Using Cloud Tech and Social Network Tools to Keep Your Career in the Game


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A review of hidden LinkedIn features to keep your resume updated, plus common and little-known social networking and collaboration tools that can also be used to easily create an online portfolio of your work that can easily be maintained.

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Using Cloud Tech and Social Network Tools to Keep Your Career in the Game

  1. 1. Keeping Your Career in The Game Using Cloud Tools to Build Your Online Portfolio
  2. 2. • – FREE!• Instant running updates of all contacts• Public and closed profiles• Internal messaging system• Media-rich profile enhancements• Follow company profiles and job opportunities• “Hidden” resume builder app
  3. 3. Resume Builder• Free! Uses your most recent LinkedIn info• Formatting options available• Fully print-friendly and multiple formats• Private or public link to use on business cards, email signatures, blogs and other online profiles• Other LinkedIn Labs Tools:
  4. 4. • – FREE!• Cloud application with apps for desktop and mobile devices• Multiple notebooks, with tagging and linkback• Accepts text, docs, links, pics, audio, and video• Private or share public• Email entries with attachments to ‘secret’ email address
  5. 5. • – FREE!• Popular, easy-to-use media blog• Variety of layout themes; add’l themes for $$• Email entries with attachments to ‘secret’ address• Blog entries can include text, images, audio, and video
  6. 6. • – FREE!• Popular visual bookmarking site• Create pin boards – like digital ‘scrapbooks’• Public and Secret pin boards• Can upload image files to pin board• Add video links to pin board – Hint: host your videos unlisted on YouTube
  7. 7. • – FREE!• Cloud project management tool with social networking components• Fun, highly-configurable “Drag & Drop” interface• Manage the project and then upload a ‘snapshot’ of the result/product• Private, shared or public ‘boards’; allows comments and discussion• Collect attachments (10 mb max): docs, images, links, audio/video
  8. 8. • – FREE!• Online collage/whiteboard/mind map• Tack content onto board in all formats: – Upload docs and images – Embed content from anywhere on the web• Change background and add graphic accents• Keep private or share/collaborate• Presentation-style navigation similar to Prezi
  9. 9. • – FREE!• Social networking dashboard: One-Stop Shop• All feeds your following in one place• Respond to all posts from one place• All your networking activity in one place• Showcase your social media acumen!
  10. 10. •• Build from scratch or…• Log in using LinkedIn account -- reads directly from LinkedIn profile• Turns LinkedIn profile to an instant infographic• Dedicated link to share in email, blog, etc.
  11. 11. •• Your online landing/contact page• Customize profile photo/background/theme colors• Create links to all your online sites and popular social media profiles• Custom link to use in email, blog, website, etc.
  12. 12. My Portfolio Links• LinkedIn Resume:• Evernote:• Tumblr:• Pinterest:• Trello:•• Alternion:• Visualize.Me:• About.Me:
  13. 13. What Questions Do You Have?Tonya V. ThomasInstructional Design | Performance SupportMultimedia