Jepardy J2 Final Prep 09 10


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Jepardy J2 Final Prep 09 10

  1. 1. ジェパディー! Scroll to next slide to modify the game board This is a template for you to use in your classroom. These notes will not appear on the actual slide show.
  2. 2. 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 かいもの じこしょうかい 学校 デート Choose a Daily Double answer: Right click on a button, go to action settings, choose hyperlink to Slide…, select Slide 3, OK. Scroll to the next slide to link to the appropriate category slide Change category names by double clicking on them and typing in new category This button goes to Final Jeopardy answer
  3. 3. かいもの 100 You are at a store and you want to know how much a thing cost. いくらですか。 Click on What is to enter questions Right click each black box, action settings, choose play sound, and select sound for either right or wrong answers Click on column heading to enter category name Click on Place answer here to enter answer Selecting sounds : right click on box, check box for play sound, click on Other sound… Navigate to sound folder in Jeopardy folder, click on sound to be used.
  4. 4. かいもの 200 You want to know the price of the watch that is near you. これは いくらですか このとけいは いくらですか
  5. 5. かいもの 300 You want to know the price of the watch that is near the store clerk. それは いくらですか。 その とけいは いくらですか。
  6. 6. かいもの 400 The store clerk said the watch is 1,000 yen but you are not sure which one. どれですか。 どのとけい ですか。
  7. 7. じこしょうかい 100 You want to tell that you were born in Los Gatos. ロスガトスで生まれました。
  8. 8. じこしょうかい 200 You want to tell that you live in Los Gatos, CA. カリフォルニアのロスガトスに住んでいます。
  9. 9. じこしょうかい 300 You want to write you are tall and smart in one sentence. 私は、せがたかくてあたまがいいです。
  10. 10. じこしょうかい  400 You want to say you were good at basketball when you were 10. 10 10 さいのとき、バスケットボールが上手でした。
  11. 11. 学校 100 Yamada-kun asked what time your Japanese class starts and what time it ends. 10 時 10 分から、 11 時 45 までです。 12 時 25 分から、 1 時 55 分までです。
  12. 12. 学校 200 Yamada-kun asked what periods you have on Friday, 1/8/2010. 1 時間目と 3 時間目と 5 時間目と 7 時間目です。
  13. 13. 学校 300 Yamada-kun asked what do you want to do this weekend. You are very tired so you want to say, “I want to sleep.” ねたいです。
  14. 14. 学校 400 Yamada-kun slept very little last night and want to find out how long you slept yesterday. きのう、 〜 時間ねました。
  15. 15. デート 100 Suzuki san asked if you want to go see a movie but you want to say know without offending him/her. ( Tsssssu 、)ちょっと。。。
  16. 16. デート 200 You want to ask Suzuki-san if s/he wants to go see a movie this weekend. 今週(まつ)、えいがを見ませんか。
  17. 17. デート 300 Suzuki san rejected your invitation so you want to find out if she wants to go to the library instead. (じゃあー)、としょかんは どうですか。
  18. 18. デート 400 You call Yamada-kun on the phone and you want to tell him who you are. (name) ですが。
  19. 19. Final Jeopardy Final Jeopardy!
  20. 20. かいもの You find a wallet and want to ask whose it is. だれのですか。