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Workshop Deck


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Published in: Technology
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Workshop Deck

  1. The Dance Floor and The Balcony:<br />Effective Social Media Strategy and Tactics for Nonprofits<br />Zabara Tango<br />Beth Kanter, Beth’s Blog<br />Ideation Conference<br />April 5, 2010<br />
  2. Zabara Tango<br />
  3. Stand up, Sit Down<br />
  4. Share Pairs<br />Photo by Franie<br />
  5. Social Media Effective Use<br />Flickr Photo by toby_maloy<br />
  6. Generate Buzz<br />Social Content<br />Engage<br />Listen<br />Social Media Strategy Blocks<br />Movement Building with Multi-Channels<br />Support Overall Communications and Internet StrategySupports Offline Action, Change of Behavior, or Impact Outcome<br />
  7. Social Content<br />acticaches<br />Social Media: Tactics and Tools<br />Movement Building and Multi-Channel<br />GenerateBuzz<br />Listen<br />Engage<br /> 10hr<br /> 15hr<br /> 20hr<br />Crawl ………..……Walk …….…….. Run ……..…………….Flyl<br />Less Time<br />
  8. Share Pairs<br />Are you in the crawl, walk, run, or fly stage with your social media?<br />What does that look like?<br />What’s needed to get you to the next stage?<br />Photo by Franie<br />
  9. Strategy<br />
  10. Communications and Program Assessment<br /><ul><li>Who do you want to reach?
  11. What do you want to accomplish?
  12. Where can social improve tools and processes?
  13. Where can social supplement these tools and processes?
  14. Budget and time
  15. Opportunities to pilot</li></li></ul><li>What are your planned events and opportunities for the year?<br />
  16. Share Pairs<br />What?<br />Who?Opportunities?<br />Photo by Franie<br />
  17. Strategy<br />
  18. Source: Communications Network Listening Presentation OSI Foundation<br />
  19. Share Pairs<br />Who is listening on social media channels? <br />What are some key words you use to listen?<br />Photo by Franie<br />
  20. Strategy<br />
  21. Conversation Starters<br />
  22. “It is important to connect with people based on their interests (I will sometimes search twitter for "kids outside" and then compliment them on giving their kids a green hour!) ”<br />Danielle Brigida<br />
  23. Strategy<br />
  24. Share Pairs<br />Something you heard that was completely new to you<br />Something you thought about<br />Something that resonated<br />Photo by Franie<br />
  25. Strategy<br />
  26. The Social Life of Content<br />Crawl<br />Fly<br />Walk Run<br />
  27. Social Media Outposts<br />
  28. Curated Social Content<br />
  29. Don’t Forget Mobile Content ….<br />
  30. Share Pairs<br />Something you heard that was completely new to you<br />Something you thought about<br />Something that resonated<br />Photo by Franie<br />
  31. Strategy<br />
  32. Platform for Self-Organizing<br />
  33. Capacity<br />
  34. Staffing<br />
  35. How much time does it take to do social media?<br />
  36. Culture<br />
  37. Human Spectragram: Agree or disagree with:<br />Social media is a waste of time<br />Social media can help fundraising results<br />
  38. Perceptions <br />Loss of control over their branding and marketing messages<br />Dealing with negative comments<br />Addressing personality versus organizational voice (trusting employees)<br />Fear of failure <br />Perception of wasted of time and resources <br />Suffering from information overload already, this will cause more <br />
  39. Social Media Policy Template<br /><ul><li> Encouragement and support
  40. Why policy is needed
  41. Cases when it will be used, distributed
  42. Oversight, notifications, and legal implications
  43. Guidelines
  44. Identity and transparency
  45. Responsibility
  46. Confidentiality
  47. Judgment and common sense
  48. Best practices
  49. Tone
  50. Expertise
  51. Respect
  52. Quality
  53. Additional resources
  54. Training
  55. Press referrals
  56. Escalation
  57. Policy examples available at</li></ul>Source: Charlene Li, Altimeter Group<br />
  58. Scale<br />
  59. Learning<br />
  60. Well, maybe not dead<br />Pick the right metrics to understand what is and what isn’t working<br />
  61. SEED<br />Track the<br />Whole Funnel<br />Identify Influencers<br />ATTENTION<br />Tweet Impressions<br />ENGAGEMENT<br />Click Thrus<br />Retweets<br />CONVERSION<br />Sign ups<br />Donations<br />
  62. Seed: Twitalyzer to identify Influencers <br />  # followers   # unique references   Frequency RT you  Frequency RT others   Relative frequency updates<br />
  63. Reach: What the Hashtag Tweets<br />
  64. Engagement: for Click Thrus<br />
  65. Creating A Safe Place To Fail<br />Identify worst case scenarios<br />Develop contingency plans<br />Prepare for the failures<br />
  66. Pick a social media project that won’t take much time<br />Write down successes <br />Write down challenges <br />Ask or listen to the people you connect with about what worked and what didn't <br />Watch other nonprofits and copy and remix for your next project. <br />Rinse, repeat.<br />
  67. Share Pairs<br />Small Groups: <br />One thing you heard that you can put into practice?One question you still have?<br />What is one step you can take with social media tommorrow?<br />Photo by Franie<br />
  68.<br />
  69. Photo by Preetam Rai<br />
  70. Network Effe<br />
  71. Rules …<br /><ul><li> Value of the exercise is the discussion and how you navigate through choices
  72. Don’t get hung up! Make it more context if you need it.
  73. There are no right or wrong answers
  74. Instructions on paper and knowledge in the cards and other people at table
  75. You won’t have a completed, perfect strategy – only have 60 minutes</li></li></ul><li>The Scenario<br />
  76. Movement Building with Multi-Channels<br />GenerateBuzz<br />Social Content<br />Engage<br />Listen<br />Review Principles<br />
  77. Pick Your Tools: You Only Get 10 Points!<br />
  78. Report Out<br /><ul><li> Three Minute Summary
  79. Discussion Questions
  80. What’s brilliant?
  81. What’s missing?
  82. What will you apply to your strategy?</li>