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Yrals Case Studies Referral Apps 2011


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A collection of the best referral apps built by Yrals in 2011. Connect with us now on, or call Karan directly @ +91 9769996268

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Yrals Case Studies Referral Apps 2011

  1. 1. Digital Marketing The Future is Now!
  2. 2. About YRALS• Set up to create social media campaigns for brands on an ROI Basis in 2008• YRALS was founded by Jaideep Bir along with an angel investor and has a 30 member team in Mumbai• YRALS executes SMO in two formats: – Qualitative Engagement – Quantitative Traffic• YRALS also specializes in creation of web properties for Brands that enhance interactivity and build Brand loyalty• The company has executed Social Media campaigns for over 50 clients across sectors including: Media | BFSI| Automobiles | FMCG| Mobile|Technology | Food & Beverage
  4. 4. SOCIAL APPS• Utility Apps• User-Generated-Content (UGC) based Apps• Referral Apps• Pledge Apps• Quiz Apps
  5. 5. Referral Apps
  6. 6. Craftsvilla Rewards ( A Referral App, that incentivizes users to get theirFRIENDS REGISTERED, on through direct rewards
  7. 7. Craftsvilla RewardsRegister For The Application
  8. 8. Craftsvilla RewardsView Leaderboard & Current Rank
  9. 9. Craftsvilla RewardsEarn Points By Inviting Friends
  10. 10. Craftsvilla RewardsPoints Awarded To Users For Inviting
  11. 11. Craftsvilla RewardsPoints Awarded For Friends Registering
  12. 12. Craftsvilla RewardsTag Friends & Earn Points
  13. 13. Craftsvilla RewardsRedeem Points for Instant Coupon Rewards
  14. 14. Group Buying Discount A Referral App, that, as the namesuggests, allows users to get a Discount on entry for events/products in a group.
  15. 15. Group Buying Discount User Has To Like The Page
  16. 16. Group Buying Discount Fill In The Details
  17. 17. Group Buying DiscountInvite 5 Friends To Avail The Discount
  18. 18. Group Buying DiscountUser Can Share By Posting On The Wall Or Share On Twitter The Discount is only UNLOCED when 5 Friends ACCEPT the Invite. So users are encourage to chase their friends to ACCEPT their Invites ASAP
  19. 19. BetCroc Jackpot Face A Unique App that encourages users to REGISTER, in order to make use of points that can be earned by spinning a wheel and showing us their Jackpot Face
  20. 20. Jackpot FaceUser Has To Like The Page To Spin The Wheel
  21. 21. Jackpot FaceSpin The Wheel & Earn Points
  22. 22. Jackpot FaceUpload Your Jackpot Face
  23. 23. Jackpot FaceUsers Can Invite Friends
  24. 24. Jackpot FaceEncourage Registration on
  25. 25. The Nano Pledge A Pledge app, that was initiated to help the Sikkim Earthquake victims. Every Pledge will help in building avirtual Tata Nano, and Tata would contribute INR 100 for each car created, to the victims
  26. 26. The Nano PledgeLike To Take The Pledge For Sikkim
  27. 27. The Nano Pledge Take The Pledge
  28. 28. The Nano PledgeThe Virtual Tata Nano Each Pledge User’s Profile Pic is layered on top of the Virtual Nano, and highlights on mouse-over Every 100 users, a new Nano is generated with 100 new faces
  29. 29. Moksham Spa Deal ShareA Referral Deal-Share Application for Moksham Spa, which allows users to UNLOCK a deal, the same way that Groupon works, from within Facebook
  30. 30. Moksham SpaUsers Have To Sign Up For The Deal
  31. 31. Moksham SpaProvide Necessary Details
  32. 32. Moksham SpaInvite Friends on Facebook & Twitter to UNLOCK the deal
  33. 33. Moksham SpaDeal Is Made Available when 100 Users SIGN UP
  34. 34. Our Clients
  36. 36. Our ClientsFOOD & BEVERAGEFMCG
  37. 37. Our ClientsFILM & TVMOBILE
  38. 38. Our ClientsTECHNOLOGYMISC.
  39. 39. Connect With YralsCEO: Address: Name: Jaideep Bir D1, Pioneer Heritage II, Daulat Mail: Nagar Off S V Road, Santa Cruz(W) Mumbai - 400 054. MaharashtraFor Sales (Social Media): Call : +91-22-2661 5764 Name: Adriel George Mail : Phone: +91 97732 98832 Mail: adriel@yrals.comFor Sales (Apps): Name: Karan Singh Phone: +91 9769996268 Mail: