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Sarah mahurter


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Sarah mahurter

  1. 1. Towards a policy for Research Data Management at UAL 6th March 2013
  2. 2. Background to UAL and the case study• The RDM working group• DCC Institutional Engagement• Environmental Assessment Survey• Towards a definition of research data• RDM Policy Progress• Training• Key achievements
  3. 3. Working group• First met 10 April 2012, then monthly• Membership Library Services Research Management & Administration Research active community IT Services
  4. 4. DCC Institutional Engagement Developing an RDM Policy at UAL
  5. 5. DCC Institutional Engagement • Strategy action plan agreed • 4 week timetable (Mid-July deadline) • Identify currently funded research projects • Telephone interviews achieved • Transcriptions analysed in a meeting with DCC • Post Doc support provided a “sounding board” • In depth follow-up interviews arrangedOutcomes• Technical Infrastructure Diagram• Draft RDM Policy Developing an RDM Policy at UAL
  6. 6. Environmental analysis ‘Research Data’ terminology is not understood Practice-based research process is unique in visual arts Ethical implications addressed throughout the process Curatorial and archiving advice is needed by researchers © ‘Owl’ by Roger Warren University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins Museum and Study Collection
  7. 7. Towards a definition of research data in the visualarts “the output is built in to the very process. What’s an output and what’s the research is very slippery.” “...sometimes I will be doing what I would call a more ‘conventional researchers’ role; at other times I will be working in a very practice led way in a studio with actors trying out ideas.” “a lot of practice based data in a way, in a sense, it’s how you start to build your work and your process through just these incidentals. A lot of artistic practice work is research fieldwork”. Paul Ryan Sketchbooks 2906508327/in/set-72157607661375770/
  8. 8. Towards a definition of research data in the visualarts"terminology is important (...) and phrases must (where possible) be drawn from within the arts rather than library science or similar.”(JISC Incremental project)• ‘Output is the process (practice based research)’• ‘evidence of the journey’• ‘archiving your process’• ‘pre-production...’• ‘working notes’• ‘tacit knowledge’
  9. 9. Survey results revealed a variety of research data Images Interviews Websites Observations Movies Sketchbooks Papers Image © Hodes, Charlotte
  10. 10. Ropetackle Lenses by Amanda Hopkins, Senior Researcher, Central Saint Martins. Images © Hopkins, Amanda and Geliot, Steve and Twinham-Cauci, Anna.
  11. 11. Fragmented Images: papercuts and ceramicsCharlotte Hodes, London College of Fashion Images © Hodes, Charlotte
  12. 12. UAL Research Data Management Policy
  13. 13. RDM Policy at UAL
  14. 14. Training • KAPTUR training event was held at UAL in November • Further training will be offered from 2013/2014 to:  Early Career Researchers  Research students  New Research Staff
  15. 15. Social media and dissemination• An active Twitter account for UAL representing Kaptur•• 321 Tweets with 83 followers• Blog posts
  16. 16. Key RDM Achievements Monthly meetings UAL RDM Policy and of the UAL RDM procedures approved Working Group in October 2012 Buy-in and support Commitment to an RDM from key Policy and EPSRC stakeholders: IT, Roadmap from Senior Library, Senior Management researchers
  17. 17. For further information• management/•