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Practice for test


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Practice for test

  1. 1. Practice for Test By: Miss O
  2. 2. Pronouns Know how to find them in a sentence• Words that take the place of people or things: I, you, he, she, it, we, they me, him, her, it, us, them
  3. 3. Pronouns• my, mine• your, yours• our, ours• their, theirs• his• her, hers
  4. 4. Pronouns• who• whom• which• whose• what
  5. 5. Pronouns• this• that• these• those
  6. 6. Pronouns all each more none severalanother either most no onesomeany few much oneboth many neither other
  7. 7. Types of Leads• Onomatopoeia- Boom! Crash! Poow! Sound Leads! Goes straight to the action•• Posing a question- Whats it like to be a cat?•• Astonishing Fact- I will always remember when the stars fell around me lifting me up around the George Washington Bridge. Starts with a fact.•• Setting the mood- Set the mood and emotional feel about the book. Place and time. Most used leads.•• Exclamatory-One word with an exclamation point ! Go! Stop! Leave!•• Dialogue- Amazing piece of dialogue in the story. Find a piece from your story that you think is good.•• Climactic- Take one of the first obstacles and then you can flash back. Start at the climax of the story.
  8. 8. What is a lead?• What is a lead?• Leads are crafted, you have to learn.• The first sentence in a story• Makes it interesting• Hooks the reader• Introduce the book• Emotional tie• Vivid words, good description• They flash pictures in your mind with concrete details• The best lead puts you right in the middle of something happening. Action!
  9. 9. How to study• To study you should practice practice practice by reviewing this power point, memorizing pronouns, knowing definitions and knowing what a lead is.• There will be no surprises and the test will be about 50 points
  10. 10. GOOD LUCKStudy Tips• Be prepared• Know everything on this PowerPoint• Study• Practice• Make practice tests• Don’t stress!