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Jan mag 2014

  1. 1. FROM THE REVD PAULINE HARDY Dear Friends This month was named January by the Romans in honour of their god Janus. By tradition, Janus had two faces, one looking backwards and one looking forward, to the past and to the future. This can be a reminder to us of the importance to do both. In our past experiences we have learnt new skills, built new friendships and discovered more about ourselves which we can take forward into the future. If we are not careful though, we can also have developed grudges, deepened prejudices and fostered bitterness which need to be discarded now; as they will hamper and distort our journey to come. So this month, at the beginning of a new year, is the time to decide what to carry forward from the past, choosing that which will help us build a bright and loving future. As Christians, it is not a journey we have to make alone, because we have the loving strength of Our God to draw on and the example which has been given to us by His Son. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ strengthen our faith and help us to take the Gospel message forward in this community. Pauline Hardy To all members of the 8am Eucharist congregations at St Mary’s & St John’s 8am Services for January & February 2014 Sun 5th Jan NO Service at St Mary’s Service at St John’s Sun 12th Jan Service at St Mary’s Sun 19th Jan NO service at St Mary’s Service at St John’s Sun 26th Jan Service at St Mary’s Sun 2nd Feb NO Service at St Mary’s Service at St John’s Sun 9th Feb Service at St Mary’s Sun 16th Feb NO Service at St Mary’s Service at St John’s Sun 23rd Feb Service at St Mary’s NO Service at St John’s NO Service at St John’s NO Service at St John’s NO Service at St John’s THE PARISH NEWS FOR 2014 With the support of our local businesses we are able to publish our Parish Magazine each month and we are able to keep the price of the 2014 Magazine at 50 pence per copy. Please support the Advertisers who support our publication. For readers at St John’s, Hooe, who have their Magazine delivered each month the distributors will collect money for the year with the February issue. Our thanks to the distributors who undertake this task each month. Thanks also to the Magazine Co-ordinators from our Team churches who collect together copy by the deadline date.
  2. 2. We always welcome photos which could be suitable for our covers as well as articles and contributions to the Poetry/Humour page. They may not be used immediately but will be kept on file. Contributions to the editor: email: mpskilton@sky.com or to Graham Bulley, email: grahambulley@aol.com Thank you all for your support in the past year and we wish all our readers A VERY HAPPY AND HEALTHY 2014. -Mary Skilton, Editor (Tel: 407447) We are aware our Parish News reaches many areas as we have a large postal round of people who have left the area yet like to keep up with the local news but we have heard of one Magazine delivered to a Plymstock address that is then forwarded to Peacehaven (Brighton), on to London then back to South Brent. Now that must be a record . . . !! DID YOU KNOW . . ? Computer printer ink is, by volume, 4,000 times more expensive than crude oil and 1,800 times more expensive than petroleum, even though – according to an investigation conducted by BBC’s Watchdog in April – the actual cost of manufacturing and filling an ink cartridge is around 29p. THANK YOU FROM THE ‘PILGRIMAIRES’ The Pilgrimaires would like to give a big thank you to the people of the Plymstock area for attending their Christmas Concert at St Johns on the 14th December in such appalling weather conditions. Also thanks to St Johns for the use of the Church Hall. A sum of £432 was raised for the Dartmoor Recovery Unit. ST JOHN’S CHRISTMAS FAYRE on Saturday 30th November was very well attended. The sum raised was £605 including the Raffle. Many thanks to all the helpers and to all who came along to support us. MAHJONG Mrs Susie Hughes would like to invite you to join a group aimed at learning and playing – on a regular basis - the ancient game of Mahjong. This is a very old Chinese game played with 144 tiles based on Chinese symbols and characters. It is similar to the game we call Rummy. It is a game of skill, strategy and calculation and involves a certain degree of chance. Why not contact her to find out more? Anyone welcome. Mrs Susie Hughes, 52 Stamford Close, Hooe PL9 9SG. Tel 651513. A UNITED EPIPHANY SERVICE of NINE LESSONS & CAROLS will be held at ST JOHN’S CHURCH on th SUNDAY, 5 JANUARY 2014 at 4.00pm. All Welcome A Bring & Share Tea after the Service in the Church Hall
  3. 3. AN ANTIQUE IN HOOE – our old Post box is back In October 2012, Lake Road Post Office closed and moved to the Hooe Precinct. Twelve months later the Post box was removed from the old Post Office site and it was assumed would be replaced near Hooe Barn. After much letter writing and telephoning to various bodies by several members of the public, the box is back outside Hooe Barn. However it is still the shabby pink and it is easy to tell it is the same box because of its distinctive markings. This box must be one of the oldest in the district. On close inspection it was made during the reign of King Edward VII (1901 – 1910) and came from a site in Bodmin. Indeed we have an antique in Hooe! CAROL SERVICE AT ‘THE BORI’ The Boringdon Arms at Turnchapel was bursting at the seams when the Turnchapel & Mount Batten Residents Association held their Annual Carol Service on Sunday 22 nd December. The Service was conducted by the Revd Steve Payne and the music was provided by organist David Stevens. (Photo: Sid Rees) THE BORINGDON ARMS by Rob Looker, (Feb1997) Until the end of the 18th century Turnchapel was little more than a fishing village with a few small boatyards and a quarry. The quarry, now a private garden separated by a wall from the rear of the Boringdon Arms, was then owned by the Parkers of Saltram and it is said that 'The Bori' was originally built as the Quarry-Master's house, with offices on the 1st floor so that the supervisors had a good view into the quarry. There was an outside staircase where the toilets now are. In 1797, John Parker, the 2nd Baron BORINGDON, enclosed part of Turnchapel as a dry dock and in 1812 the 74-gun warship CLARENCE was launched into the Cattewater; a copy of an artist's record of this hangs in the Lounge Bar. The houses in Boringdon Terrace were built about 100 years later than 'The Bori1 (difficult to visualise the Pub standing on its own). It is clearly shown as it stands now in a 1908 Postcard which was photographed from near the phone box and shows it with two dormer windows. ‘YOUNG @ HEART’ We all gathered for our Christmas party at December’s ‘Young @ Heart’. After a few minutes business and general reports of members who were unwell and welcomes made to a few guests, we all settled down to half an hour or so of entertainment – Karaoke style.
