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Devops at SlideShare: Talk at Devopsdays Bangalore 2011


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Presentation for the talk at Devopsdays Bangalore 2011 (August 26th & 27th)

This is about why we embraced devops at SlideShare and our experiences, achievements and insights in adopting devops.

Devops at SlideShare: Talk at Devopsdays Bangalore 2011

  1. We deploy 5 times a day on production DevOps at SlideShare Kapil Mohan & Mayank Joshi Devopsdays Bangalore 2011
  3. The Plan 1) Why DevOps @SlideShare? 2) Tools & culture for DevOps 3) Q & A
  4. The Plan 1) Why DevOps @SlideShare? 2) Tools & culture for DevOps 3) Q & A
  5. Once upon a time... Deployments to production for 4 months: ZERO Everybody was scared to deploy Deployment was a tedious job
  6. F%#K Deployment Day! Ops guy's hand
  7. Manual steps to setup a new server Non-repeatable, error-prone, un-maintainable ~1 server/guy/day BORING! WTF slide of the day
  8. Long downtimes Time wasted in digging the root cause Time wasted in adding capacity Site Down
  9. Zero visibility led to arguments & blames No shared responsibility It's Your Problem
  10. ...and Crazy growth, millions of users worldwide Engineering needed to scale up!
  11. Why DevOps @SlideShare? Deployments were a blocker Building & maintaining servers was PITA Zero visibility into the system No shared ownership Needed better engineering practices
  12. Agile & Lean
  13. ickr
  14. The Plan 1) Why DevOps @SlideShare? 2) Tools & culture for DevOps 3) Q & A
  15. Systems Automation! Object oriented, incremental, repeatable 5-50 today! IP for the company Ruby – readable by devs
  16. Scripted Deployments Repeatable, powerful No release manager Devs “see” their code going to production Ops can deploy on their own
  17. Source Control Moved from SVN to Git Using GitSVN glue Merging, branching FTW! Dev and Ops can access all repositories
  18. Continuous Integration BDD using RSpec Centralized build server using CCrb Web-based dashboard Blackbox application testing using Selenium
  19. Ruthless Monitoring Web-based performance dashboards (New Relic, Ganglia) Detailed, time-based profiling Devs have visibility
  20. Alerting Web-based dashboard, emails, SMS Nagios everything On-call Devs!
  21. Visibility Akamai Website Pulse Slow query reports Nagios alerts
  22. Management's Role IRC, Email, Phone, Face to face - Get them to 'talk' Force collaboration when troubleshooting issues, downtimes Build cross functional teams STOP blaming!
  23. Tools & Culture
  24. 5 deployments a day :)
  25. Thank you
  26. We are hiring!
  27. Image credits Image on slide 6 - backups.html Image on slide 9 – donts-and-sneaky-tactics.html Image on slide 10 (top right) – presentations-pdf.html Image on slide 12 (left) - Image on slide 12 (right) – Image on slide 15 – Image on slide 16 – infrastructure-1/