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Hacking with x86 Windows Tablet and mobile devices on Debian #debconf18

I will take about 「hacking windows tablet」 on debconf18.
Please hear it on debconf18 or video.
Debian is very well linux distributions on Tablet and mobile devices.
Thank you!

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Hacking with x86 Windows Tablet and mobile devices on Debian #debconf18

  1. 1. 1 Hacking with x86 Windows Tablet and mobile devices on Debian 1、 Self introduction 2、about Linux on Tablet 3、Windows Tablet VS Android Tablet 4、Recently Atom UEFI devices 5、Install Debian Multiarch on Windows Tablet 6、Linux Kernel and driver on Atom devices 7、Bootloader 8、UEFI boot entry 9、Apollo-Lake Tablet 10、Android-x86 11、Conclusion Speaker: Kenji Shimono Debconf18 2018/8/2 14:00~ Xueshan (雪山) Place: 新竹 國立交通大學    in Taiwan This Presentation: Slideshare & PDF files publication of my HP YOGA Tablet2 +Debian Buster
  2. 2. 2 Self Introduction ● My pen name: Kapper ● Twitter account:@kapper1224 ● HP: ● Slideshare: ● nico: ● Facebook: ● My Hobby:Linux、*BSD、and Mobile ARM Devices ● My favorite words:Record than experiment important ● Test Model:Netwalker(PC-Z1,T1)、Nokia N900、DynabookAZ、RaspberryPi       Nexus7(2012、2013)、Hercules eCAFE EX HD、Jetson TK-1、       OpenPandora、ARM Chromebook、ZTE OPEN C(FirefoxOS)       台湾Android電子辞書 無敵CD-920、CD-928、TW708、GPD-WIN    ● Recent my Activity:  Hacking Linux on Windows10 Tablet (Intel Atom base).  I have been active in the Tokaido Linux User Group.  Hacking Linux on GPD-WIN,GPD-Pocket and many Atom Devices.  I have about 100 Windows Tablet and 30 ARM Android, and test it now.
  3. 3. 3 Recently my Activity 1. Linux distro on x86 Windows Tablet 3.Linux distributions on Android 4. Plesentations in Asia(HongKong,Taiwan) Opensouce Conference 2. Machine Learning on Linux I study Machine Learning, python. Hacking Bigdata on Linux.
  4. 4. 4 Install Linux on SmartPhone and Tablet ● What is Tablet? Touchscreen battery PC Accessories sencer CPU&GPU USB&Bluetooth ● The Purpose Linux Dsitro on Smartphone and Tablet for next generations Non PC younger user can use and know Linux. Play your own Linux on Tablet for Linux Distributer. If Android won’t use Linux, I will develop mobile Linux. Recentry more inexpensive and fast mobile devices.
  5. 5. 5 Today I will talk about 「Debian on x86 Windows Tablet」 ● Debian is most advanced Linux distributions on Tablet, supported multi-arch libraries, UEFI 32bit and 64bit. T100TA YOGA Tablet2
  6. 6. 6 Mobile devices on PC Market Chinese Tablet Smart Watch Android Smart Phone iPad Chromebook Mac book RaspberryPi VR Mobile PCDesktop PC iPhone 0 inch 6 inch 10 inch US $100 US $50 US $250 US $500Mac PC Display Size ChromeBox Apple Watch GPD-Pocket GPD-WIN Kindle Kobo Android Windows Tablet Windows Notebook PC SurfaceWindows PC Stick PC 1board PC In Fossasia2016,I was told 「Hacking ARM Android」,Please see it
  7. 7. 7 Inexpensive Windows Tablet ● Recently Intel Tablet is too inexpensive, in Japan and Akihabara. Let’s install any Linux distributions. ● Because Old Windows tablet is not supported driver after Windows10 Creators Update.So They will be not supported, and selling 「JUNK」grade. Android(JUNK!) Windows (JUNK!) US$9 US$15
  8. 8. 8 Important! Used or Junk Windows Tablet is more inexpensive than RaspberryPi2,3 now. CPU Power is 3〜4 times as fast as RaspberryPi3
  9. 9. 9 Windows Tablet VS ARM Android Windows Tablet Android Tablet RaspberryPi OS x86_64 Win,Android,Ubuntu ,Debian,Fedora,Arc h,openSUSE,others ARM, x86_64 MultiRom CustomROM, Difficult OS replace ARM Raspbian,NetBSD,Debian, Ubuntu,Fedora,Arch,openS USE,Android,others Bootloader UEFI(BIOS):Easy Android bootloader U-Boot (and others) Kernel (Driver) Mainline Kernel Supported Default only Non opensources? Mainline Kernel Supported Cost US$30〜 (USED) US$20〜 (USED) US$10〜 (New) Speed Fast Fast or Slow Slow KVM Virtualbox KVM Virtualbox KVM(only x86) KVM(only ARM) Display Battery Yes Yes No (option) GPIO (Elec Kit) No (option) No (option) Yes USB,SD Live Boot Yes No Yes WindowsTablet is more inexpensive and easy to install than some years ago.
