Jepardy J2 Final Prep 09 10 #2


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Jepardy J2 Final Prep 09 10 #2

  1. 1. ジェパディー! Scroll to next slide to modify the game board This is a template for you to use in your classroom. These notes will not appear on the actual slide show.
  2. 2. 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 Choose a Daily Double answer: Right click on a button, go to action settings, choose hyperlink to Slide…, select Slide 3, OK. Scroll to the next slide to link to the appropriate category slide Change category names by double clicking on them and typing in new category This button goes to Final Jeopardy answer
  3. 3. Daily Double! Create a hyperlink to the appropriate category slide
  4. 4. コミュニケーション 100 You want to ask if it is okay to speak in English. えいごで いいですか。 Click on What is to enter questions Right click each black box, action settings, choose play sound, and select sound for either right or wrong answers Click on column heading to enter category name Click on Place answer here to enter answer Selecting sounds : right click on box, check box for play sound, click on Other sound… Navigate to sound folder in Jeopardy folder, click on sound to be used.
  5. 5. コミュニケーション 200 You want to go to the bathroom. トイレに いっても いいですか。
  6. 6. コミュニケーション 300 You have a question. すみません、しつもんがあります。
  7. 7. コミュニケーション 400 You want to ask what “tree” is in Japanese Tree は 日本語で 何ですか。
  8. 8. じこしょうかい 100 Yamada asked if you like Japanese food but you like Italian food. いいえ、日本りょうりが 好きじゃありません。 イタリアりょうりが 好きです。
  9. 9. じこしょうかい 200 Yamada said he likes Japanese tea and you want to tell him that you like Japanese tea also . 私 も おちゃが好きですよ。
  10. 10. じこしょうかい 300 You want to tell Yamada that you dislike math. 私はすうがくがきらいです。
  11. 11. じこしょうかい  400 You want to say how you disliked P.E. when you were in elementary school but now you like it in one sentence . 10 サンノゼで生まれましたが、今ロスガトスに住んでいます。
  12. 12. いろいろ 1 ー 100 You found the word “kuru” in a dictionary and you want to make it into Masu form. きます
  13. 13. いろいろ 1 ー 200 You like Suzuki-san’s watch and asked how much it was. She said it was 15,000 yen. What did she say in Japanese? いちまん ごせん えん でした。
  14. 14. いろいろ 1−300 Yamada-kun is looking for his dictionary he misplaced and you see it under his textbook. きょうかしょ は じしょ の した にありますよ。
  15. 15. いろいろ 1−400 You were late for the class and need to apologize for being late. おそくなって すみません。
  16. 16. いろいろ 2−100 You are at a restaurant and decided to order Onigiri. おにぎりを ください。 おにぎりをおねがいします。
  17. 17. いろいろ 2−200 You cannot find your homework chart and want to tell Sensei to please wait a a minute. ちょっとまってください。
  18. 18. いろいろ 2−300 Suzuki-san wants to know what time you should return home so that she can come over to do a project with you. You want to say “around 3:30.” 3 時半ごろかえります。
  19. 19. いろいろ 2− 400 Yamada said he went to San Francisco yesterday . You want to tell him that you, too, went to SF, and you went to NAPA valley also. 私もサンフランシスコに行きました。ナパにも行きましたよ。
  20. 20. Final Jeopardy Final Jeopardy!
  21. 21. Position Yamada-kun asked where the Japanese class is and you want to tell him it is between L.L. and Spanish class. 日本語のクラスは L.L とスペイン語のクラスの間にあります。