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CML2117 Introduction To Law 2008, Lecture 8


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CML2117 Introduction To Law 2008, Lecture 8

  1. 1. Administrative note Virtual Campus site is alive – srsly this time
  2. 2. What was Steven Harper Under what conditions can a saying at 3:15pm on June woman seek an abortion 11, 2008? under the Criminal Code What CRTC decision of today? Hint: What does the Court 2007 created the national say in R. v. Mortgentaler, [1988] 1 Do−Not−Call list that S.C.R. 30 at p. 80? launched yesterday? Can I walk my husky on What was Bill C−484 from her extending leash in the the last session of Arboretum (NCC land)? Parliament? Can parking spots generally be located in front of houses in Ottawa?
  3. 3. For next class… More Legislation and legislative interpretation • Pages 174−196 Courts, jurisdiction and decisions • Pages 237−253