  10. 10. 10 Hacking inexpensive Tablet and OS ● Recommended Windows Tablet. The other models have no linux driver and firmware? Windows Tablet Easy to install Linux,steam Android Tablet FirefoxOS Tizen SailfishOS Ubports WebOS Difficult install iOS Blackberry Non Hack Kobo Kindle Enable hack Linux Linux Ubuntu他 Android-x86 Custom ROM WindowsRT WindowsPhone No boot Linux Developer only Beginner
  11. 11. 11 Hacking reuseLowSpecCPU Used and JUNK Tablet on Japan in 2018 W500P KVI-70B ~US$20US$10 ~US$40 ~US$60 ~US$100 ~US$150~US$200 US$300〜 RaspiZero NanoPi Raspi2,3 Thinkerboard Atom board JetsonTK1 JetsonTX1 Miix2 8 Venue8Pro Chinese Tab T100TA,HA 10inchWinTab 2in1 WinTab Surface2Pro Surface3 Kobo Touch,Glo Kobo Aura Kindle PapperWhite 2012〜2014 d-01E d-01G 403HW Nexus7 2012 ME176 Nexus5 Nexus7 2013 ZenPhone2 Nexus9 Kindle、Fire 2012 Kindle,Fire 2013~5 Kindle 2016~8 Used lowend Current Netwalker WindowsRT SurfaceRT Linux Zaurus Windows Phone Surface2RT KPD-701 7inch Chinese Photon2 Elite1000 EZpad W-Zero3 Kindle PapperWhite 2015〜2017 Nexus10 TF101 TF201,TF300t
  12. 12. 12 Reuse Tablet on Linux Computer school AI/IoT, Thinclient, monitor TV, Car navigations Android-x86 and multi-boot Qemu and virtualbox emulations Wine and Steam,WindowsGame Exagear and x86Wine Emulations Antimicro Keyboard Emulations Desktop、Office Server、Terminal、languages Music、3D、CAD Desktop and Mobile, A lot of application use Debian and Android-x86
  13. 13. 13 Let’s install Linux. Some Linux Atom problems are caused by Mainline kernel about 70〜80%, I think it.
