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OpenERP-Achievements2010 110422042131 Phpapp02


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OpenERP-Achievements2010 110422042131 Phpapp02

  1. 1. Presentation of 2010 achievements Marc Laporte OpenERP
  2. 2. What is 57 ?6/10/2010
  3. 3. What is 57 ? A- The number of employees in Belgium B- The number of countries where OpenERP is present C- The age of Fabien6/10/2010
  4. 4. OpenERP partners present in 57 countries Europe MEA ASIA Americas Austria Algeria Belgium Australia Argentina Cameroun Czech Republic Cape Verde China Bolivia Croatia Congo (Dem. Rep.) India Brazil France Ghana Indonesia Canada French Polynesia Equatorial Guinea Japan Colombia Germany Kenya Hungary Malaysia Ecuador Lebanon Italy Mauritius Mongolia Mexico Lithuania Morocco New Caledonia Peru Luxembourg Qatar Philippines Venezuela Netherlands Nigeria Thailand Portugal Senegal Norway South Africa Canada Romania Sudan United States Spain Tunisia Sweden Turkey Switzerland United Arab Emirates United Kingdom6/10/2010 4
  5. 5. Offices in Belgium, India and United States 5
  6. 6. With a true international team 6
  7. 7. What is 1.065 ?
  8. 8. What is 1.065 ?A- The number of people following OpenERPon TwitterB- The number of inhabitants in Grand RosièreC- The number of modules in OpenERP
  9. 9. Launch of OpenERP V6.0 9
  10. 10. A true suite of business applications 10
  11. 11. Solving the customer ’s dilenma Long project Building separate High risks applications Uncertain return on High complexity investments Integration costs Costly migrations6/10/2010 11
  12. 12. Business applications: A huge market too20001500 NetSuite1000 SucessFactor 500 Salesforce 0 2008 2009 2010 12
  13. 13. OpenERP vs Competition Dynamics SAP Netsuite Salesforce OpenERPOnsite/ Online No No No No YesStart with one application and expand No No No No YesMigration included in warranty No No n/a n/a YesCost $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $ 13
  14. 14. Now 1065 modules available in OpenERP 14
  15. 15. Relationship with the communityBuilding visibility for your contributions Contribution of the partner included in the partner’s description on the web site Visibility of the contributions through our web site contributors of the month provides visibility to your contributionsClarifying OpenERP policies Publised revised Bug policy Publised revised Release Policy6/10/2010 15
  16. 16. What is 208 ?
  17. 17. What is 208 ?A- The number of support tickets in March2011B- The number of feed back we recieve fromthe community in one dayC- The number of French fries in a Mitraillette
  18. 18. Building a comprehensive set of servicesSupport Offshoreand Bug Migrations Methodology Training services fixing 18
  19. 19. Support and maintenance process precisely defined and measured6/10/2010 19
  20. 20. Volumes are ramping up250200150 Migration Support100 Maintenance 50 0 Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March6/10/2010 20
  21. 21. Partner satisfaction survey6/10/2010a 21
  22. 22. Partners satisfaction surveys6/10/2010 22
  23. 23. Some nice comments Good (11/11/10 1:22AM) Jay has consistently been prompt, informative, and accurate in his responses (9/30/10 4:17PM) I am very happy with your turn around time (12/8/10 1:35PM) Thanks Anup ;) (1/6/11 4:36PM) Jay is always good to work with (1/7/11 5:20AM ) Well done. Thank you for your Support (3/8/11 11:39AM ) Bravo !!! (3/15/11 9:39PM)6/10/2010 23
  24. 24. but it is not a perfect world yet …For some bigger test/bug reports, it would be nice to have a concrete"todo" report in return, in which OpenERP explains what it will do andwhat not. If not I will have to split up the test report in separate items,loosing the overall view... (3/29/11 6:50PM)Took long, but got fixes for both gtk and web. (2/24/11 12:52AM)Answer was not correct (2/16/11 4:44PM)Its not easy to have a global view of all modules: OK for the certified ones,but less for the other ones when were not used to development. (2/24/117:49PM) 24
  25. 25. Building a comprehensive set of servicesSupport and Offshore Bug fixing Migrations Methodology Training services 25
  26. 26. Migration platform 26
  27. 27. Some statistics The migration platform was launch in January 2011 Onsite customers/partners: • Number of DB migrated: 11 • Average DB size: 45 Mb • Average number of installed modules: 41 • Average delay to migrate and test the DB: 13 days Online customers (Saas) • Number of DB migrated: 11 • Average DB size: 6 Mb • Average number of installed modules: 34 • Average delay to migrate and test the DB: 4 days 27
  28. 28. Migration of custom modulesFor non-certified modules, an optional service was set up where OpenERPS.A. will take the responsibility for migrating the custom modulesThis service covers migrating screen, workflows, menus and reports. Allnecessary adaptation will be done by Migration TeamThe fee is of 800€ per 1000 lines of codeBenefits:• The customer pay only when he wants to migrate• The customer modules will not be published• The partner doesnt have to change the module codes, the Migration Team will do it 28
  29. 29. Building a comprehensive set of servicesSupport and Offshore Migrations Methodology Training Bug fixing services 29
  30. 30. Traditional Approach 1 Customer invests in RFQ 2 Supplier invests in RFQ analysis 3 Contract signed Price established 4 Detailed analysis 5 Start implementation phase 6 Renegotiate contract 30
