Dear Friends,
Have you noticed the month of November starts off in a celebratory and also re...
The Harvest produce was delivered to the Shekinah Mission where it was gratefully received. The...
The Raffle, together with the collection tins, raised £55.17 which has been acknowledged with thanks by
St Luke's Hospice....
per year, after which it is hoped the need will have been reduced and the families’ circumstances may have changed. If thi...
We welcomed into God’s family through Baptism:
September 1st


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Dial a Ride
Do you find it difficult to use public transport? If so, Access Plymouth may have the ...
The next meeting on Monday, 25th November 2013, 7.30pm, at Plymstock United Church Hall, Plymstock
Road, Oreston, will be:...
On Sunday, 13th October St Mary & All Saints Church held its annual Harvest Faith Lunch in Plymstock
Church Hall

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November mag


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November mag

  1. 1. FROM THE REVD TERRY FREEMAN . Dear Friends, Have you noticed the month of November starts off in a celebratory and also reflective mood? October 31st – Hallowe’en. According to the old pagan folklore October 31st was the end of Autumn and November 1st was the beginning of Winter when the whole of Nature went to sleep and was therefore in need of protection from the evil spirits of the darkness. Therefore on the last evening of October the people got together to frighten off the evil spirits, which I believe involved the lighting of many fires and making a lot of noise. This is a far cry from the American version of ‘trick or treat’ made popular in this country by the film ‘E.T.’, although it has done wonders for the pumpkin trade. November 1st – All Saints Day. In the 8th century Pope Gregory 3rd dedicated a chapel in St Peter’s, Rome, to ‘all the saints’ on November 1st. Then in the 9th century, Pope Gregory 4th ordered its universal observance. In this country before it was known as All Saints Day it was called ‘The Feast of All Hallows’ and the evening before was known as ‘All Hallows Eve’ hence Hallowe’en. November 2nd – All Souls Day. St Odilo, the fifth Abbot of Cluny, a Benedictine monastery in France, introduced the commemoration of the souls of all the faithful departed on November 2nd; first as a local observance at Cluny and then in 998 AD he commanded its annual celebration in all the Benedictine houses of his congregation. The observance of ‘All Souls Day’ soon extended to the whole Western church. November 5th – Bonfire Night. In 1604 a certain Guy Fawkes became a member of the Gunpowder Plot conspiracy and was given the task of lighting the gunpowder in a cellar under the Houses of Parliament. While keeping watch in the cellar he was arrested on November 5th, 1604, and executed on January 31st 1605. There used to be a set of ‘Prayers of Thanksgiving’ for the saving of parliament to be said in all churches on November 5th by Royal Proclamation. This has now been replaced by the lighting of many fires and making a lot of noise using fireworks. November 11th – Remembrance Day. In 1918 a truce was called to end and Europe fell silent. This became known as Armistice Day. From then on people were encouraged at the same hour of the same day of the same month to fall silent, for two minutes, to remember those who had paid the ultimate sacrifice. At the end of the Second World War it became known as Remembrance Day. Although recently there has been a resurgence of the day itself, in this country the main celebration is on the second Sunday of the month – Remembrance Sunday – when the country comes together to remember the fallen, not just of the two world wars but also from subsequent conflicts. To my mind, whatever is supposed to be observed or celebrated in the first few days of November, Remembrance Sunday is the one we should all observe. Last year a young lady with a toddler in a pushchair came to the Remembrance Service at the War Memorial at Burrow Hill. She came to show her little girl her Daddy’s name, a Royal Marine recently included on the list of the fallen on the memorial. Need I say anything else? Terry Freeman To all members of the 8am Eucharist congregations at St Mary’s & St John’s 8am Services for November 2013 rd Sun 3 Nov Service at St Mary’s NO Service at St John’s Sun 10 Nov th NO Service at St Mary’s Service at St John’s Sun 17 Nov th Service at St Mary’s NO Service at St John’s Sun 24 Nov th NO Service at St Mary’s Service at St John’s CHRISTIAN AID A street collection for Christian Aid was held on 21st September at Plymstock Broadway and Plympton Ridgeway when a total of £140 was raised. Thank you to all who were involved. -Jean Medway
