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Skype Wifi Case Study


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How Kaplow created crazy buzz for the Skype Wifi product and helped busy travelers throughout the holiday season.

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Skype Wifi Case Study

  1. 1. PROJECT BRIEF CategoryFree Skype WiFi Keeps Holiday Travelers Connected with Loved Ones Best Use of Digital/Social for a Consumer Technology CampaignSituation Analysis:Consumers think of Skype as a way to make free video calls, but CampaignSkype needed to raise awareness and increase usage of Skype WiFi, Kaplow and Skype Bringone of the company’s paid products. Kaplow used the holiday You Closer to Homeseason, when so many people are traveling, to launch a campaign Budgetfeaturing Skype WiFi as a great way for travelers to keep in touch We cannot disclose thewith loved ones. With “Skype Brings You Closer to Home” we budget for this campaign.positioned the brand as a hero to frustrated travelers who wantedto stay in touch with their families. To get people to try Skype WiFi, DescriptionSkype offered one free hour of Internet access via third-party wireless Kaplow helped busyhotspots in more than 50 airports across the U.S. from December 21st travelers connect withthru December 27th. In addition, Skype also extended its free WiFi loved ones during theoffer to many neighborhoods in Manhattan so that revelers from near holiday season byand far could ring in the New Year with friends and family who were offering free Skype WiFi in 50 U.S.airports, generatingunable to make it to the Big Apple to celebrate the New Year. warmth for the brand and a change of behaviorThe objectives of this program was to: among consumers.• Increase awareness and usage of Skype WiFi, a paid feature. Key Contact [ [ Nora Allen “Skype Brings You 212.221.1713 Closer to Home” drove 400,000 minutes of product usage and exceeded the brand’s goals by 30%. This interactive map showed travelers at whichairports where they could find free Skype WiFi 1 9 We s t 4 4 t h S t re e t , 6 t h f l o o r l N e w Yo r k , N Y 1 0 0 3 6 l 212.221.1713 l w w w . k a p l o w p r. c o m
  2. 2. StrategyKaplow studied the traffic flow of the busiest airports in the U.S. as part of the selection criteria for thepromotion. Since moms are the head of the household and much of the travel during the holidays isfamily travel, we knew that they would be important to reach with a message about our campaign.As a result, we studied moms’ behavior and learned that they are heavy consumers of socialnetworking and social games. Leveraging this data, we distributed an original video touting SkypeWiFi through social games to reach this target audience. We also researched Web sites that had aheavy focus on travel, moms and families to include in our mix for online video distribution online.ImplementationKaplow and Skype used a combination of traditional media relations (earned), branded digitalcontent (owned) and digital distribution across parenting, family and travel sites (paid) to createawareness and drive usage of Skype WiFi by holiday travelers. Interactive Skype WiFi Map: To make it easy for consumers to try Skype WiFi, we developed an interactive map that travelers could visit to learn which airports were participating in the promotion. Consumer Media Relations: In addition to pitching tech, travel and consumer media, wConsumer media relations” copy after heading with: In addition to pitching tech, travel and consumer media, we also issue an Audio News Release (ANR) and broadcast on local television news stations letting harried travelers know about the free Skype WiFi offer at their local airports. Branded Video Creation & Distribution: To bring Skype WiFi to life, we shot original content at Westchester County Airport illustrating how travelers could use Skype WiFi. In addition to being shared with broadcast media, this video was also seeded across online media sites and social games through Kaplow’s paid distribution network. [ The Skype WiFi how-to video showed travelers how to use Skype WiFi and was viewed over 500,000 times. [ 1 9 We s t 4 4 t h S t re e t , 6 t h f l o o r l N e w Yo r k , N Y 1 0 0 3 6 l 212.221.1713 l w w w . k a p l o w p r. c o m
  3. 3. Social Media Content: To increase engagement, we drafted multiple blog posts about the freeSkype WiFi promotion and also disseminated related content on Twitter using the #freeSkypeWiFihashtag.Foursquare Tips Campaign: We left creative localized tips on the main airport check-in venues onFoursquare so travelers could learn about the free WiFi offer when they were in a participatingairport. [ Localized Foursquare tips helped to spread the word to travelers who checked in a participating airports. [ 1 9 We s t 4 4 t h S t re e t , 6 t h f l o o r l N e w Yo r k , N Y 1 0 0 3 6 l 212.221.1713 l w w w . k a p l o w p r. c o m
  4. 4. Summary Results:Kaplow helped busy travelers connect with loved onesduring the holiday season using free Skype WiFi in airports,generating warmth for the brand and a change ofbehavior among consumers. The “Skype Brings You Closerto Home” campaign drove nearly 400,000 minutes ofusage of the product in the participating airports duringthe promotional period, exceeding the brand’s goal by30%. During the campaign, we received over 250 mediaplacements, the vast majority of which were online(more than 200MM earned impressions), while tweetsabout Skype WiFi increased fourteen-fold. In addition, thecompany went from zero to 2,000 Foursquare followersand gained over 83,000 new Facebook ‘Likes’ and almost3,000 new Twitter followers.[ [ “It drives me crazy when I have time to kill at an airport that doesn’t offer free Wi-Fi. With so many business and leisure travelers toting laptops, it seems this should be a no-brainer.”[ “The folks at Skype are now doing what they can to help make the long journey before the reunion a little easier for travelers.” [[ “Travelers stuck at the airport during the holidays will find at least one free gift, courtesy of Skype. [[ “If you pick an iDevice, then it’s the Skype WiFi app you’ll be wanting updated in the lead up to midnight.” [ 1 9 We s t 4 4 t h S t re e t , 6 t h f l o o r l N e w Yo r k , N Y 1 0 0 3 6 l 212.221.1713 l w w w . k a p l o w p r. c o m