  14. 14. 14 Recently Atom UEFI Devices ● Intel PC is easy to install Linux distributions. UEFI 32bit has some bootloader ploblems on Linux. ● Please check OS’s bit = UEFI bit. ● UEFI32bit Difficult AtomWindows Tablet, Stick PC BasedOS:Windows10(32bit) ● UEFI64bit Easy Notebook、Surface,AMD BasedOS:Windows10(64bit)
  15. 15. 15 GPD-WIN,GPD-Pocket(UEFI64bit) ● Blackscreen bugs (need”i915.modeset=0”) Ubuntu18.04 Debian Multi-Arch Sabayon CentOS(Kernel is too old) Android-x86 Manjaro Gentoo Fedora NetBSD(UEFI Testing)openSUSE
  16. 16. 16 Manjaro openSUSE CyanogenMOD-x86 Extix Linux Surface3 (Cherry-Trail)UEFI64bit ≧Kernel4.8 and Debian 9.5〜 distro. Mainline Kernel supported surface series. SurfaceRT(WindowsRT) was able to install Windows10 Mobile!? Ubuntu LinuxMINT(Update Kernel)
  17. 17. 17 Manjaro Debian Old Kernel Freeze Bug Chinese inexpensive Windows Tablet UEFI32bit UEFI 32bit bootloader, Power and blackscreen problem Ubuntu Fedora Android-x86 ExTixLinux openSUSE
  18. 18. 18 Intel VS AMD Windows Tablet Intel Atom has a lot of bugs. Surface is UEFI64bit like notebookPC. AMD Tablet is UEFI64bit and Radeon too. Easy to install Linux on AMD Tablet.(but 12V power supply) Intel Surface and Tablet AMD Windows Tablet Surface3 UEFI64bit some bugs Atom Tablet UEFI32bit Bay-Trail ~Cherry-Trail A lot of bugs AMD Tablet W500S LegacyBIOS few bugs Radeon 10 inch only AMD Tablet Photon2 UEFI64bit few bugs Radeon 10 inch only
  19. 19. 19 Atom VS Core i5 BOINC CPU Benchmarks ・Atom is a half as fast as Core i5 series.(on Power) It is differences CPU clocks on Power mode. (But Battery mode is low CPU clocks… They are not so...) CF-NX2:Core i5 3340M 2.70GHz(⇒Powersave) Integer: 99630(37342) Floating: 3386(1273) YOGA Tablet2:Z3745 1.33GHz Integer: 53323 Floating: 1474 RaspberryPiZeroW: ARM1176JZF-S:1GHz Integer: 7176 Floating: 431
  20. 20. 20 Install ISO for UEFI32bit Tablet ● Required 1.Windows Tablets 2. USB Memory(>2GB) install Linux x86-multiarch ISO 3. USB-MicroUSB OTG cable 4. USB hub 5. USB keyboard 6. USB mouse 7. USB Wired LAN adapter or Wifi LAN adapter
  21. 21. 21 Recently PC’s boot process for Windows and Linux ● Debian official ISO is not supported to both 32bit and 64bit. But Multiarch ISO can Install UEFI32bit Windows Tablet. Legacy BIOS Legacy BIOS (USB, ISO) Grub2 (32,64bit) Install ISO Debian (32,64bit) UEFI 32bit (USB, ISO) UEFI 32bit Tablet (Multiarch ISO) Hard (32,64bit) UEFI (32bit) Grub2 (64bit) 32bit Install ISO Debian (64bit) Hard (64bit) Grub2 (32,64bit) auto Install Debian (64bit) Fix Not Problem After install grub2 32bit Supported Multiarch ISO Only 32bit Surface Notebook UEFI 64bit ISO UEFI (64bit) Grub2 (64bit) Install ISO Debian (64bit) Hard (64bit) Not Problem
  22. 22. 22 Install Debian Multiarch Debian supported UEFi32bit and UEFI64bit on Multiarch. 1.Full Charged Windows Tablet. 2.Download ISO files(Netnstaller) 3.Write ISO about 「rufus」or 「dd」on USB memory. 4.Secure boot OFF 5.Boot from USB Memory.