  2. 2. HARVEST GIFTS FOR SHEKINAH The Harvest produce was delivered to the Shekinah Mission where it was gratefully received. Then staff asked us to pass on their thanks to the Church. We will continue to collect items for Shekinah, there is a box at the back of St John’s Church. -Jean & Peter Medway ‘Parish Prayers’ is the name of a new group meeting on the second Monday of the month in St. John's Hall, Hooe, at 2pm. We begin with a cup of tea and a time to chat and then follows some readings, prayers and silent times. It is a very relaxed format and we hope to welcome members from the four places of worship in the parish and anyone who would like to pray with us. ‘Parish Prayers’ will finish by 3pm. -Daphne Freeman ORGANISTS’ VISIT TO ST JOHN’S On the morning of Saturday, 19th October, members of Plymouth & District Organist Association were greeted by David Stevens, St John’s organist, to play and enjoy the sound of the reburbished Hele’s Pipe Organ. Many members played their favourite pieces whilst others sat and enjoyed the music whilst drinking their tea and coffee. Some explored the church and listened to the music from different areas. All agreed that the organ was a beautiful instrument and asked if they could return again in the future. The group left for lunch and an afternoon visit to Wembury Church. HOOE QUIZ NIGHT It was an exciting and competitive evening at St John’s Church Hall on Thursday, 10th October, when eight teams fought it out to win the Mount Batten Trophy. There was as always a mixture of tense rivalry and good natured laughter as the teams scratched their heads to find the answers to a well-balanced quiz devised by Tim Provost. With very little difference in the scores at half time the hot pasties were eaten and the raffle drawn. After the last picture round, the winners were again the Royal Oak, one team member travelled from Dawlish, where he now lives, to again take part in the quiz. The Radford Rebels claimed second place. Having received the Mount Batten Trophy, the Royal Oak team led the competitors in cheers and a round of applause for ‘Hit and Mix’ a team with just two players, Sylvia Cooke and Carron Pearse, who finished the evening with a very respectable score. Our thanks to Tim Provost, also to John Green, time keeper, and Rosemary Joy, adjudicator. Tim Provost, Question Master, with the winning team. HARVEST SONGS OF PRAISE AT ‘THE BORI’ The bar was well filled and our lungs were well used in the singing of the Harvest Hymns and songs. The Rev’d Steve kept the occasion very light with his many jokes and then we tucked in to the BBQ and chips prepared by Alfie and his family.
  3. 3. The Raffle, together with the collection tins, raised £55.17 which has been acknowledged with thanks by St Luke's Hospice. We will be back at ‘The Bori’ for a Christmas Carol Service on Sunday, 22nd December 2013. ST JOHN’S CHURCH TRADITIONAL SERVICE OF REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY, 10th NOVEMBER 2013, at 10.45am. ~~~~~ AN ACT OF REMEMBRANCE will take place on MONDAY, 11th NOVEMBER 2013 at the D Day Memorial Stone on Hooe Green commencing at 10.45am. FROM ST JOHN’S PARISH REGISTERS BAPTISM: We welcome into God’s family by Baptism: BEATRIX ROSE ELLERKER, baptized Sunday 22nd September 2013, daughter of James and Rebecca Ellerker. POPPY ELIZABETH REBHAN, baptized Sunday, 6th October 2013, daughter of Tom Rebhan and Abby Baxendale. ISLA ROSE WAKEFORD, baptized Sunday, 20th October 2013, daughter of Paul and Amy Wakeford. ‘Fight valiantly as a disciple of Christ … and remain faithful to Him to the end of your life’ FUNERAL OFFICE: We remember those who have lost loved ones and commend to God the soul of: BRIAN McDONOUGH of Hexton Hill, Hooe, whose Funeral Service was held at St John’s Church on 15th October 2013. BURIAL OF ASHES on 17th October in St John’s Churchyard: RICHARD NORTHMORE of Ashery Drive, Hooe, husband of Janet. ________________________ ‘YOUNG @ HEART’ October’s ‘Young @ Heart’ speaker was Eunice Halliday from the Plymouth Foodbank based at the Crown Centre in Stonehouse (originally the Crown Public House). The Crown Centre Foodbank is a project of Plymouth Methodist Mission Circuit. Eunice opened her talk by asking us if we knew that people in our city were going hungry. Well, if we did not know at the start of her talk we certainly knew by the end of it. During the year 2011 to 2012, 4,876 people in Plymouth were able to eat because of the Foodbank. The need for the Foodbank is widespread throughout the city with very few areas not needing help from the charity. Reasons for the need are varied – unemployment, benefit cuts, sickness, domestic violence to name just a few. Volunteers play a very large part in the work and are extremely essential. They take part in collecting food, stacking tins, filling up bags and parcels and organising rotas. They attend training sessions, keep the Centre in good repair (DIY) and, of course, make endless cups of tea and coffee. Donations come from many sources, collecting points at Supermarkets, different Churches, Schools, Clubs and Groups, etc. – and this is where ‘Young @ Heart’ comes in – and 100’s of individuals calling in with goods at the Centre. Where funds permit the Foodbank buys non-perishable goods in bulk. Recently, nearly £3,000 was spent on bulk buying, so you see the charity also needs cash donations. Eunice stressed that nothing is wasted. Food parcels are made up into different sizes according to family size. They are not given out willy, nilly. Recipients have to obtain vouchers from either Clinics, Job centres, Doctors, Health Visitors, etc. and are limited to 4
