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Ten tips to quit coffee


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Ten tips to quit coffee

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Ten tips to quit coffee

  1. 1. Top Ten Tips to Quit Coffee 1. Figure Out Why. First you must understand “why” YOU want to quit coffee or at least lower your consumption. Is it because you are having trouble sleeping, feel the highs and lows of it, have stained teeth, coffee breath or because you know it is a liver loader and your liver needs a break? Get very clear on “why” you are taking this journey so you can stick with it. It will also allow you to focus on the positive impact like improved sleep, consistent energy throughout the day and more sense of calm throughout your day. Changing habits without changing your mind will lead you to short- lived results. The Healthy Edge is about creating life-long changes by shifting our belief systems. 2. Find a Great Loose Leaf Tea. For me, coffee was a morning ritual. My love for coffee stemmed from the fact that it is hot and I can enjoy it first thing in the morning. Guess what? Tea fits this description. There are so many benefits to green, black and white tea and even if you drink caffeinated, the caffeine content is significantly lower than coffee. I suggest you search for a quality loose leaf tea as opposed to the tea bags you find in a grocery store. This is suggested if you are BIG on taste and have not liked tea in the past because of its bland taste. The goal is to not douse it with honey and other sweeteners to make it taste good. If you drink multiple cups of coffee throughout the day, begin with replacing one of those cups of coffee with tea and add one cup of tea every week until you are drinking entirely tea. Pictured here is an example of what you can put the loose leaf tea into and then into hot water. There are also a variety of kettles designed for loose leaf tea on the market as well as “tea cups” that allow you to brew your tea in your cup while on the go! 3. Get a Grip. I found myself OFTEN telling myself and others that I LOVED COFFEE and that it was relaxing and comforting…even referring to it as my “morning friend”. I giggle at the fact that I am treating coffee like a family member. I love my husband, family and friends. I love kittens and puppies. I love basking in the sun, reading or taking a walk on the beach. Coffee is a beverage. Period. If I believe that coffee is “love” or my only treat in the day or the only way I get any time to myself or a friend…I am living a deeply deprived life and need to re-evaluate. Say out loud what you “think” coffee MEANS to you and then get really honest about the truth behind the statements. Life is more than a beverage we drink! 4. Check out Teeccino. Teeccino is a caffeine free herbal coffee made up a blend of herbs, grains, fruits and nuts. There are a ton of flavors! It doesn’t taste JUST like coffee, but if you begin with replacing half of your coffee with Teeccino when you brewed itCopyright © 2012 by The Healthy Edge, LLC.All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. in the morning it will be surprisingly tasty AND it cuts the caffeine and acidity from the coffee. I slowly added more and more Teeccino until I was drinking all Teeccino. It really is a great way to keep your ritual of coffee and a great tool to wean you off of coffee and caffeine. I found this in the “health section” of my regular grocery store and of course it can be found in specialty health food stores or online. I even found a coffee shop that made Teeccino lattes made with hemp milk. Yum! 5. Never Tell Yourself Never. The biggest mistake people make on their health journey is telling themselves they can NEVER EVER have something again. The little kid in us immediately perks its little head up and says “BUT I WANT IT!” How can you reason with a five year old mentality? You can’t, you will give in and then beat yourself up. Set yourself up to win and CHOOSE to have coffee every once in a while. It may begin as 2-3 times a week and slowly wean down to once a week or once a month. Knowing that you CAN have coffee whenever you want, but you are CHOOSING to have something different is empowering as well as understanding the benefits of removing it as a daily habit. 6. Track The Results. Although giving up coffee was initially a “hard” decision (at least that is what I told myself) I realized that I truly felt better. Some of the symptoms I was having like irritability and anxiety and mid-afternoon drops in energy were a thing of the past. Tracking how you FEEL is huge in creating new belief systems about what coffee really means to you as well as what your new habits are doing for you and your health. Give it 30 days and evaluate. You know your body! 7. Create New Rituals. I would consistently meet people for “coffee” and meet my girlfriends to talk over “coffee”. I even remember telling my husband he should drink coffee so we could talk over coffee in the morning. These were all rituals that I had connected with coffee. My husband and I have a new ritual each morning as he prepares our green shake and I make our loose leaf tea. It’s the same ritual, just a different beverage, and I am also starting my day off with many health benefits. Check out if there are any tea shops where you live to create a new meeting place or a health food store that typically has a seating area for people to meet and talk. There are options! 8. Share with Others. I was amazed, when I shared that I was cutting back on coffee, how many people would say things like, “I need to do that”. I realized that many people felt the same way I did, but it has become such a part of our culture that it is very difficult to “do it on your own.” Simply by sharing my story and my decision, there have been numerous people taking the same journey to get their coffee/caffeine under control and are already sharing stories on how great they are feeling. Share your story and feel the support of others around you. Someone has to be the leader!Copyright © 2012 by The Healthy Edge, LLC.All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. 9. Get Sleep. As you cut coffee/caffeine out of your life, you will notice that you may fall asleep much quicker and remain asleep without tossing and turning. This will contribute to increased energy levels throughout the day and there will be not need to amp up with coffee. By taking advantage of your body’s ability to wind down and fall asleep (minus the coffee all day) you are going to take advantage of your body’s own natural ability to put you to sleep and keep you there. 10. Listen to Your Body. If you have been on coffee/caffeine (and a lot of it) for a while then you want to wean yourself off slowly with the suggestions listed above. Cutting out caffeine cold turkey can put you on the coach with a splitting headache or worse. Begin with replacing half of your coffee grounds with Teeccino and slowing increasing the amount OR replace one of your cups of coffee with tea and increase the number slowly. This will make the process much less painful. It is amazing, though, to see how addictive it really is and how your body reacts when you take it away. That should also be motivation to get it in check. Make a Commitment NOW to what you want your coffee relationship to look like. What is your WHY for cutting back or eliminating? ______________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ What are some of the health benefits you hope to experience? (What are you feeling now that seems a bit off?) __________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ What will you commit to for the next 30 days to change your relationship with coffee? ________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ We believe in you!Copyright © 2012 by The Healthy Edge, LLC.All Rights Reserved.