  23. 23. 23 Debian Stretch VS Buster testing Stable version Stretch 9.5 Buster testing Kernel Kernel4.17 Kernel4.9.110 LTS Kernel4.17−8 (Based Kernel4.16) grub Grub2.0.2 Grub2.0.2Beta3 Grub2.0.2 Gnome Gnome 3.30 Gnome 3.22 rotations and some Bugs Gnome 3.28.3 Fixed bugs KDE Plasma KDE Plasma 5.13.4 KDE Plasma 5.8.1 KDE Plasma 5.13.1 Firefox Firefox 61.0 Firefox 52.2 Firefox 52.9 Wine Wine 3.0.2 Wine 1.8.7 Wine 3.0.2 rEFInd rEFInd 0.11.2 rEFInd 0.10.4 rEFInd 0.11.2 UEFI ー UEFI 32bit,64bit UEFI32bit,64bit Recommen ded ー ○ Old kernel and driver A lot of Atom’s Bugs now. ◎ Newer Kernel and Gnome A lot of Atom’s Bugs fixed. Linux Kernel have been a lot of Atom’s bug and a few drivers ago.
  24. 24. 24 Recommended models T100TA ● Debian unofficial supported T100TA. ● Easy to Install, some devices patchs, Wifi and the others.
  25. 25. 25 Unofficial support Liunx Kernel ● Research Linux Kernel generations. ● CeleronM A100/110 LegacyBIOS Kernel 4.4〜 Kernel 〜3.2 Oak-Trail is not supported Linux「PowerVR」     ● Cherry-Trail UEFI A lot of ProblemKernel 4.9〜 ● Oak-Trail AMD C50 LegacyBIOS Kernel 〜3.16 ● Bay-Trail UEFI Blackscreen Bug Turbo Mode Bug Not Problem(i386) ● Clover-Trail UEFI Clover-Trail is not boot Linux and 「PowerVR」       ● Apollo-Lake UEFI Kernel 4.9〜 No Supported No boot Grub2
  26. 26. 26 Mainline Linux Kernel changelog on Atom Kernel day Changelog Comments 4.9 Stretch 2016/11 This early i915 DRM feature update for DRM-Next Additional P-State Change For Linux 4.9 May Boost Intel Atom Performance Intel Integrated Sensor Hub (ISH) Support Speedup Sensor 4.10 2017/2 Generic Governors Support Coming For Intel P-State supporting multi-touch data with the Surface 3. Surface 4 HID support drm/i915/dsi: Do not clear DPOUNIT_CLOCK_GATE_DISABLE from vlv_init_display Surface3/4 Blackscreen 4.11 2017/4 intel_idle.max_cstate=1 required on baytrail to prevent crashes Turbo Freeze fix 4.12 2017/7 platform-drivers-x86 for 4.12-1 (Cherry-Trail battery sensor INT33FE) 5/4 rtc: cmos: Do not assume irq 8 for rtc when there are no legacy irqs (Clock) INT33FE bcrm8723BS 4.13 2017/9 Add entry for Ployer Momo7w tablet touchscreen,GP-electronic T701 ,I.T.Works TW891 2-in-1,PoV mobii wintab p800w intel-hid: Wake up the system from suspend-to-idle,support RTL8153B MSSL1680 4.14 2017/11 Add driver for Realtek RTL8822BE 802.11ac PCIe wireless network Add support of 13d3:3494 RTL8723BE Bluetooth device asus: Add T100CHI bluetooth keyboard dock special keys mapping,T100 touchpad,T100CHI bluetooth keyboard dock touchpad support RTL8822BE RTL8723BE Multi-touch 4.15 2018/1 Meltdown/Spectre silead_dmi: Add entry for the Chuwi Hi8 Pro tablet, the Digma e200 table alps: add support for Alps T4 Touchpad device Meltdown/Spectre MSSL1680 4.16 2018/4 ALSA: hda - Revert power_save option default value drm/i915/vlv: Add cdclk workaround for DSI, screen shift fix platform/x86: GPD pocket fan: Stop work on suspend HID: asus: Add touchpad max x/y and resolution info for the T200TA platform/x86: silead_dmi: Add entry for newer BIOS for Trekstor Surftab 7.0 ASoC: rt5645: add platform data for the Teclast X80 Pro tablet,GPD-Win Powersave Screen shift GPD-Pocket MSSL1680 Patch RT5645 4.17 Testing 2018/6 drm/i915: fix intel_backlight_device_register declaration iio: hid-sensor-trigger: Fix sometimes not powering up the sensor after resume Backlight Bug Fix 4.18 Input: xpad - fix GPD Win 2 controller name Input: silead - Add MSSL0002 ACPI HID iio: imu: inv_mpu6050: Fix probe() failure on older ACPI based machines GPD-WIN2 Chuwi Vi8 tablet
  27. 27. 27 Drivers on Windows Tablet 公式サポート◎、公式サポート◎ 、公式サポート◎、公式HP動作報告○、ユーザー動作報告△、報告なし× KapperのWindows独断調査(間違っていたらごめんなさい。修正します)っていたらごめんなさい。修正します)修正します)します) Devices Oak Trail Clover Trail Bay Trail Bay Trail Cherry Trail Cherry Trail Comments ONKYO TW2A W3- 810 TW708/C AS Chuwi Hi8 Chuwi Vi8 jumper EZBook 2 Touchscreen HID I2C  HID I2C HID KMDF I2C HID I2C HID I2C HID Different models Wifi Ralink Tec.cop Broad com RTK8723 Broad com Broad com Broad com RTK:GitHub Broadcom:OSS Bluetooth Broadcom Broad com RTK8723BT Broad com Broad com Broad com RTK:GitHub Broadcom:OSS Sound Realtek IntelSST Audio RealtekI 2S IntelSST Audio RealtekII2S IntelSST Audio RealtekI2S IntelSST Audio RealtekI2S IntelSST Audio ES8316 Supported? Display Intel GMA600 Intel (Power VR) IntelHD Graphics IntelHD Graphics IntelHD Graphics IntelHD Graphics Supported Camera 1.3M WebCam OV2722   Unicam Ar0543 M1040 OV2680 IntelAV Stream 1.3M WebCam Different models No supported Accelerometer HID BMA2x2 Bocsh Bocsh Accela Different models Senser(Other) Senser Broadcom GNSS4752 CM3128x SDOV2 Different models SD Intel SM35 Inte lHost Intel Host Intel Host Intel Host Intel Host Supported Mic IntelSST Audio IntelSST Audio IntelSST Audio IntelSST Audio IntelSST Audio Monitor Digital Flat PnP PnP PnP PnP PnP Supported
  28. 28. 28 Touchscreen Driver Touchscreen is different chip on Tablet models. This Lists Checked my Windows Tablet on Linux. ● ATML1000:T100TA,Miix2 8,Yoga300,WT8-A32 ◎ (〜Kernel4.8?) ● FTSC1000:TW708,XPS12,Flexx10.1,Cubei7,WinpadA1,UX360UX ○ ● SIS0817:T100TAF ◎ ● GSX1680(MSSL1680):WIN-70b、WN892,WDP-072, and the other Chinese Tablet △(add Driver and xrandr) ● MSHW0037:Surface3 (Kernel4.8〜) ◎ ● SYNA7500:Venue 8 Pro,Envy x2,W4-820,YOGA Tablet2 ◎ ● Goodix Touch HID: Steam8,W1-8100,Encore Mini WT7-C, GPD-WIN, GPD-Pocket ◎ ● Atmel:Photon2 ◎ ● eGalax USB TouchController: W500S ○ ● ELAN 04f3:0732: Dynabook Tab S50 ◎ ● Wacom: DELL Venue Pro 5056 ◎
