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[Case Study] Taming the Content Beast at DatAvail


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A SiriusDecisions Summit 17 case study featuring Robin Caputo, CMO at DatAvail

Content still remains king when it comes to engaging potential leads and driving new business. But most organizations struggle with the chaos of planning for and producing new, targeted content efficiently that resonates with their audience. Organizations need a better way to plan, create and organize their content. See how DatAvail led by Chief Marketing Officer, Robin Caputo tamed the content beast with intelligent content marketing and analytics from Kapost.

Key Takeaways:
- How the right tool can increase content production efficiency
- The advantages of having an overview of stages of content in production
- Visibility and accountability that enables smart resource planning among marketing staff and contributors
- How increased, targeted content can lead to more qualified leads resulting in increased revenue

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[Case Study] Taming the Content Beast at DatAvail

  2. 2. TAMING THE CONTENT BEAST WITH KAPOST Describing the Content Beast About Kapost and Datavail Why Kapost Key Results Taming the Beast in Four Steps What’s Next
  3. 3. WE ALL KNOW “CONTENT IS KING” Content still a driving force for lead generation Content, when done right, improves branding and shows thought leadership Sales relies on relevant content to engage prospects Relevant content can improve website traffic to improve search results Content proves subject matter expertise Predictive analytics enable “next best” content delivery
  4. 4. BUT CONTENT CAN FEEL MORE LIKE A BEAST THAN A KING… Cumbersome content creation process • Inconsistent planning, creation, production and distribution processes • Recreating the wheel, every time. Content tracking chaos = email hell and lots of missed deadlines Siloed departments and unclear priorities create resource bottlenecks Content planning not strategic, nor tied to revenue results – more ad hoc Difficult to scale And approvals are…challenging.
  5. 5. TAKING A MORE STRATEGIC APPROACH TO CONTENT WITH KAPOST Collaboration Accessibility Insight Studio Gallery & Publishing Engine Analytics Revenue Acceleration Right Content, Right Customer, Right time Alignment Repurposing-driven Content Operation Canvas Tagging Business Outcomes People Process Kapost
  6. 6. THE CONTENT PROCESS – TAMED Content AlignAnalyze ExecuteDistribute Analyze Distribute Execute Align
  7. 7. TAMING THE CONTENT BEAST | FIRST STEP - ALIGNMENT Planning for cross campaign content alignment Effective idea creation and planning around priorities Opportunity for collaboration between teams and stakeholders Align content to buyers personas and journey steps Handling and processing ideas/requests from each department effectively Conten t Align
  8. 8. TAMING THE CONTENT BEST | SECOND STEP - EXECUTE Standarize processes for initiatives and content types Assign task roles and responsibilities With visibility of complete development process, you can adjust resources and priorities Dashboard enables individual real time daily “to-do” lists, while enabling big picture view of constraints and obstacles Develop editorial calendar dependent upon “hard” or “smart” deadlines Content Execute
  9. 9. TAMING THE CONTENT BEAST | THIRD STEP: DISTRIBUTE Manage content distribution through one source Make accessible to sales – your “content concierges” via tab in Salesforce Kapost gallery enables filtering by category and searching by key word Distribute to social, website, third party publications from Kapost Conten t Distribute
  10. 10. TAMING THE CONTENT BEAST | FOURTH STEP - ANAYZE Track content impact on individual deals as well as aggregate bookings/revenue Create line of site into content inventory and performance, and gaps within each persona and their buyers’ journey Better use of resources – concentrate on high performing types of content and reuse of existing content Determine where bottlenecks are in content development Conten t Analyze
  11. 11. THE CONTENT BEAST, TAMED AT DATAVAIL Clear visibility into personal tasks via dashboard Support of full funnel content operations Easily accessible views of team tasks for better planning and team alignment of priorities via calendars and task views Easily accessible library for SalesForce users Ability to ensure alignment of tactics and strategy Feeding executive dashboards and marketing insights/attribution Identify gaps in strategy and context coverage to inform planning process and content strategy
  12. 12. THE CONTENT BEAST, TAMED AT DATAVAIL Before Kapost After Kapost Email hell – hundreds a day 75% reduction in email within team Serial and singular content development 60 initiatives, 400 pieces of content in development Attempts at project planning via Sharepoint, Gira, Excel One project planning tool for all team members and vendors/writers Limited visibility to content contribution to revenue bookings Know exactly which pieces of content are contributing and what isn’t Limited awareness of what content used by which persona at what stage Visibility of content at MEL through closed deal stages of funnel Wasted time and effort Extraordinary improvement in productivity, by all measurements Employee frustration Employee satisfaction Marketing employees have said they will never work anywhere again without Kapost.
  13. 13. RESULTS THAT MATTER: REVENUE Of revenue bookings at Datavail come from marketing-generated leads Majority of leads come from content-focused search, advertising and events Datavail has grown at a CAGR clip over the past five years 75% 80% 50%
  14. 14. WHAT’S NEXT? Better use of Kapost planning tool – Canvas Integrating predictive analytics – both account based marketing and persona based marketing – into Kapost Focus on “next best” personalized content distribution through the buyers’ journey
  15. 15. Dashboard
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