Goats and Trees: 10 weeks as a KMIS intern at ILRI


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Final presentation after 10 weeks as an intern with the Knowledge Management and Information Services (KMIS) team at international research & development organisation, ILRI {www.ilri.org}

To read the presentation in full, visit www.karahartley.wordpress.com

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Goats and Trees: 10 weeks as a KMIS intern at ILRI

  1. 1. + Social Media, Research & Development 10 weeks as a KMIS intern at ILRI in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  2. 2. + Using social interactive media approaches, tools and strategies to help ILRI document and communicate its research and development activities.
  3. 3. + The Goat: wisdom and energy
  4. 4. + The Tree: knowledge and nature
  5. 5. + Social. Sharing. Caring.
  6. 6. + Being Social. Yammer time Macchiato time
  7. 7. + Communication Tools wiki 4 mobile slide sharing participatory video podcast 3 social bookmarking widgets photo sharing apps video enterprise networking Pinterest 2 microblogging blog RSS Feed social networking website 1 analytics search engine optimization emails
  8. 8. + ILRI social media metrics with Liya Dejene Who‟s following ILRI online? What comments do they post? What are our audience most interested in?
  9. 9. + Look out for in-depth ILRI social media statistics reports 3 golden rules for getting the most out of social media: 1. Identify your audience and goals 2. Don‟t be afraid to make mistakes 3. Analyze the impact of your efforts
  10. 10. + The importance of sharing.  Meals, minibuses and gossip: sharing is at the heart of everything people do in Ethiopia  Social media as an extension of African culture and traditions  Coffee ceremonies and storytelling = social communication  Making a difference requires teamwork.  Several voices are stronger than one.  The web and global social network is powerful – use it to share.
  11. 11. + “When spiders‟ webs unite, they can tie up a lion.” – Ethiopian proverb Image: CIA figurative map of the world wide web
  12. 12. + Field Trip with some people, somewhere, to do something.
  13. 13. +  I learned a valuable lesson on my very first field trip with ILRI – ask more questions.  Same goes for social media and knowledge sharing. The beauty of web 2.0 is that large scale conversation – sharing your knowledge and expertise, but also learning something new for yourself too.
  14. 14. + Social Media Guide for promoting African knowledge on Climate Change With Ewen Le Borgne & Tsehay Gashaw  A guide to social media  Promoting African knowledge (on climate change adaptation)  Researchers, civil society practitioners, info. intermediaries  Doubts and Pitfalls  Encouraging people to experiment with social media
  15. 15. + Caring about the quality of your work, caring for each other - in the office and across Ethiopia.  Blogs  Brochures with Meron  Wikis  Overall learning experience
  16. 16. + Social. Sharing. Daring.
  17. 17. + Keep „social‟ at the heart of everything you do. Be sociable too.
  18. 18. +Think of social networking as an extension of aconversation that has been going on for centuries. Once upon a time,knowledge was power.Today, sharing knowledge is power.
  19. 19. + Dare to stand out from the crowd.
  20. 20. + Be Daring
  21. 21. + Thank you.