opportunity. Credit should be shared amongst them.  Two types of Split :  Revenue : Addition must be 100%  Overlay : It may go more than 100%.  Not supported in Forecast and territory.  Owner is automatically added as one of member in Opportunity Split.
  11. 11. What CSRF is doing on my Visualforce Page Set up ?  Demo  Stands for “Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)”.  New Level of Security for your Visualforce.  When checked, it protects against CSRF attacks by modifying the page to require a CSRF confirmation token, a random string of characters in the URL parameters. With every GET request, Visualforce checks the validity of this string of characters and doesn’t load the page unless the value found matches the value expected.  It works only for VF pages if they override standard delete link. No need to check for other VF pages.  Note : Post request already has this feature by default.
  12. 12. Developer Console  Salesforce is trying as much it can make developers life easy with help of Developer Console.  New Enhanced Look and Feel  Autocomplete for Apex – press Ctrl+Space bar  Demo
  13. 13. Visualforce Updates  Control “html” and “body” tag generation  Two new attribute in <apex:Page> Markup - applyHtmlTag and applyBodyTag.
  14. 14. Visualforce Updates  Introduction of new Component : <chatter:userPhotoUpload>  You can change photo of Chatter Profile using this.  Demo
  15. 15. Visualforce  HTML 5  Option to render VF Component as HTML5. – Great if you are thinking to develop HTML 5 based app in VF.  You must update your page to API version 28.0 or later, and set the docType to “html-5.0” to enable the new behaviour.
  16. 16. Canvas  Now GA  Create application in your favourite language  Run inside Salesforce with Canvas set of tools and Javascript API  Example of PHP + Canvas SDK
  17. 17. Javascript Remoting  Configure timeout now  Previously it was by default fixed as 30 sec now you can change it upto 120 sec.
  18. 18. Apex  Test methods can only be written in Test Class now.  Use the @TestVisible annotation to allow test methods to access private or protected members of another class outside the test class.  With this annotation, you don’t have to change the access modifiers of your methods and member variables to public if you want to access them in a test method.
  19. 19. Apex – New String methods  Hashcode() – returns hashcode of String.  stripHtmlTags() – Converts HTML String to normal text string.  Example – “<h1><i> Hi </i></h1>” becomes “Hi”.
  20. 20. SOSL  Now SOSL can return 2000 records. Previously it was just 200.
  21. 21. SOQL – New Clause  FOR VIEW  Update objects with information about when they were last viewed  FOR REFERENCE  Update objects with information about when they were last referenced  Also SOQL now supports other comparison operators for ID field like < , >
  22. 22. Sandbox Enhancements  Sandbox Template – Now you can control what should be copied to your new Sandbox.  Only for full Sandbox.  Custom Settings – Now data of Custom Setting also gets copied in Sandbox.  Initially it was only in Full Sandbox.
  23. 23. Deployment / Change set Enhancements  Approval Process Supported now.  Auto Response Rule, Assignment Rule and Escalation rules are available now.
  24. 24. More… Time to give back to Salesforce  Participate in board / Stack Exchange discussions.  You can also use #askforce for any question.  Use Idea if you got some suggestion and if it already exist , Vote it up.
  25. 25. Questions and Answers
  26. 26. Thanks
  27. 27. Cloud Trivia
  28. 28. T/F : Private Groups in Chatter cannot be accessed even by System Admin w/o permission of Group Owner. False. Any user with Modify All Data permission can access private group in Chatter. We don’t have anything like Hidden Group. If you need Hidden Group in Chatter, Vote up Idea in IdeaExchange.
  29. 29. What are three New permission level in Report and Dashboard folders  Viewer  Editor  Manager
  30. 30. Which VF tag can be used to update Chatter Profile picture?  <chatter:userPhotoUpload>
  31. 31. How many words supported in Hashtag/topic in Chatter ?  3
  32. 32. T/F : We need to raise Support ticket to Salesforce to enable Canvas.  False. Canvas is GA after Summer 13.
  33. 33. What is one condition which needs to be enabled to define OWD and Sharing rule for Users by default ?  Community should be enabled  Pilot program is also available if communities are not available.
  34. 34. What are two new attribute added in apex:page mark-up to control generation of “html” and “body” ?  applyHtmlTag and applyBodyTag
  35. 35. What are two clause added in SOQL ?  For View  For Reference
  36. 36. If String has HTML mark-up, which method you will use to get Simple text without HTML ?  stripHtmlTags() – Converts HTML String to normal text string.  Example – “<h1><i> Hi </i></h1>” becomes “Hi”.
  37. 37. How many records SOSL can return?  2000 previously it was only 200