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The Wizard Behind the Curtain


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Social media and nonprofits
Keynote for the Making Media Connections

Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology
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The Wizard Behind the Curtain

  1. The Wizard Behind the Curtain Nonprofits and Social Media Beth Kanter, Beth’s Blog Flickr photo by elekesmagdi/
  2. Beth Kanter, Nonprofit Technology Trainer Photo by Steve Goodman
  3. Beth’s Blog Profiles & Presence Communities RSS Powered network Sharing photos, bookmarks, videos, and more Conversations Fundraising
  4. Is this cute cat the wizard behind the curtain? Flickr photo by elekesmagdi/
  5. Web2.0: to share cute cat photos
  6. Wait a second … looking at nonprofits that have successfully Adopted social media .. There are a lot of dog lovers …..
  7. Let’s talk about another wizard
  8. Web 1.0 = Kansas
  9. Reading Surfing Consuming Browsing That sounds lonely …
  10. Connecting Creating Conversation Collaborating Web 2.0
  11. It’s not the same web!
  12. Web 1.0 Source: Alan Levine – CogDog Blog
  13. Web 2.0
  14. I’ll get your pretty little logo and remix it too!
  15. Why Important?
  16. Digital Natives
  17. But wait, there is more …
  18. Social Media matters because … • Different than Broadcast Media • To cultivate the next generation of donors • Rapid Word of Mouth • The Trust factor
  19. Blogs Wikis RSS Facebook Myspace Ning Flickr YouTube Qik Twitter
  20. Challenges Skepticism Lack of Understanding Time suck Individual’s authentic voice on behalf of organization versus institutional messaging Too much of a good thing Lack of resources Need a strategy ROI
  21. Tools come and go, a strategy based on experimentation sustains …
  22. And Say … Outcome Strategy Tools Results Experiment Repeat
  23. A story about a wired fundraiser and extra organizational activist ..
  24. Contest Opens: December 13, 2007 3:00 PM
  25. December 13, 2007 3:01 PM
  26. I opened my Kimono
  27. Strategy Make It Personal Theory Example ….
  28. “The message is not about the charity. It’s about why the messenger cares.” Katya Andresen, Network For Good
  29. Will it scale?
  30. Ladder of Engagement Participator Type Instigators Evangelists Donors Spreaders Happy Bystanders Listen Share Money Solicit Create Involvement Personal Fundraiser does the Network Weaving
  31. Strategy: Stories
  32. Strategy Three R’s of Network Weaving
  33. Relationship Building
  34. Rewards
  35. Reciprocity
  36. Stories and Network Weaving …
  37. Strategy Fun, Humor, Easy, Urgency, Competitive Spirit, and Passion!
  38. What’s more fun than a birthday party?
  39. Where did they get all those embarrassing photos?
  40. 125 people donated 142 birthday wishes 180 views on “see me naked” photo
  41. But my birthday was Jan. 11th and we had 20 more days to go …
  42. How To Ask for Donations on Twitter
  43. Offline/Online
  44. 24 hours before the contest ends We’re in 1st Place
  45. WooT! WooT!
  46. Thank you Chan Piseth
  47. Lessons Learned About Strategy •Open the Kimono •Make it personal •Use the Ladder of Engagement •Stories •The Three R’s of Network Weaving •Fun, Humor, Easy, Urgency, and Competitive Spirit •Say thank you in creative ways
  48. Contact Information Beth Kanter Beth’s Blog