  4. 4. per year, after which it is hoped the need will have been reduced and the families’ circumstances may have changed. If this is not so, then further vouchers can be applied for. No food will be handed out without a voucher. Eunice showed us a short video of the work going on at the Centre and some of the volunteer staff. ‘Young @ Heart’ members had responded very generously to the invitation to bring donations for the Foodbank, so we were all delighted to send a huge amount of food, plus a donation from our funds, to the Charity. I hope I have given you some idea of the work and the great need of Foodbanks. If you would like to donate or find out more about the charity then feel free to ring the Centre on Plymouth 254981. ‘Young @ Heart’ thanked Eunice for her very enlightening talk after which we enjoyed our very welcome tea. -Ruth Earl Next Meeting ~ Tuesday, 5th November 2013 at 2.00pm in St John’s Hall Our speaker will be Mrs Celia Steven of Bramley apple fame. Please come if you can. St John’s Christmas Fayre Saturday, 30th November 2013 11.00am – 1.00pm St John’s Hall, Church Hill Road, Hooe. Stalls, Light Lunches and Grand Draw THE PILGRIMAIRES ANNUAL CHRISTMAS SHOW SATURDAY, 14th DECEMBER, 2013 at 7.00pm ST JOHN’S CHURCH HALL Tickets: £6. 12 & under £5. Tel: Tony on 07531675991 or visit Hooe’s Place, in Church Hall, on a Thursday MISSIONARY SUPPORT – CARLILE COLLEGE NAIROBI, KENYA Further to the mention last month of the ordinand in training at Carlile College who St John’s is helping to support, below is an update:“My name is Jada James Zachariah. I am a single man aged 24 years and am South Sudanese. I was born to God fearing parents who taught us children to fear God also. My home area is in Ngerjebi Boma, Lokitiri Payam central equatorial state, Juba. Many people in our village believe in God and have respect for one another’s life. I started my Primary school in 2001 at Moyo Primary in Nimule, South Sudan. My studies went well because the fee was not much. I joined Numule Payma South Secondary school for Senior 1 in 2008. I faced a lot of difficulties because the fees were very high and my parents could not afford it. In 2009 I was transferred to Nile Progressive School where I studied in Senior 2 and in 2011 my uncle transferred me to a Boarding school in Uganda where I completed my Senior 4. I accepted Jesus Christ when I was a Sunday school teacher. It was during a Sunday school service in 1999 in our church in Ngerjibi parish and that was the time I came to know that God loves me and that Jesus Christ is my saviour and Lord. My faith means a lot for me and sets the ground for me to preach the good news to people who have not heard the message of salvation and to serve the vulnerable groups in our society. I am studying on the Cross Cultural Mission Programme and I am hoping to learn how to interpret the Bible so as to explain the word of God in a better, clearer way. I also hope to become an informed servant in the ministry of God. I wish to grow in the area of mission practice and spiritual nourishment. The study will improve the level of my ministry in various ways. Thank you so much for helping me study at Carlile College. Your helping hand will go a long way in equipping me for God’s mission which I am passionate about. May God bless you and the wonderful work you are doing.”
  5. 5. FROM ST MARY’S PARISH REGISTERS We welcomed into God’s family through Baptism: September 1st BETHANIE JOAN LITTLE September 8th JESSICA MARY ROLFE th September 15 HENRY PETER CARPENTER September 22nd JENSON DANIEL BREWER September 29th __________________ LEAH JOAN SMITH CHRISTMAS FAIR & TABLE TOP SALE SATURDAY 23rd NOVEMBER 2013 10am to 2pm PLYMSTOCK PARISH HALL TEA or COFFEE and LIGHT LUNCHES PLYMSTOCK HARMONIES So what happens Wednesday nights at Plymstock Church Hall? Listen carefully and you’ll hear a tentative yet improving group of novice singers. Between ten and twenty fun-loving and determined learners. They rise to the challenge of split harmonies. Few can read music. But under the optimistic leadership of Bernie – younger than most in the class – they tackle songs from most styles and enjoy a laugh. The half-way-cup-of-tea makes for a friendly atmosphere too. Why not come along and give it a try? Wednesdays at 7.15pm. You can phone Bernie on 07950282155, email her on or just turn up for this regular class. They don’t bite – see you there? -Richard Harvey WANTED We would like to have a JUMBLE SALE sometime in 2014 so if you have any Jumble, mostly good quality clothes, you can leave at the back of Plymstock Church. Thank you. -David Roberts AN ACT OF REMEMBRANCE will take place on th 11 NOVEMBER 2013 at the War Memorial, Burrow Hill, Plymstock commencing at 10.45am.
