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Turkey’s entry into the EU


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Turkey’s entry into the EU

  1. 1. TURKEY’S ENTRY INTO THE EU Lucas Pardon Frederick Plunian-Blot Kapil sharma Sirine Masmoudi
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION OF THE TWO PARTIES EUROPEAN UNION TURKEYKEY FIGURES: KEY FIGURES:-Created in 1957 -80 millions of people-Today 27 Countries -Major religion: Islam-Total population:495 -15th world powermillion of people -GDP: 10 000 $ /year /capita
  3. 3. CONTEXT SOCIAL ECONOMICAL -Growth rate: 8%-Human rights -GDP: 10 000$ per-Woman rights Capita-Prison environment -Link: Asia and Europe POLITICAL & DIPLOMATIC -Turkey: WTO/ G20/IMF -Gate for Middle East
  4. 4. INTERESTS FOR BOTH PARTIESEUROPEAN UNION TURKEY-Huge potential market -Europe is a new market -Pacification -Improve the quality of -Reduce Barrier for living trade -Progress in R&D-Young and qualified -Funds for infrastructure working force.
  5. 5. CRITERIAList of 35 Chapters of Acquisation
  6. 6. •EU is setting the rules. (cyprus and kurdish)•Turkey is a real opportunityFor EU because huge market (80 millions ofpeople).•Ally to fight against terrorismThe both parts are negotiating since the AnkaraAgreements (1963). EU is taking advantage ofthis time they more they wait they more they
  7. 7. AlternativesOpen discussion with Neighbours:.
  8. 8. OPTIONPreferential Trade Agreement (PTA)
  9. 9. Conclusion