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Snap What? Apps/Websites that Parents Need to Know About! (Marshall, MN Mom's Expo)


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This is the PowerPoint I created for the Mom's Expo in Marshall, MN. The topic that I spoke about was Apps/Websites that parents need to know about to keep their child(ren) safe in our social media world.

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Snap What? Apps/Websites that Parents Need to Know About! (Marshall, MN Mom's Expo)

  1. 1. SNAP WHAT? Keeping your children safe online With Kara Damm, Technology Integration Specialist, former Computer Teacher, Coach, and Mom of 2
  2. 2.  Parenting Tweens & Teens is difficult  Passing “notes” vs. the world  Knowing when to stay it’s off
  3. 3. TECHNOLOGY CAN…  Do amazing things!  Make our lives easier.  Be a little scary at times.
  4. 4.  91% of the 12-to-17-year-olds post selfies  91% share their real name  82% list their birthday  71% share where they live and go to school  60% state their relationship status  53% post their email address  24% post videos  20% post their cell number
  5. 5. TWEENS  8-12 years olds are not typically malicious – they are more curious than anything.  The curiosity can get them into trouble on the Internet  Kids need to be protected from others and even themselves
  6. 6. TEENS  Teenagers can be mischievous  Some teenagers will hide things from their parents because their parents “do not know” technology or refuse to learn
  7. 7. Teens trick their parents in the following ways: 53 percent = number of teens that clear their browser history to keep web visits off the record 46 percent = number of teens that close/minimize their browser when a parent walks near (to hide the web site) 34 percent = number of teens that hide or delete instant messages or videos 23 percent = number of teens that lie or omit discussing details with parents about online activity 23 percent = number of teens that use a PC their parents don't check 21 percent = number of teens that use an Internet-enabled mobile device that their parents don’t check
  8. 8. 20 percent = number of teens that use privacy settings to make web content viewable only by friends 20 percent = number of teens that use private browsing modes or proxy web sites (which are free) 15 percent = number of teens that create a private email address unknown to their parents 9 percent = number of teens that create a duplicate or fake social network profiles and share one of them with parents Many of these tricks can be prevented or monitored.
  10. 10. ASK.FM  Social Media site where individuals offer viewers the opportunity to comment and ask questions –  Ask.FM has been linked to at least 5 suicides in the USA and the UK.  More than 60 million people world-wide use this site
  11. 11. SNAPCHAT  Most adults don’t realize how addicted kids are to this app  Allows kids to send self-destructing photos of themselves or others back and forth.  Most kids use this as a form of Sexting  Most kids prefer SnapChat over normal text messaging with their peers.  Set a time limit for how long the end user can view the picture.  However, the end user can download another app and capture the picture.  Kids think images disappear – they do not.
  12. 12. REDDIT  Community members can submit photos, links, and stories  Some stories are ok and some are not  Registered users can “vote” the story up or down to determine where the story lands on the page
  13. 13. TINYCHAT  Users meet in a chat room  Chats are a combination of voice, video and instant messaging  Web or SmartPhone
  14. 14. KIK & WHATSAPP  Texting application that is free- looks like a normal texting app on phone  No age verification for the app  Send text, videos and photos  iPads, iPods, other tablets not just phones  Sexting  Rates 17+
  15. 15. PHEED  Launched by getting celebrities on board, teenagers are starting to flock to it  Pheed lets users share videos, photos, text, and audio clips  Topped the iTunes Store’s Social Networking Chart in February
  16. 16. WHISPER  Allows users to share secrets in the form of virtual postcards  Allows you to chat with other “whisperers”  Reveals user’s location  Using to cyberbully  Rates 17+
  17. 17. VINE  Allows users to create short video clips and upload the clips to the Vine Server  Some of the stuff out there is pretty silly but of course, there is some nastier things  Linked to bullying, animal cruelty, video others that weren’t aware and posting it.  Search by location, tags, users, etc.
  18. 18. TINDER  Online dating service  Teens like it because it only matches you with people who like you back and that encourages positive reinforcement  Concerning because it only matches you with other users in your geographic location  Which means the other users may not be kids
  19. 19. WHAT CAN WE DO?  If you are unsure on things, use Google to search and become informed  Attending sessions like today will help you also  Talk, talk, talk, talk  Discuss the “nothing is private” in today’s social world. Even if you are texting your BFF they can always forward that information, take a screen shot and post it.  Ask to see your child’s phone, iPad, computer, device, etc. YOU ARE PAYING FOR IT, you own it!
  20. 20. WHAT CAN WE DO?  I require passwords for my children’s online activities  This doesn’t mean I constantly stalk them and go through their accounts  It does tell my children that I trust you enough to have this device and the certain social media apps but know that I can and will check in on you to make sure you are using it correctly  However, my child only has accounts/apps that we approve of  In my opinion, social media is part of our lives. Let your children (who are legally able to) have accounts but monitor the accounts.
  21. 21.  Cell phones, Internet, Devices, etc = hand over without a driver’s license  STAY INFORMED!  Google your kids. You may be surprised that a Twitter account you didn’t know about pops up!
  22. 22. FACEBOOK & TWITTER  If your Tweens and Teens have Facebook or Twitter talk to them about the importance of keeping their profile locked.  An open profile allows anyone in the world to peer into their personal life.  It also will haunt them forever.  Maiden Search  Married Search
  23. 23. TAKE AWAY FOR KIDS  Anything we email, text, tweet, video, photograph can go anywhere at anytime.