  6. 6. Policing Newsletter . Dial a Ride Do you find it difficult to use public transport? If so, Access Plymouth may have the perfect solution. Door to door transport anywhere within Plymouth for elderly and disabled residents. The following fares apply to this service: £3 - Up to 2 miles return (2 miles there and 2 miles back) £5 - 2-4 miles return (2-4 miles there and 2-4 miles back) £7 - 4-8 miles return (4-8 miles there and 4-8 miles back) Any journeys over 8 miles return will be charged at £7 plus £1.20 per additional mile. For further information or to book your place on the bus call Access Plymouth on 01752 600633. We also offer a range of other services to help you get around the city including Shopmobility, Community Car and Access Repair. Please call for further information on these services. So whether it’s a trip to the shops, the hospital, Bingo, Doctors , Shops, Parks, Library, Barbican, Social Lunch, Derriford, Friends, Leisure Ride, Events, Park or a visit to see friends give us a call on: 01752 600633 Following the success of our Dial-a-Ride service in the north of the city, from Monday 30 September 2013 we will be working in partnership with Plymouth City Council and Plymouth Citybus to expand this service across the whole city. The service is available to people of pensionable age and adults with disabilities who find it difficult to use buses. This may be due to the distance they operate from your home, physical difficulties in boarding the bus or there is simply not a bus to where you want to go. The Dial-aRide provides a door to door service between any two points anywhere within the Plymouth city boundary, with dedicated drivers who can help passengers on and off the bus and to and from your front door. The service operates on Mondays to Fridays except Bank Holidays from 9am until 4.30pm and can be booked up to a week in advance, but no later than the day before you wish to travel. All bookings must be made before 2pm. Buying a new car Car history checks - Every HPI Check examines a vehicle's status - helping to safeguard millions of transactions each year against the risks of clocking, theft, hidden write-off damage and outstanding finance. Experian's Automotive Division specialises in providing detailed history checks of vehicles to identify vehicles which have been written off, stolen, or are being used as security under a finance agreement. PCSO Katie Fleming PLYM VALLEY HERITAGE The November meeting will be held on Thursday, 21st November, in St John’s Church Hall, commencing at 7.30pm, when Ursula Myers, Archivist, PVH, will be talking about the life of T.E. Lawrence, RAF Mount Batten. The Annual Christmas Buffet and Quiz is on Thursday, 5th December, 2013. PARISH MESSY CHURCH A Harvest themed Messy Church took place in the Function Room of Staddiscombe Social Club on Sunday 29th September 2013. Held for all children aged between 9 months and 90 years we welcomed both new and familiar faces, children and Mum's and Dad's. Of the available activities painting on stones and icing animal shaped biscuits seemed exceptionally enjoyable. Steve both provided and led enjoyable Harvest action songs. Prayers were also said for all the good things which God gives us. Everyone then had pizza, salads and ice cream. There was nothing left!! Messy Church is another way of bringing people into contact with God's love for everyone. The success of our Messy Church would not happen without the cross Parish support in people prepared to assist on the day, people preparing activities, people giving us food and the supportive cooperation of the management of the Staddiscombe Social Club. Your continued prayers are also most appreciated. The next Messy Church is Sunday, 8th December 2013, 4.00 – 6.00pm at Staddiscombe Social Club. -Bob Davidson PLYMSTOCK GARDEN SOCIETY
  7. 7. The next meeting on Monday, 25th November 2013, 7.30pm, at Plymstock United Church Hall, Plymstock Road, Oreston, will be:‘Garden Partners’ with Linda Carlyle AGM ~ ‘Bring & Buy’ with coffee and mince pies. Non-members welcome - £1. Contact No. Tel: 403652. HOOE & TURNCHAPEL LADIES GROUP We meet at the Hooe & Turnchapel Community Centre on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 8.00pm. ALL ladies welcome. Our programme for NOVEMBER 2013 is:NOVEMBER 5th BONFIRE BANGERS th NOVEMBER 19 MYSTERY OF THE ROYAL LETTERS - Janet Cowlard For further information please contact: -Diane McCarthy (Sec) Tel: 311931 HARVEST SONGS OF PRAISE AT CHURCH OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD, ORESTON