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An empathy map for a person who is describing her experience with her first job interview.

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Empathy map

  1. 1. Think and Feel Hear See Say and Do Pain Gain
  2. 2.  For Privacy purposes I will refer to my interviewee as person „A‟  Person „A‟ describes her experience at her first job interview.
  3. 3.  Person „A‟ wanted to get through her job interview so she could start the first steps of her career.  Person „A‟ felt nervous  Fear of Rejection  Person „A‟ wanted to be someone who could stand out from the crowd.  Being a female made her feel intimidated as the business system sometimes does not take womens‟ aspirations seriously and dismisses them
  4. 4.  The interview was not as formal as expected.  Looking at the interviewers casual demeanor made person „A‟ feel more comfortable and confident.  Other interviewees were not dressed as formally  It was an opportunity for person „A‟ to become independent
  5. 5.  Person „A‟ dressed formally so there was no way the interviewee could catch her out on that.  Spoke using hand gestures  Spoke about becoming an integral part of the organization over time.  “I told the interviewer that I wanted to make significant contributions to the marketing department in particular.”  She asked a lot of questions.  “I was afraid as this was my first job interview and didn‟t want to do anything that could result in a rejection.”
  6. 6.  She was told to speak eloquently.  Research about her job, corporate culture  Dress formally  „Know the numbers‟ (banks previous profits, Stock price etc.)
  7. 7.  The Cons of not doing the interview:  Being unemployed with no steady income as it is her first job.  Pass up on an opportunity to enter into the corporate world.  As a female, she would be stuck in the “Indian” stereotype of being a girl who is not capable of productivity.  The Pros of doing the interview:  If employed, would be able to become independent.  Define herself in a corporate environment.  Be recognized by her peers  Start a stable career which is the first step to achieve success.
  8. 8.  Person „A‟ is well aware of what is required by her but doesn‟t seem confident in her capabilities as she feels she is caught in the stereotypical trap i.e. women do not belong in the corporate world but rather at home doing the chores. Due to these hindrances, person „A‟ is not as outspoken as she would like to be due to fear of being ridiculed and rejected.
  9. 9.  Person „A‟ is a focused, intelligent, hard working person who has a desire to break free of the stereotypical view of women and leave a mark on the marketing department of the company that she works in.
  10. 10.  Person „A‟ needs to find a way of harnessing the hidden voice that lies within her in order to speak out and acquire what she truly feels she deserves.  She needs to disregard what people see her as and make people see her how she wants to be seen.
  11. 11.  Person „A‟ needs to instill more confidence in herself so she can overcome the challenges she faces and re-define herself in the eyes of others through hard work and ambition.
  12. 12.  Person „A‟ for taking the time out and letting me interview her.