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[Webinar] The State of B2B Content Marketing with Forrester


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The State of B2B Content Marketing with Forrester [Webinar]

With so much technology enabling content delivery, the need for content to fuel these systems has never been greater. So how do you decide what technology you need to develop the right content for the right customer at the right time?

Join Caroline Robertson, VP and B2B Marketing Research Director at Forrester alongside KC Hill, VP of Marketing at Kapost to take a first look at Forrester's latest research on B2B content marketing platforms and why they are the agile collaboration engine of B2B marketing content.

Caroline and KC discuss:
- An exclusive, first look at Forrester's latest report on B2B content marketing platforms (CMPs)
- The role of technology and CMPs in building a customer-centric marketing strategy
- The current and future challenges of building a successful content marketing operation
- How to know which content marketing platform is right for your organization

The highlight? A 20-minute live Q&A at the end of the session. Caroline and KC field your most burning questions around Forrester's report on B2B content marketing platforms and how you can deliver the right content to the right customer at the right time.

Caroline Robertson is passionate about helping organizations clearly communicate how they help their clients be more successful. She brings nearly 20 years of marketing leadership experience to her current Forrester clients. As VP and B2B Marketing Research Director she leads her team in helping B2B organizations excel at customer-obsessed marketing and seller enablement.

KC Hill began her career over 30 years ago in the simple days of marketing, defining value and promoting products through direct sales organizations where she saw the complexity of teams, tools, and channels explode into the digital revolution. As the VP of Marketing at Kapost, she keeps her teams focused on the customer by aligning sales and marketing strategies to address their most pressing problems.

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[Webinar] The State of B2B Content Marketing with Forrester

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