  4. 4. Mr Eddie Robbins set up his equipment with the help of his wife and proceeded to sing to us. He gave us his version of some very well-known songs and we were very soon singing along to Spanish Eyes, Sweet Caroline, Hillbilly Rock, Once in a while, You can tell my heart and many, many more. After so much singing, and some of our members dancing to the music, we decided we were all ready for a cup of tea. Members had brought a variety of Christmas goodies which we all tucked into and enjoyed. After tea Eddie rounded off his ‘slot’ with Frank Sinatra’s My Way, followed by a noisy round of applause and thanks. Several members took part in the competition for a Christmas table decoration – there were some beauties – and Mrs Robbins judged the winner to be Shirley Foster, who was presented with a small prize. Everyone had a Christmas card. We finished the afternoon with Sylvia playing the piano for us to sing carols finishing with our hymn. We all agreed we had had a fantastic afternoon. Our next meeting in January will be our business meeting and reports of the year’s ‘happenings’ and a Quiz or two to keep our brains in gear and, of course, our cup of tea. By then I hope you will all have had a very happy and peaceful Christmas and may that continue into 2014. See you in January, -Ruth Earl Next Meeting ~ Tuesday, 7th January 2014 at 2.00pm in St John’s Hall New members are always welcome. HOOE & TURNCHAPEL LADIES GROUP st rd We meet at the Hooe & Turnchapel Community Centre on the 1 and 3 Tuesday of each month at 8.00pm. ALL ladies welcome. Our programme for JANUARY 2014 is:. . . . . . . . . . . . CHRISTMAS BREAK . . . . . . . . . . . st JANUARY 21 For further information please contact: AUCTIONATHON & NEW YEAR NIBBLES -Diane McCarthy (Sec) Tel: 311931 Credit Union is coming to Plymstock. Permission has been obtained to have a branch of Hope Credit Union in Plymstock library. We shall be needing volunteers to undergo some training in the New Year, and to be willing to help man the collection point on a rota basis. More details will be in our next Magazine/Newsletter. If you would like further information beforehand, please contact John or Jill Downer. Tel: Plymouth 519217. Credit Unions! How many times have you been angered by the advertisements on TV by pay-day loan companies? We certainly have, and have felt quite helpless and at a loss as to what can be done about it. What is the alternative? Churches throughout the country are in favour of credit unions as an alternative to payday loans, and the `good news` is that a branch of Hope Credit Union, Plymouth, is coming to Plymstock! We have had an enthusiastic response from our Member of Parliament, a local Councillor, and the Library services. We have permission to set up a collecting point in Plymstock library, which is a convenient and central point for the surrounding area. The next step is to recruit volunteers who are prepared to find out what is involved. Hopefully we shall be able to build a team, initially from all our local churches, but including anyone who feels able to help. We will undertake some training, and we plan for this to be arranged fairly early in the New Year.
  5. 5. The collecting point would initially be open probably once a week, for one or two hours. If we have sufficient people willing to help, this would mean that a rota could be established, and volunteers needed only once in several weeks. Two volunteers would be needed to staff the collection point at any one time. Christians from all denominations are committed to share the hope we have in Jesus, both in words and action. If you are willing to help, or wish to have more details about the Credit Union movement or the training involved, please get in touch with us on Plymouth 519217. We hope to be inundated with offers of help! Jill and John Downer (Parish of Plymstock and Hooe) THE LADIES FELLOWSHIP AT ORESTON The Ladies Fellowship Christmas Lunch was held at Kitley House this year. We had a private room which was beautifully laid out overlooking the gardens – the sun was out and pheasants were on the lawn, all very peaceful. 14 attended and we had an excellent three course meal, the service was good. We all went home feeling well fed! Cynthia Warren DIAMOND WEDDING ANNIVERSARY Graham & Rosemary Lea (nee Balsdon) were married at St Mary & All Saints Church, Plymstock, on nd 2 January 1954 by the Reverend Donald Weston The wedding reception was held in the parish hall and the food provided by Rosemary’s mother ably assisted by Rosemary. Graham & Rosemary worshipped at the Parish church until they moved to live in Oreston on St. George’s day April 1955; they still live in the same house that was newly built at that time. The Church of the Good Shepherd became their place of worship & has remained so ever since, though they have retained strong links with the Parish church. Elaine married to Clive, Paul married to Sharon & Karen married to Alan are their grown up family & there are three grandchildren, Michael, Danielle & Anna. What incredible changes have taken place in those sixty years! The mid fifties & early sixties was a way of life unbelievably far from the world we know today with its scientific & technical wonders. The degree of change, development & so-called progress has been phenomenal.
