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Culture and Imperialism

HIS 102 Western Civilization II

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Culture and Imperialism

  1. 1. The Culture of Western Imperialism HIS 102 Western Civilization II Kara Heitz
  2. 2. “Civilizing Mission”
  3. 3. Political cartoon: "What the United States Has Fought For“ (1914)
  4. 4. Pears’ Soap Left, image caption: “The birth of civilisation - a message from the sea. Consumption of soap is the measure of wealth, civilisation, wealth, and purity of the people."
  5. 5. French Colonial School in West Africa, c. 1910 Colonial & Missionary Schools
  6. 6. German Christian Missionary School in Southwest Africa, c. 1910
  7. 7. American women teaching Filipino children at an American-run school in the Philippines, c. early 1900s
  8. 8. Christian missions established in Africa sent some students to European universities or to the United States. This photo shows a group of young men and women, enrolled at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, who came from the British colonies of Africa and the West Indies. (c. 1915)
  9. 9. "School Begins. Uncle Sam (to his new class in Civilization): Now, children, you've got to learn these lessons whether you want to or not! But just take a look at the class ahead of you, and remember that, in a little while, you will feel as glad to be here as they are! "
  10. 10. Paris Exposition 1889
  11. 11. Paris Exposition 1889
  12. 12. “Senegalese Village”, Paris Exposition
  13. 13. An ad for a "Peoples Show" (Völkerschau) in Stuttgart, Germany, 1928 Ad for an “ethnographic spectacle” in Paris, 1892 Human Zoos
  14. 14. “Dahomey Village”, Paris World’s Fair, 1931
  15. 15. Europeans visiting a “negro village” at a World’s Fair
  16. 16. Africans shooting archery in 1904 St Louis “Savage Olympics Exhibition”
  17. 17. Native American “human zoo” that toured Europe
  18. 18. Imperialism & Western Culture Today?

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HIS 102 Western Civilization II


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