th On Friday 11 October we celebrated our Harvest Songs of Praise in the evening. We sang several of the favourite harvest hymns & said Psalm 19. Rev Steve Payne gave us a talk on sharing with God & caring for his creation. He gave us the example of an old woman who had 10 apples given to her by God:- 3 she ate, 3 she swopped for shelter & 3 were swopped for clothes to keep her warm. She asked God what she should do with the remaining apple and he said there was 1 extra to be able to share with him. He then told us about St Kevin, an Irish Monk from the 10th century. He used to pray in a very narrow tower but did not have enough room to stretch out his arms whilst praying. So he removed a few of the stones from the wall so he could put his hands through the wall when he prayed. One day his hand grew heavy and he realised that a blackbird had landed on it. He continued to pray & it got heavier, the blackbird had started building a nest and then laid her eggs in it. St Kevin continued to stand there praying for a few weeks until the eggs hatched & the birds fledged. He was showing how to care for God’s creations After the service we all went to the Church Hall for a very nice buffet supper. There was also the opportunity for doing some harvest word search & Steve gave us a quiz. Thanks to everyone for their hard work to make the evening a success. -Lin Miller CHURCH OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD COFFEE MORNING SATURDAY 23rd NOVEMBER 2013 10.15 - 11.30am Come and join us for refreshments. There will also be a raffle, stalls and competitions. Look forward to seeing you there!!
  8. 8. HARVEST FAITH LUNCH On Sunday, 13th October St Mary & All Saints Church held its annual Harvest Faith Lunch in Plymstock Parish Hall. Everyone was generous with their offerings and we were all able to share in a wonderful lunch together – a true Harvest feast! You can see from the photographs accompanying this article; a table which displayed our Harvest Sheaf, Harvest decorations and Harvest readings – and the other table; our Harvest-themed raffle prizes. Many thanks to all those who helped make it a memorable occasion. ST LUKE’S HOSPICE 17. ‘Light up a Life’ – At Christmas time the outside of the Hospice is always beautifully decorated with lights and a star sponsored in remembrance. These shine out each night and are easily visible from Plymouth Hoe. Sponsoring one or more of the ‘Light up a Life’ lights is a positive way of remembering loved ones. Last year by supporting ‘Light up a Life’ £40,000 was raised in memory of loved ones. What a lovely tribute, it made a significant contribution towards the cost of running St Luke’s Hospice enabling specialist nursing care and bereavement support to families. You might also like to attend one of the Candlelit Services of Celebration and Remembrance held throughout the community. At the Service you will be given an individual candle to light in memory of your loved ones. There will be carols, prayers and readings, often read by the doctors and nurses. The Services are open to everyone and you are welcome to enjoy a mince pie, and refreshments afterwards. There are a variety of venues:- St George’s Church, Modbury, St Eustachius Church, Tavistock, Methodist Church, Liskeard, Wesley Church, Saltash, and The Minster Church of St Andrew, Plymouth, on Wednesday, 18th December, 2pm, 5.30pm and 7.30pm. For more information contact the Events Team, Tel: 01752 492626.
  9. 9. NOVEMBER 2013 DIARY Tue Church Hall Sun Mon Nov 5 2.00pm Nov 10 Nov 11 10.45am 10.45am Sat Nov 30 11am-1pm ‘YOUNG @ HEART’ meet St John’s SERVICE OF REMEMBRANCE, St John’s Church AN ACT OF REMEMBRANCE at Memorial Stone, (on Hooe Green CHRISTMAS FAYRE, Church Hall St John’s Church, Hooe Open every Thursday 10.00am - 2.00pm Church open for prayer and/or viewing Entrance through St John’s Hall Enquires regarding Baptisms, Marriages at St Johns can be made between 10-11am in the church hall. Hooe’s Place Community Café Thursdays in St John’s Church Hall Open to all Morning Coffee 10.30-11.30am Freshly cooked lunches 11.45am-1.30pm ____________________________________________ th Note: The deadline date for items for December 2013 Magazine is Nov 15 2013 Our thanks to the Advertisers who sponsor the Plymstock & Hooe editions of this Magazine. Advertisements and service quotes do not imply recommendation on the part of the Church. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Editor. Printed & published by St John’s DCC, Hooe, Plymouth UK. © Plymstock & Hooe PCC 2013.