  6. 6. May the blessings of humour, happiness & pleasure be with them always. Congratulations to them both on their Diamond Wedding Anniversary!! HOOE’S PLACE CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS Hooe’s Place staff getting ready to prepare the Christmas lunch.
  7. 7. At the usual time of 11.30am the clients of St John’s weekly Café gathered for the Christmas lunch. They chatted and exchanged Christmas cards and presents before selecting their seats. At 12.30pm the Revd Steve said the Hooe’s Place grace “Thank you, Lord, for a place to meet, friends to greet and food to eat, Amen”. Then lunch was served. When three courses had been eaten, Mike Nicholas thanked the kitchen staff for their work over the past year and especially today. The lucky numbers on the back of their place settings were drawn and the winners applauded. Over coffee and mints David Stevens, organist, entertained on the piano with Christmas carols. The team are now taking a well-earned break. Hooe’s Place café will reopen on Thursday, 9th January 2014. (Photos: David Demellweek) ___________________________ TRAGEDY STRIKES HOOE IN 1911 In the summer two little cousins were sent out to play. The little girl’s father was in the Navy and away for long periods and the little boy’s father was a carter in the nearby quarries so both mothers worked hard to provide for their large families. Living by the Lake they were drawn to the water where large planks of wood were floating to ‘pickle’. A common game was to jump on these planks from one group of wooden islands to another. The little boy was more reckless and at the age of four was ‘showing off’. He jumped too far and perhaps slipped on the wet wood. Once in the water it was very difficult to get out as the logs floated back together trapping the child in the water. Naturally the little girl ran home to her mother in the cottage overlooking the Lake. The close knit community all tried to find little Edwin for many hours until the tide went out. The police were called and they questioned the families for a long time. The little girl was just three and three months and was the chief witness. The fear of water remained with her for the rest of her life and the family moved out of the village to a larger house next door to Hooe Baptist chapel known as Croft Terrace. The body of Edwin Dunn was found after several days and the whole village turned out to the funeral. The scene of the tragedy is the January picture in the 2014 edition of the PVH Calendar. How life and the way children are allowed to play has changed. As for the little girl, Gwennie Dunn, remained in the village, married and her descendants are still in Hooe. CHRISTMAS CRACKERS AT ORESTON
  8. 8. The Good Shepherd Church Hall at Oreston was almost full to capacity on Advent Sunday with a Christmas Cracker event. People of all ages were engaged in noisily making a full range of Christmas cards, Christmas stockings, table decorations and other items for the Festive Season while Father Steve showed videos of the Christmas message, played music and told some of his famous Christmas cracker jokes. There were visitors from all over Plymouth who helped us all spend a grey December afternoon putting colour into all aspects of celebrating Christmas. The afternoon was rounded off with tea and other seasonal refreshments served by enthusiastic helpers. The afternoon’s fellowship was felt by all and everybody left the hall joyfully. -Kevin Warley PLYMSTOCK GARDENING SOCIETY th The next meeting on Monday, 27 January 2014, 7.30pm, at Plymstock United Reform Church Hall, Plymstock Road, Oreston, will be:SOCIAL EVENING with Finger Buffet and ‘GARDENERS CALL MY BLUFF’ (Annual Membership £4.50 ~ Senior Citizens £3 Non-members welcome ~ £1 per meeting) Enquiries: 01752 403652 The CHRISTMAS FAIR & TABLE TOP SALE at Plymstock Church Hall raised £683.68 for Church funds. Thank you to all the helpers and donations. -David Roberts TABLE TOP SALE th SATURDAY, 15 FEBRUARY 2014 10am to 12 noon St Mary & All Saints Parish Hall, Church Road, Plymstock. Tea or Coffee – Raffle – Admission 20p. COFFEE MORNING th SATURDAY, 11 JANUARY 2014 10am to 12 noon St Mary & All Saints Parish Hall, Church Road, Plymstock BRING & BUY ~ RAFFLE ~ CAKE STALL
  9. 9. FILM AFTERNOONS Thank you to everyone who has supported the Wednesday ‘Film Afternoons’. I think we have made roughly £500 towards the Church roof (for exact amount contact Alan Forester). I think we should give ourselves a pat on the back! I hope we have all enjoyed the shows which were varied to say the least and made us laugh, always a great thing to do. All that remains for me to say is that I wish everyone a Peaceful New Year.-Sylvia Tall th Articles for the February magazine to be submitted by January 15 2014