Kaptur jmurtagh 18th july 2012


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2nd KAPTUR Steering Group, presentation on RDM policy development at University of the Arts London by John Murtagh, Project Officer for KAPTUR

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Kaptur jmurtagh 18th july 2012

  1. 1. Developing an RDM Policy at UAL18 July 2012John Murtagh, KAPTUR Project Officer at UAL
  2. 2. • Background• The working group• DCC Institutional Engagement• RDM Progress• Research data definition• OverviewDeveloping an RDM Policy at UAL
  3. 3. BackgroundJISC MRD II programme – 17 funded projects• A Data Management Infrastructure for Research (ADMIRe)• CERIF for Datasets (C4D)• Data Management Rollout at Oxford (DaMaRO)• data.bris• DataPool• Essex Research Data Repository (Essex-RDR)• iridium• KAPTUR• Managing Research Data: a pilot study in Health and Life Sciences• MiSS (MaDAM Into Sustainable Service)• Open Exeter• Orbital• Portable Infrastructure for the Metafor Metadata System (PIMMS)• Research360• RoaDMaP• Service Oriented Toolkit for Research Data Management• SWORD-ARM: SWORD & Archaeological Research data ManagementDeveloping an RDM Policy at UAL
  4. 4. Background• KAPTUR Steering Group meeting in February agreed: • Ideal scenario of targeting an Autumn policy meeting would be ideal. • a draft policy document should be in place as soon as possible.Developing an RDM Policy at UAL
  5. 5. Working Group• First Meeting 10 April 2012• Membership • Library Services • Research Management & Administration; • Research active community • IT• Early on a request a working definition of research data from the KAPTUR project team, and examples or case studies.• Timescale too tight to propose a draft RDM policy to Research Standards and Development Committee in May, ideally a Commitment to Research Data management should be proposed with a policy and ideally an implementation plan agreed for OctoberDeveloping an RDM Policy at UAL
  6. 6. Working Group• Paper of Commitment (based on KAPTUR project paper giving background and RCUK, EPSRC requirements) given to RSDC May 1st – approved• It was agreed that the UAL Policy on RDM should also state its position on the value of research data.Developing an RDM Policy at UAL
  7. 7. DCC Institutional Engagement programme• 18 HEIs• Across the UK• 60 Days of effort• Using DCC Tools such as DMPOnline, CARDIO• Advice and expertiseDeveloping an RDM Policy at UAL
  8. 8. DCC Institutional EngagementDeveloping an RDM Policy at UAL
  9. 9. DCC Institutional EngagementI. Second working group (11 June) - DCC attendance I. 7 point Strategy action plan agreed II. Tight timetable (Mid-July deadline) III. ID currently funded research projects IV. Telephone interviews (20) V. DCC meeting for transcriptions analysis VI. Post Doc support “sounding board” VII. In depth follow up interviews arranged• Technical Infrastructure Diagram• RDM Drafting• UAL agrees to endorse funding for an additional day per week for work on RDMDeveloping an RDM Policy at UAL
  10. 10. Technical Infrastructure• KAPTUR technical pilot: DATA BANK AND DATA STORAGE• Analysis of how KAPTUR technical pilot would work if it were to be dropped into UAL tomorrow?• Information Services to be consulted. What issues/technical things• Does policy refer to the UAL Records Management Policy, existing infrastructures, Institutional Repository, KAPTUR Technical infrastructure? What needs to be done to implement KAPTUR and DCC tools?Developing an RDM Policy at UAL
  11. 11. Developing an RDM Policy at UAL
  12. 12. RDM Policy - Research Data definition• Definition of Research Data for Art & Design• Using multiple sources • AHRC, RCUK • KAPTUR • American Semiotics idea • JISC CAiRO • The National Research Council • National Science Board• Still to be achieved – considerable progress if definedDeveloping an RDM Policy at UAL
  13. 13. RDM Policy Progress• Table of Contents – second draft formulated• Meeting with RMA Director and DCC on 19 JulyDeveloping an RDM Policy at UAL
  14. 14. Thank you for listening E-mail: j.murtagh@arts.ac.uk Twitter: @UALKapturDeveloping an RDM Policy at UAL