SiriusDecisions Summit 2014 - Toby Murdock Frank Barry


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SiriusDecisions Summit 2014 - Toby Murdock Frank Barry

  1. 1. #SDSummit Blackbaud and Kapost: Building a Content Operation SiriusDecisions Summit
  2. 2. Toby Murdock @tobymurdock | Co-Founder & CEO, Kapost
  3. 3. Agenda Frank The Blackbaud Content Story: How We Got Here and The Challenges We Found Toby Building a Content Operation: The 7 Best Practices Frank The Blackbaud Content Future: Where We’re Headed Frank & Toby Q & A
  4. 4. Frank Barry @franswaa | Director of Digital Marketing, Blackbaud
  5. 5. The Blackbaud Content Story
  6. 6. How Blackbaud Got Started: 3 years ago…
  7. 7. How Blackbaud Got Started: Normal State
  8. 8. How Blackbaud Got Started: The “Aha!” Ideation Activation Curation 67% …of the buyer’s journey is now done digitally. -- Sirius Decisions It started with the SiriusDecisions framework!
  9. 9. “npEXPERTS” – 20 Industry experts came together to share practical fundraising ideas and online marketing tips. ● Major content asset created by our corporate content team in partnership with our internal agency and business unit demand generation team. ● Pillar content w/ many derivatives: • eBook w/ influencer strategy baked in • 14 part webinar series • Nurture emails • Consistent blogging and social promotion • Website presence • Short version SlideShare ● We also had a very thought out promotion strategy. • Email, website, social, blogging, paid ads, rented email lists, influencer outreach, and more. Making the Case: The 1st Campaign
  10. 10. ● Web Metrics • 35,153 Visits (68% new) • Over 1,400 Social Shares ● Business Results • 7,336 Downloads • 4915 Webinar attendees • $150k in pipeline, $30k won and 4,255 new new names added (~$20k value) ● Other important outcomes • 1st page of Google Search for “fundraising ideas” • 4th best traffic generating page on website in 1 year • Led to us doing it again this year! Already over 5k downloads in first 4 months. Proving the Value
  11. 11. Proving the Value: #4 in 1st Year!
  12. 12. Proving the Value: Traffic Growing
  13. 13. After success of “npEXPERTS” we’re looking to improve and scale content effort. • Company-wide and business unit leadership and content committees ramped up. • Company-wide content calendar made more useful and kept updated. • Increased focus on tracking, measurement and proving ROI. Moving towards a “content-powered” strategy in demand-gen efforts. • Business Units are leveraging pillar content in campaigns more regularly. • Systems being put in place to help track and measure performance and results. • More collaboration and teamwork happening between teams across the enterprise. It’s a big operation: • Creating what Pillar Content takes a lot of effort by a lot of people across a lot of teams. • Copywriting, Editorial, Design, Web, Opps, Channel, Programs, Digital, Social, etc • We could have as many as 15 people from 4-5 different teams spread across 2-3 business units involved. From Experiment to Scale
  14. 14. From Experiment to Scale
  15. 15. The Challenges Process: No clearly defined process around creating top tier content to serve our industry. Aligning stakeholders around a process - Cooperation of many groups required. Performance: Pulling out meaningful insight around demand-gen efforts that leverage content has traditionally been tricky. Plus, we’re under high pressure to deliver Knowledge: Lack of knowledge into how content can serve as the centerpiece of demand-gen efforts and a shift in thinking as well as behavior around how to run demand- gen campaigns using content best practices. Visibility: Hard to know about all the activity going on and all the ways out customers/prospect s are being “touched” as campaigns are on peoples calendars, shared folders, static pdfs, excel files and more. Inventory: Content gets “lost” in the “black holes” of shared drives, the intranet, laptops, etc.
  16. 16. Building a Content Operation: 7 Best Practices
  17. 17. Builds collaboration across divergent teams • Not about a re-org Provides knowledge of what to do, process on how to do it Single version of the truth Drives accountability around new process Visibility to enable cooperation Insight into how to improve Content Operation Outcomes
  18. 18. Content Operation Best Practices The content marketing platform for the world’s best revenue marketers.
  19. 19. Best Practice: Strategy ● Understand Buyer Personas, Buying Journey ● Content Pulls Persona From One Step to the Next ● Challenge: • “Top of Funnel” Buyer-Centric Content • Operationalizing the Concept
  20. 20. Best Practice: Team ● Determine division-level structure ● Organizing stakeholders around roles and responsibilities in the content process ● Achieving unified content effort across departments; ending silos ● Forming Content Board
  21. 21. ● Producing steady stream of content concepts ● Utilizing three potential sources: • Internal (Sales, Support, etc.) • Social • Survey Best Practice: Ideation
  22. 22. Best Practice: Planning ● Planning major content campaigns in advance ● Leveraging Pillar content assets (e.g. white paper, eBook) to create derivative assets via re-purposing
  23. 23. Best Practice: Production ● Creating repeatable processes around content production, approval & distribution ● Increased content speed of execution
  24. 24. Production: Full Array of Assets The content marketing platform for the world’s best revenue marketers. Audio Blog Campaign Crowdsource Custom Content Type eBook Events Email Landing Page Photo Presentation Asset Social: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Webinar Whitepaper Video
  25. 25. Best Practice: Distribution ● Maximizing content impact through distribution across all 4 levels of the funnel and across channels ● Amplifying content at top of the funnel where Buyer is least captive
  26. 26. The content marketing platform for the world’s best revenue marketers. Audio & Video CMS (18+) CRM Content Editing & Sharing Integration Options via API, XML-RPC Marketing Automation Social Webinar
  27. 27. Best Practice: Analysis ● Internal analytics: Understanding how operation is performing in development of best practices ● Performance analytics: Connecting dots between content, buyers and revenue
  28. 28. The Blackbaud Content Future
  29. 29. The Blackbaud Content Operation Many Involved Buy-in from many across 3 Business units and Corporate: • Corporate content (3) • Internal agency (4) • Web/Digital/Social (3) • Marketing opps (2) • Demand-gen (2) The Board Thought leadership committee up and running in late 2013 and has made great progress so far in 2014. Major thought leadership program methodology and process defined and being rolled out. Pillar Campaign Excitement around the “all access” unified calendar and performance metrics at the content level. MetricsCalendar Enterprise wide content calendar in place with efforts to roll that into business units.
  31. 31. The Kapost Impact Forcing us to think about our people, process and technology. Helping push us towards effectively scaling our Content Operation across the entire business. Generating accountability among stakeholders. Creating much needed visibility for the enterprise. Helping us to take “content marketing” from isolated “incidents” to a company-wide driver of marketing success. Building excitement around what’s possible and the future.
  32. 32. Get the Blueprint for Your Next Campaign.