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How Curation Boosts Your Content Marketing Strategy


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What is curation and how can it boost your content marketing strategy? How can you become a content curation rock star? Who curates and why are they good at it? How are Kapost and Curata integrated?

The CMO of Curata, Michael Gerard, and Customer Success Manager of Kapost, Camilla Calhoun, answer these questions and more!

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How Curation Boosts Your Content Marketing Strategy

  2. 2. #CurationRockstar 2 Camilla Calhoun Customer Success Manager Kapost @camillacalhoun Michael Gerard Chief Marketing Officer Curata @michaelgerard
  3. 3. #CurationRockstar 3 Have you ever… Published a “best of” post? Commented on and shared a link on twitter? Pasted a link to facebook with your commentary?
  4. 4. #CurationRockstar 4 Then you’ve curated.
  5. 5. #CurationRockstar 5 And so have these folks. . . 5
  6. 6. #CurationRockstar 6 AGENDA •  What is curation and how can it boost your content marketing strategy? •  How can you become a content curation rock star? •  Who is doing it well and why? •  How are Kapost and Curata integrated?
  7. 7. #CurationRockstar 7 CONTENT MARKETING IS HERE TO STAY Drive Traffic & Leads Establish Thought Leadership Boost Brand Awareness Q. Top Strategies Used in Marketing Programs? Curata s Annual B2B Marketing Trends Report
  9. 9. #CurationRockstar 9 POLL How many of you… 1. Produce content that goes unused 2. Produce content that is too brand (“YOU”) centric 3. Struggle to keep up and stay relevant
  10. 10. #CurationRockstar 10 •  60-70 % of content goes unused (it is too product focused*) •  Brands struggle to create enough buyer-centric content •  Inconsistent messaging is delivered to buyers •  Challenge to stay relevant *Sirius Decisions, May 2013 You’re Not Alone…
  11. 11. #CurationRockstar 11 MOST CONTENT IS STILL IN OUR OWN VOICE!
  12. 12. #CurationRockstar 12 Source:
  13. 13. #CurationRockstar 13 “ Content curation is the process of an individual (or team) consistently finding, curating and sharing the most relevant and highest quality digital content on a specific topic for their target market.” -Curata WHAT IS CURATION?
  14. 14. #CurationRockstar 14 WHY IS CURATION IMPORTANT? . . .Thought leadership . . . Lead generation . . . Lower content development costs
  15. 15. #CurationRockstar 15 CURATION OBJECTIVES Source: Curata’s 2012 Content Curation Adoption Survey
  16. 16. #CurationRockstar 16 Ideation & Planning Production Distribution Analysis BOOSTING YOUR CONTENT MARKETING PROCESS
  17. 17. #CurationRockstar 17 Identify Find Curate Share Analyze 5 STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL CURATION
  18. 18. #CurationRockstar 18 IDENTIFY
  19. 19. #CurationRockstar 19 CURATION IN ACTION: IQ BY INTEL
  20. 20. #CurationRockstar 20 SOURCES Schedule a regular and consistent time every day to review content. RSS Feeds News Sites Blogs Trade Pubs Twitter Journals FIND
  21. 21. #CurationRockstar 21 CURATION IN ACTION: CAUSNOW
  22. 22. #CurationRockstar 22 CATEGORIZE TAG GROUP INDEX ARCHIVE RECOMMEND CURATE: FIRST ORGANIZE Think like a librarian when organizing content. –  Use categories & tags in blog software –  Make your CTA point to another piece of content –  Create digests & roll-up summaries
  23. 23. #CurationRockstar 23 ANNOTATE ANALYZE RECAP OR SUMMARY ASK QUESTIONS, POLLS COMMENT PROVIDE INSIGHT AND GUIDANCE CURATE: THEN ADD VALUE Comment like an analyst when you curate . . . create value for your audience.
  24. 24. #CurationRockstar 24 •  Share only a portion of the original content •  Always attribute sources •  Drive visitors to the original publication •  Follow the Google “Rule of Thumb” CONTENT CURATION & FAIR USE Create, curate, but never pirate content. Source:
  25. 25. #CurationRockstar 25 CURATION IN ACTION: VERNE GLOBAL
  26. 26. #CurationRockstar 26 SHARE
  27. 27. #CurationRockstar 27 ANALYZE
  28. 28. #CurationRockstar 28 HOW CURATA AND KAPOST ARE INTEGRATED
  29. 29. #CurationRockstar 29 HOW CURATA AND KAPOST ARE INTEGRATED
  30. 30. #CurationRockstar 30 IN SUMMARY •  Content Marketing is here to stay •  Meet your audience needs and provide a market-in perspective •  Grow your CM strategy and capture your audience with curation. •  Need a holistic platform to manage and integrate curation and content marketing
  31. 31. #CurationRockstar 31 Q + A Sales at Curata Customer Support at Curata Sales at Kapost Customer Success at Kapost