  29. 29. 29 ~2week New Drivers problem on Kernels ● If Mainline Kernel have few bugs, ISO image has no boot problem.They will be marged some month〜some years. ● Let’s try newer Mainline Kernels on Windows Tablet. NEW Devices Chip NEW PC Patch Driver Github Release Mainline Kernel LTS Mainline Kernel Ubuntu Fedora Linux Debian released CentOS Linux Some month 〜Some years? 3month 〜3year? 6month ~2year openSUSE Android-x86 Linux 3~6 month ~10 month Few Bugs Some Bugs A lot of driver No merged on Mainline Next-β Mainline Kernel 3month Patched kernel Arch Debian Testing ExTiX
  30. 30. 30 Linux Distro on Windows Tablet Official supported◎ 、Official reported○、User reported△、No reported × Distributions Legacy Oak Trail Clover Trail Bay Trail Cherry Trail GPD- WIN Grub2 bootloader Comments 32bit 64bit Z670 BIOS 32bit Z2760 UEFI 32bit Z3735 UEFI 32bit Z8300 UEFI 32bit Z8700 UEFI 64bit Official boot Ubuntu ◎ ○ × ○ ○ △ ○ UEFI64bit support Wubi Debian ◎ ◎ × ◎ ◎ ○ ◎ UEFI32,64bit Multiarch ISO ArchLinux ManjaroLinux ◎ ○ × ○ ○ ○ △ UEFI64bit Reported ArchWiki Fedora ◎ ○ × ◎ ◎ △ △ UEFI32,64bit supported Gentoo ◎ △ × △ ? △ ◎ Build UEFI、Multilib openSUSE ◎ △ × △ △ △ △ UEFI64bit only Mageia ◎ △ × × × ? ? UEFI64bit only CentOS ◎ △ × × × × ? UEFI32,64bit Kernel is too old FreeBSD ◎ △ × × × × ? UEFI NetBSD ◎ △ × × × △ ? UEFI Android-x86 ◎ ○ × ◎ ◎ △ ◎ UEFI32,64bit supported
  31. 31. 31 Bootloader loader MPU OS Storage Format Boot License GNU GRUB x86 (Legacy,UEFI) Linux *BSD MacOSX DOS,WIN HDD,floppy USB,LAN TFTP,Serial All DISK GPLv3 rEFInd x86(UEFI) Linux MacOSX Windows HDD? EXTx、FAT32、N TFS,HFS,Reiser fs,ISO DISK GPLv3 LILO x86 (Legacy,UEFI) Linux *BSD DOS,WIN HDD,floppy USB,LAN TFTP,Serial All DISK BSD Licence eCos Redboot ARM,x86,68k,MI PS,Altera,Power PC, others Linux *BSD MacOSX MSDOS HDD,floppy USB,LAN TFTP,Serial JFFS2、EXT2、EX T3、EXT4、FAT, others ROM、 RAM Mod GPLv2+ Das U-boot ARM,x86,68k,MI PS,Altera,Power PC,SuperH, others Linux *BSD Android HDD,floppy USB,LAN,Zip TFTP,Serial NFS Cramfs、EXT2、EX T3、EXT4、FAT、FD OS、JFFS2、Reiser FS、UBIFS、 ROM、 RAM GPLv2 SeaBIOS x86 (chromebook) Win,MAC *BSD SecondaryROM Disk EXTx、FAT32、N TFS ROM、RAM Coreboot LGPLv3 Multirom ARM,x86 Android Linux Android SecondaryROM USB EXTx、FAT32、N TFS ROM、 RAM GPLv3 Bootloader are classified into ROM or Disk Bootloader.Need 32or64bit
  32. 32. 32 CPU and hacking tools Some CPU vender can boot SD card and the others on firmware. CPU Hacking app Bootloader Root SD boot Machines comments Intel Atom,Core i efibootmgr UEFI,BIOS ◎ ◎ Win Tablet Z2760 is no boot RK3066,RK2926 RK3088,RK3188, RK3268,RK3328 rkflashkit create- sdcard.7z U-boot Linuxium ◯ ◯ MK802~8 Some tools Linux AllwinnerA10〜20 AllwinnerA31〜 BROM BerryBoot Debian- Installer U-boot Barebox Coreboot ◯ ◯ CubieBoard OrangePi NanoPi Some tools Debian SD boot MT8389 MT6577 Magic TWRP/CWM SPFlashTool U-boot ◯ ◯ MediaTek Exynos Samsung Odin U-boot ◯ ? Arndale Board Samsung Snapdragon MiFlash U-boot ◯ ? Qualcomm K3V2 Hisilicon fastboot U-boot ◯ ? Hisilicon iMX6 U-boot ◯ ◯ Freescale ATM7029 U-boot ◯ ? Nvidia Tegra Tegra-uboot- flasher,NVflash U-boot ◯ ◯ Dynabook AZ,TF201 Actions OMAP4430 OMAPFlash U-boot ◯ ?
