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4. Visit of the New Museum of Acropolis PART II

After a tiring but fascinating morning exploring the monuments on the Acropolis Hill and the New Museum of Acropolis, pupils of YoUtopia team stopped to get some rest and take memorial pictures. Though different concerning origin, culture and general backround they managed to find ways and procedures to collaborate for a common goal. They have been working together for 5 days in order to inquire Appearance Based Discriminatio

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4. Visit of the New Museum of Acropolis PART II

  1. 1. The New Museum of Athens Acropolis 25-09-2014 PART II PUPILS RESTING AFTER A TIRING DOUBLE VISIT September 22-26, 2014 4th meeting of YoUtopia 6o Geniko Lykeio of Aigaleo
  2. 2. After the visit of the museum
  3. 3. And all the extraordinary beauty we have been witnessed…
  4. 4. ..and revelation of Ancienty before us with its beauty and culture….
  5. 5. ..we went for a drink on the cafereria of the museum and a view of Athens once more.
  6. 6. Pupils took nice pictures of themeselves so as to remember the events of this day too.