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Karan J SIngh - Training Webinars Organizer, Jatt Marketer


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Karan J. Singh, founder of Jatt Marketer and Virile Genesis, is a leading Training Webinars Organizer when it comes to affiliate internet marketing industry. Sharing skills and money making ideas with people, he has been able to gain an unsurpassed reputation as a successful webinar organizer. Most of his webinars have tasted huge success in the past, and are eagerly awaited by people! Being the brainchild of many inventive internet marketing programs in the past, Karan has always had a vision for the future, leading him to finding Virile Genesis, his joint venture in internet marketing industry. - A team of your virtual friends! - A friend of yours !!

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Karan J SIngh - Training Webinars Organizer, Jatt Marketer

  1. 1. Founder/Director – Jatt Marketer and Virile Genesis Pvt. Ltd.  INTERNET MARKETING COACH  PROFESSIONAL WEBINARS HOST  IT STRATEGIST
  2. 2. WORKED WITH 2 INDUSTRY LEADERS Anik Singal Ritoban Chakrabarti .INC
  3. 3. Working With Anik Singal and Ritoban Chakrabarti has proven to be a big turning point in Karan J Singh’s life. He gained tremendous exposure and knowledge about Internet Marketing.
  4. 4. PAST SUMMARY A Jatt by birth (from farming background)
  5. 5. Despite of making handsome money in STOCK BROKING he never lost the vision to make it BIG in IT industry.
  6. 6. Finally after 4 successful years in Financial Service Industry, Karan J Singh stepped into the world of IT as a FREELANCER
  7. 7. Starting his career with SEO, Karan J Singh became Internet Marketing Professional in just 3 years. In these years, Karan J Singh worked with various IT organizations across the globe.
  8. 8. PROFILE INTERNET MARKETING COACH Affiliate Program planner Training Webinar host
  9. 9. PROFILE Social Media expert It strategist Brand Management expert