  33. 33. 33 Hacking UEFI boot entry and nvram. UEFI(BIOS) NVRAM entry entry entry HDD、SSD、USB Memory (when install OS,edit boot-entry) efibootmgr Edit EasyUEFI and efibootmgr EFI system partitons(FAT32) GPT (EXT4,NTFS)・・・rootfs /EFI/Boot/ubuntu/grubx64.efi ~/Microsoft/Boot/Bootmgfw.efi   ~/refind/Refind_x64.EFI ⇒when boot 〜.efi, read 〜.conf, .cfg files Ubuntu Android -x86 Windows 注)Early Bay-Trail can boot only 「Bootmgfw.efi」. Please change filename from grubx64.efi to it. Disk Bootloader? ROM bootloader 注)If NVRAM have no boot entry,to read /EFI/boot/bootx64.efi, and boot it. BCD store Path only
  34. 34. 34 No boot grub2 and Linux on Apollo-Lake’s UEFI ● Apollo-Lake Tablet can not boot on grub2 bootloader now. ● Mainly Linux Distro use grub2 bootloader, no boot on it. ● Replace from grub2 to rEFInd. Grub2(Freeze) rEFInd(Good!)
  35. 35. 35 ● rEFInd is disk bootloader, like a Grub. Mac user have been installed linux ago.It usuallry installed 「sudo apt install refind」 ● To boot Linux on 「/EFI/refind/refind_x68.efi and refind.conf」. ● No packages rEFInd on ISO file, overwrite refind_x68.efi on grubx86.efi files. What’s rEFInd? (Format Example) menuentry "Try Kubuntu" { loader /casper/vmlinuz.efi  initrd /casper/initrd.lz options "file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu-gnome.  seed boot=casper quiet splash ---" } rEFInd(GUI bootscreen)
  36. 36. 36 Linux on Apollo-Lake Tablet ● To write ISO files on USB memory, and copy boot.x64.efi and refind.conf on 「EFI/boot」 ● Download files under the webite(Googledoc). ● rEFInd files(Googledrive) rEFInd data(Googledrive)
  37. 37. 37 Linux on Apollo-Lake Tablet ● Boot rEFInd on UEFI, select 「Try Ubuntu〜」 and boot USB Memory Ubuntu Live Images. ● No problem installed it. After copy rEFInd on 「/EFI/boot」it. sudo mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 mnt sudo cp -r refind/ /mnt/EFI/boot/ rEFInd GUI ScreenBoot Ubuntu17.10
  38. 38. 38 Linux on Apollo-Lake Tablet ● UEFI boot entry edit EasyUEFI on Windows10.Write file Path「refind_x64.efi」 on EasyUEFI. ● EasyUEFI free edition can write UEFI entry only. efibootmgr can write it on Linux distributions. UEFI Boot entry EFI partitons File Path
  39. 39. 39 Linux on Apollo-Lake Tablet ● When reboot UEFI, add UEFI bootloader entry. They can boot Ubuntu17.10 on Apollo-Lake. ● Add refind.conf settings, the other distributions can boot it. Add UEFI bootloader entry Boot Ubuntu17.10
  40. 40. 40 The other sentense. Try to use various things.
  41. 41. 41 Gnome onscreen keyboard? ● Gnome is a very conforming Tablet WM. ● But Gnome onscreen keyboard have no 「Tab」 and 「↑] keys. No autocomplete on terminal? ● If you want to use autocomplete on terminal, need to use other onscreen keyboard?
