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  1. 1. Media lesson: Model organisation, props, location. Photography shoot – Media lesson: magazine flat Photography shoot – Photography studio 1 plan Caversham skateparkDEADLINE HAND IN ALL PLANNING WORK
  2. 2. I put a status on the social networking site called Facebook asking if anyone would be interested in being models for my music magazine for the photography shoot and I got many replies which iwas pleased with. I decided on these four people tobe my models as I believe they would suit the genre of the magazine best. They all have a very similar appearance and fit in with the stereotype basedaround the genre of the magazine. I e-mailed them asking if they would be available for the photography shoot.
  3. 3. E-mails to the models
  4. 4. Name: Grace Welford Contact Information:Name: Troy Higgins 07891 042717,Contact Information: 07789 gracewelford13@hotmail10283, .co.ukPhoto shoot location: Photo shoot location:Photography studio 1, Henley Photography studio 1,College, Monday 20th February Henley College, Monday 20th February Name: India MawbeyName: Declan Coy Contact Information:Contact Information: 07530,890418,bikerboys2005@msn.c 078766 421376om Photo shoot location:Photo shoot location: Photography studio 1,Caversham skate park, Henley College,Saturday 25th Monday 20th February
  5. 5. Grey beanie hats are typically associated Vans have always been with rock/metal genre of music. Many stereotypically band members are pictured wearing associated with them and I think they work well as they rock/metal/hardcore also give a casual look. genre of music. They are the most popular shoes among the tribe “mosher” as well so I Hoodies are associated with many different believed these would stereotypes however colourful hoodies are be the best footwear for mainly related with rock/hardcore genre the shoot and would which would implicate the genre and style of work well with the the magazine. I also considered blue being outfit the best colour as it would tie into my colour scheme of blue, black. White, red and yellow Denim jackets are one ofClose-up Extreme close-up Long shot Two person shot the items of clothing which go right back to the roots of rock/metal music as they were worn by original rock bands and have carried through This is my storyboard for the shots I will do when I with the genre so I conduct my photography shoot with the models above. thought it would be a highly appropriate piece I wanted a good variety of different shots to chose from of clothing for the shoot. and for the double page spread and contents page.
  6. 6. I needed to plan my location for my shoot of images to use for my front cover, contents page and double page spread.I considered various locations such as a music room Possible props for photo shoot for doublewith props such as headphones, guitar, microphone page spread etc. and I also considered using a photography studio.I decided to take my photos for my front cover in a photography studio as I believe this would create the correct affect on the photo with strong lighting to highlight the models facial expressionand body language. I also chose this as magazines I researched into such as “Kerrang!” And “Rocksound” both use photography studios fortheir front cover image as it looks professional and has a simple background which can bemanipulated easily and allows text to be read easy and overall looks better on the front cover.
  7. 7. These are some names of possible Hectic Omen Pressure magazine names Ibrainstormed. I tried Meltdown to think of names Break out which had a metal/rock feel to Brainstorm Visionreflect on the genre of possible of the magazine. Reckless names Thunder SurveyI surveyed my class mates for their opinion on the names and which one’s they Omen preferred and would be best. The most Break Out said “Reckless” was the best, they said itsounded like a rock/metal magazine name Hectic as the genre has a reputation of reckless behaviour. They also liked “Pressure” and Reckless“Meltdown” they liked meltdown as it also Pressure had a metal/rock feel to it as the genre features many breakdowns in the songs Meltdown relating to the name. Vision
  8. 8. days-later.font?text=reckless ego.font?text=RECKLESS lord.font?text=reckless me.font?text=RECKLESS ages.font?text=RECKLESS m/punksnotdead.font? text=Reckless
  9. 9. Feedback, News, celeb News, twe Vodaphone New music Competition emails and ral All time T-mobile Cont advert Gallows Gallows – Mallory and Incubus ets of the updates bore, comp low tour album week, com advert ents article article knox etition dates advert ic strip article 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 East pack Live Live Live Live Enter Opeth Live Tour and Enter antidote You me at review – review – review – review - shikari Entertour dates review - album shikari tour six tour Foo Foo Asking Evarose article shikari Weezer adverts article dates dates fighters fighters alexandria article 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Enter Enter Iron Poster 30 facts shikari shikari maiden Machine Poster Poster Poster Poster Poster Poster by Jared article article tour dates head tour Leto dates 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 Various Festival Alkaline Linkin Troy Japanese Various Various Alkaline Linkin park BVB album Japanesetour dates ticket trio article park sanders voyeurs band tour band tour trio article article advert voyeurs advert article article article dates dates article 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 Incubus Various Various Various Subscripti Various Gig guide Gig guide Gig guide Gig guide Clothing album album album band tour on advert band tour brand review reviews reviews dates dates adverts 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58
  10. 10. I started off by producing a calendar to plan when and what to do on different days to getmyself organised and so I was focussed on getting the work finished for the deadline. It alsohelped me plan to do in each lesson I had so I could use my time wisely. I then moved on to organising my models where I contacted four friends who I thought would be great for thegenre of the magazine through Facebook and e-mail. As soon as I knew they were available I went ahead to book the photography studio for my first shoot to make sure I could get a good slot which all my models were available for. Once it was booked I started looking into the costume side of the shoot, I did this by looking through both Kerrang! And Rocksound magazines which gave me plenty of ideas of different items of clothing the models could wear and which I could get a hold of easily. Luckily the models all had the clothing I had in mind as they all listen to the genre of music my magazine is – rock/metal/hardcore so they were perfect for the job and all had the right image to them. I did the same for my secondphotography shoot – my model for that one also all had the correct clothing as well as bodymodification; stretchers and tattoos which is something heavily stereotyped with the genre of music in modern times so he was a perfect model for my magazine. For both shoots I used my Pentax DSLR camera which I was very familiar and comftable with using so I was confident when taking my images. Both shoots went very successfully which I was pleasedwith and I believe I had good strong images which would work well for my magazine. I then moved on to looking at flat plans for Kerrang! and then produced my own after looking through many Kerrang! magazines giving me a good idea and influenced my idea of the layout and structure of a music magazine with a similar genre.