  31. 31. OpenERP Recommended Approach 1 Software Assessment 2 Pre- Analysis 3 Analysis 4 Implementation 5 Deployment 6 Support 31
  32. 32. Building a comprehensive set of servicesSupport and Offshore Bug fixing Migrations Methodology Training services 32
  33. 33. Global demand requires global training 33
  34. 34. Content of the CTP programTraining materials :– Student book and teacher book functional– Student and teacher book technical– Teachers slides for functional and technical courses– Quizz to prepare for certification examAccess to edu.openerp.comAccess to Eventbrite for participants registrations6/10/2010 34
  35. 35. First Certified Training Partners Camptocamp Switzerland Syleam France Enova France Savoir faire Linux Canada Netquatro Venezuela Akretion Brazil Smile Spain OpenBig Germany6/10/2010 35
  36. 36. Building a comprehensive set of servicesSupport and Migrations Methodology Training Offshore Bug fixing services 36
  37. 37. Offshore Service Some partners need development workforce to help them Cant allow to hire and train new employee(s) right now Cant wait for the new devs to be efficient Development of modules based on a detailed design of functionalities DATA MODEL, SCREEN DESIGN, PROCESSES, WORKFLOWS, WIZARDS, REPORTS, MENUS, SECURITY GROUPS AND RULES Development splitted into sprints with defined ordered tasks (Scrum) TASKS DEFINE EFFECTIVE WORK TO PERFORM SPENT TIME IS REPORTED ON THE CORRESPONDING TASKS Team = 2 or 3 developers + 1/3 team leader 37
  38. 38. Setup PhaseWe suggest to use our OpenERP instance ( tomanage the project and tasksThe Belgian PM allocates a new teamThe Indian Team Leader will contact the Belgian PM to get : Details of the project (description, roadmap, milestones) Customer contact persons (who is the manager, wholl be in contact with the Indian Team) OpenERP responsible Account ManagerTechnical & HR setup by Indian Team Leader 38
  39. 39. Development Phase Customer is responsible of the project management Indian Team Leader can advice the customer with his experience If needed, a Belgian Analyst may help the customer Stages are defined for the project 1. Spec review 2. To Develop 3. Development 4. Need Specification 5. Merge Proposal 6. Review 7. Validated 8. Rework 39
  40. 40. Reporting Major issues identified by the Indian Team Leader or the Belgian PM will be reported to the other Weekly task status sent to the customer and the Belgian PM Customer Satisfaction Survey should be filled in by the customer at each end of month Renewal 10 days before end of the project 40
  41. 41. What is 19.962 ?6/10/2010
  42. 42. What is 19.962 ? A- The number of people who asked why there is an aunt in our logo B- The number of free trials since we launched the new SaaS plateform C- The number of downloads per month6/10/2010
  43. 43. OpenERP Online 43
  44. 44. SaaS action plan advancement status SaaS plateform is a complex machine 1st call with Confirmation 2nd call with Free trial OpenERP sales email with link Trial OpenERP salesregistration if they confirmed to user guides 1 week later their availability + request for the contact to They get the opportunity to confirm his discuss their expectations, be Short online configuration of availability for a told what they should know, their own instance, showing what to do and how to do it + them what they expected to call with an ISR proposed a second call after 2 do with the system. weeks of trial. 3rd call with Trial continues OpenERP sales Client support Billing Payment 3 weeks of trial 44
  45. 45. Close monitoring of performance6/10/2010 45
  46. 46. Major milestones for the SaasThe launch of V6 real trigger for SaaSSaaS plateform has reached stability and maturityImplementation of live chat support97 customers are using our SaaS platform in productionWe are opening our Saas Plateform to partners 46
  47. 47. What is 874.660 ?
  48. 48. What is 874.660 ?A- The number of lines of code in OpenERPB- The number of visits to our website in Q1C- The number of beers Fabien, Antony andXavier drank during the studies in Louvain laneuve
  49. 49. In March 20106/10/2010 49
  50. 50. To March 20116/10/2010 50
  51. 51. Number of visits per month350000300000250000200000150000100000 50000 06/10/2010 51
  52. 52. Top 3 : France, India and United states 52
  53. 53. and many others..6/10/2010 53
  54. 54. Much more visible on twitter6/10/2010 54
  55. 55. and also on Facebook6/10/2010 55
  56. 56. Not a bad job…6/10/2010 56
  57. 57. and better visibility in the press too OpenERP Apps for Open Source Business Applications TMC news OpenERP Aims to Bring ERP to the SMB Masses Linux Insider OpenERP V6 On the Cloud and Fending Off SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Personal Finance Bulletin Expanding the ERP Universe via Open Source IT Business Edge OpenERP Solves Open Sources Vexing Problem: Making Money Linux Insider See ERP in a New Light Manufacturing Business Tech.6/10/2010 57
  58. 58. In conclusion6/10/2010
  59. 59. Key achievements • US operations • Fundraising • Offshore services • Partners meeting • New website • service definition • New training material Q1 Q3 and portal, • Revised methodology • New SaaS platform • New partner program • Launch OpenERP V6 • OPW • CTP Program • Building teams • Revised bug policy, • New support processes • Revised release policy, Q2 • First lead campaigns Q4 • Migration platform6/10/2010 59
  60. 60. Guess how we finished 20106/10/2010 60
  61. 61. Guess how we feel about 2011 61
  62. 62. Thank you !