  42. 42. 42 Paint Graphics Tablet on Debian? ● Some Tablet supported writing pen pressure, on Linux kernel like a WACOM. But inexpensive Tablet is not supported it. ● Debian and Wine can use Krita, Clip studio and the other paint applications. ● Clip Studio Paint on Wine ● YOGA Tablet2 is not supported Pen pressure.(no Hardware)
  43. 43. 43 Windows Steam on Wine ● Windows Steam on Wine32bit+.Net Frameworks4. ● A lot of Games operate on Wine (No protect on Steam) ● Antimicro supported keyboard emulate on GamePad
  44. 44. 44 Hacking the other ARM Tablets? Debian on Kobo(2012〜)  Debian on Kindle(2013〜)  Ubuntu on TF100〜TF300t(2012〜)Tegra  Ubuntu on Nexus7(2012〜) 
  45. 45. 45 Install ISO and Dualboot for Android-x86 1.Download ISO files and Write USB memory 「Rufus」. 2.Boot Ubuntu Live and resize 「Gparted」(Install dualboot) 3.Boot USB Memory and install. 4.Make HDD Partations.(No Erase partations on Windows) 5.Make grub2 bootloader and config (/EFI/boot and also) 6.Reboot and setting Android Download ISO Rufus Write ISO on USB memory Boot USB Memory Installl Make Partitions Android Install Android-x86 Write Grub2 Reboot And Setthings Android Start! ④ ⑤ Resize HDD /EFIboot Gparted ② Attentions) Android-x86 have partitons tools 「cfdisk」,doesn’t have resize HDD.
  46. 46. 46 Install RPM files Android on Linux ● Android-x86 website is provided RPM images. ● Rpm -Uvh cm-x86-14.1-rc1.x86_64.rpm or sudo apt install alien sudo alien -ci cm-x86-14.1-rc1.x86_64.rpm ● Easy to install it. Dualboot debian
  47. 47. 47 Known Issues Touchscreen different angle rotations Blackscreen on Intel GPU No Boot GDM on Intel GPU Automatic suspend on Gnom(fixed?)
  48. 48. 48 Known Issues 1,Blackscreen GPU bug on some Atom Devices. ⇒「i915.modeset=0」and after change settings xorg.conf 2,Some Bluetooth chip is not marged in mainline kernel. ⇒Please use USB Bluetooth devices now. 3,Rotations and inversion bugs on some touchscreen. ⇒Some tablet need to settings 「xrandr -o right」 4,Some MSSL1680 touchscreen devices isn’t marged it. ⇒Need screen resolutions on kernel devices trees. 5,Can’t use Camera and GPS chips in Tablet devices. 6,Some distributons are no boot and「systemd? Atom Bug」 ⇒Fixed Fedora,Ubuntu,Debian,openSUSE. 7,The other distributions are not supported 「UEFI32bit」. 8, Too old kernels has bugs in Some Linux distributions. ⇒Please use newer Mainline kernel(4.16 or 4.18〜)on it.
  49. 49. 49 Conclusion 1,Easy to boot Debian on inexpensive Win Tablet ⇒Everyone can use and hack Tablet in your color.   More inexpensive than RaspberryPi 2,3! 2,More improve newer Kernel on Win Tablet. ⇒Atom’s Kernel have been a lot of Bugs now. It’s less Kernel bugs and more drivers now. 3,Debian is supported UEFI32,64bit,to use it. ⇒Easy to install a lot of Windows Tablet. 4,Apollo-Lake and newer Tablet can boot Linux. ⇒Gemini-Lake Tablet will boot Linux? Everyone can hack it on your color. Let’s install Linux on Tablet!
  50. 50. 50 Debian GNU/Linux is most advanced Linux distributions on Tablet. Thank you very much!

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I will take about 「hacking windows tablet」 on debconf18. Please hear it on debconf18 or video. Debian is very well linux distributions on Tablet and mobile devices. Thank you!


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