Yrals Case Studies UGC Apps 2011


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Yrals Case Studies UGC Apps 2011

  1. 1. Digital Marketing The Future is Now!
  2. 2. About YRALS• Set up to create social media campaigns for brands on an ROI Basis in 2008• YRALS was founded by Jaideep Bir along with an angel investor and has a 30 member team in Mumbai• YRALS executes SMO in two formats: – Qualitative Engagement – Quantitative Traffic• YRALS also specializes in creation of web properties for Brands that enhance interactivity and build Brand loyalty• The company has executed Social Media campaigns for over 50 clients across sectors including: Media | BFSI| Automobiles | FMCG| Mobile|Technology | Food & Beverage
  4. 4. SOCIAL APPS• Utility Apps• User-Generated-Content (UGC) based Apps• Referral Apps• Pledge Apps• Quiz Apps
  5. 5. UGC Apps
  6. 6. Mission Force (http://bit.ly/w9pyCH)A UGC App that allows users to create a personalized video of them and their friends
  7. 7. Mission ForceLike To Build A Team
  8. 8. Mission ForceLight Quiz to Get Users Interested
  9. 9. Mission ForceSelect Friends That You Want In Your Team
  10. 10. Mission ForceA Video of Your Team is Created & Auto-Played
  11. 11. Mission ForceVideo is Customized with Friends’ Names & Pics
  12. 12. Mission ForceGallery of Videos, Tracking Views & Likes
  13. 13. Spread The Cheer A UGC App that allows users to send out Nerolac-branded E-Cards to their friends on the occasion of Christmas & New Year
  14. 14. Spread The CheerUsers Have To Like The Page To Get Started
  15. 15. Spread The CheerInstructions For The Users
  16. 16. Spread The CheerSelect An E-Card. Write Your Personal Message. Preview It.
  17. 17. Spread The CheerUsers Can Tag Their Friends to Wish Them
  18. 18. Spread The CheerUsers Have To Post It & Spread The Cheer
  19. 19. Zee 24 - Sansanit Kanakhali http://on.fb.me/zee24app)A UGC App, that aimed to create a directory of all the broken roads in Mumbai, by allowing users to mark such roads on a map, to help fellow citizens
  20. 20. Sansanit KanakhaliLike The Page To Play The Application
  21. 21. Sansanit KanakhaliUpload an image of a bad road with a caption
  22. 22. Sansanit KanakhaliDrag the Marker to the Location of the Bad Road Each Entry has its own permalink, which users could share to inform fellow citizens. Users can also SLAP a particular entry to show their frustration at the bad road
  23. 23. Sansanit KanakhaliView All Entries on The Wall Of Shame Entries with the most SLAPS are highlighted
  24. 24. StarGold – Ra.One http://on.fb.me/stargoldraone A UGC App that allows users to create their avatars asRA.ONE or G.ONE, as seen in the movie. This helped create hype around the movie premiere on Star Gold
  25. 25. StarGold – Ra.OneUser Has To Like The Page To Play The Contest
  26. 26. StarGold – Ra.OneA Simple Quiz To Get Users Started
  27. 27. StarGold – Ra.One Select An Avatar
  28. 28. StarGold – Ra.OneUpload an Image or use Facebook Photos & Adjust in the Frame
  29. 29. StarGold – Ra.OneShare your Image on your wall, on Twitter etc.
  30. 30. Makeover Contest http://on.fb.me/athomecontestA UGC App, that allows 1 Lucky user to win aLiving Room Makeover by uploading a picture of their messy room and getting votes for it
  31. 31. Makeover ContestUpload An Image Of Your Messy Room
  32. 32. Makeover ContestView Other Entries On The Hall Of Shame
  33. 33. Makeover ContestUsers Get Votes for their Entry Each User gets a Permalink for their Entry, which they can Share on Facebook & Twitter. Friends can VOTE for an entry by LIKING it
  34. 34. Makeover Contest Winners The Entry with the most likes wins the contest & is entitled to get a Makeover for his messy room worth INR 30,000/- from @home
  35. 35. Our Clients
  37. 37. Our ClientsFOOD & BEVERAGEFMCG
  38. 38. Our ClientsFILM & TVMOBILE
  39. 39. Our ClientsTECHNOLOGYMISC.
  40. 40. Connect With YralsCEO: Address: Name: Jaideep Bir D1, Pioneer Heritage II, Daulat Mail: Jaideep@yrals.com Nagar Off S V Road, Santa Cruz(W) Mumbai - 400 054. MaharashtraFor Sales (Social Media): Call : +91-22-2661 5764 Name: Adriel George Mail : contact@yrals.com Phone: +91 97732 98832 Mail: adriel@yrals.comFor Sales (Apps): Name: Karan Singh Phone: +91 9769996268 Mail: karan@yrals.com