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The Unanticipated Benefits of Content Curation


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  • Beth, this is an awesome presentation. Content Curation is an effective way to boost your content marketing efforts if done right. Most people think of content curation as stealing other people's content. It's the wrong concept, If anyone thinks like that then he doesn't understand the correct meaning/method of content curation. That's why we have built to make it easy for marketers to discover, curate and amplify content without all the hassle involved.
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  • Curation Firehose! Thanks for a fantastic presentation at #13ntccur8
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    | Diễn đàn rao vặt | Diễn đàn rao vặt | Skin Vbb 4.2.0 | Game - Ứng dụng Mobile | Bảo mật website | Share code Joomla | Hình nền điện thoại
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  • This is excellent Beth. Thank you for sharing...
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The Unanticipated Benefits of Content Curation

  1. The Unexpected Benefits of Content Curation – Beth Kanter Photo by Kevharb
  2. Beth Kanter
  3. My nonprofit tech workbegins ….
  4. Content Curation forNonprofitscirca 1994-1996
  5. Who Does Content Curation? A Few Quick Polls
  6. Content curation is the organizing, filtering and“making sense of” information on the web and sharing the very best with your network.
  7. What the heck does a content curator do?
  8. They don’t just share or collect links
  9. The Content Curator is a Sommelier . . .
  10. The exabyte is a unit of information or computer storage equal toone quintillion bytes
  11. 800 million users on FacebookAverage user creates 90 pieces of content each month Flickr photo by dkalo
  12. What is the value of contentcuration?
  13. • Transdisciplinarity• Sense-making• Social intelligence• Cognitive load management• New media literacy
  14. The Base of your Integrated Content Strategy! Tweets, Facebook Blog, Web Site, Email Newsletter, YouTu be, Photos, Webi nars, E-books Coordination Creativity Curation
  15. Extended Shelf Life for Social Content
  16. TYPE INTO THE CHAT:If you are already doing content curation, whatbenefits have you observed?How would you explain this to your board orexecutive director if asked why you are spendingtime doing this?
  17. The Art of Good Curation
  18. Content Curation: Are YouA Fire Hose or A FocusingLens?
  19. Content Curation: The Practice Sense ShareSeekFramework: Harold JarcheNetworked Learning Is Working Smarter
  20. Seek • Define objective, audience, and topics • Organize sources • Use discovery tools • Scan more than you capture • Don’t share unless it adds great value • Discipline
  21. Sense • Product: Blog post, report, memo, prese ntation • Annotate, Archive, Apply • Add values to your nonprofit
  22. Share• Feed your network a steady diet of good stuff• Comment on other people’s stuff• Collaborative sense- making
  23. Learn from Observing the Master Curators
  24. The Universe Content Curation Tools
  25. Content Curation Tools
  26. Content Curation the Nonprofit World
  27. Tweets links related to organization’s missionand work as a bipartisan advocacy organizationdedicated to making children and families apriority in federal policy and budget decisions.
  28. SEEK SENSE SHAREIdentified key blogs and Summarizes article in a Engages with alignedTwitter users in each issue tweet partnersarea Writes for Huffington Post Tweets best of bestScans and reads everymorning and picks out best
  30. Curating Efficiently: How To Avoid Getting Content Fried
  31. Managing Your Attention Online: Why Is It An ImportantCuration Skill?
  32. Self-Knowledge Is The First Step A few quick assessment questions Add up your score: # of YES answers
  33. Self-Knowledge Is The First Step1. When you open email or do social media or curation tasks, does it make you feel anxious?2. When you are seeking information to curate, have you ever forgotten what it was in the first place you wanted to accomplish?3. Do you ever wish electronic information would just go away?4. Do you experience frustration at the amount of electronic information you need to process daily?5. Do you sit at your computer for longer than 30 minutes at a time without getting up to take a break?6. Do you constantly check (even in the bathroom on your mobile phone) your email, Twitter or other online service?7. Is the only time youre off line is when you are sleeping?8. Do you feel that you often cannot concentrate?9. Do you get anxious if you are offline for more than a few hours?10.Do you find yourself easily distracted by online resources that allow you to avoid other, pending work?
  34. What’s Your Attention Focusing Score? Source: Lulumonathletica 0…1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10Mindful Online………………………………………………………..Need Help Now
  35. What does it mean to manage your attention while yourcurate? • Understand your goals and priorities and ask yourself at regular intervals whether your current activity serves your higher priority. • Notice when your attention has wandered, and then gently bringing it back to focus on your highest priority • Sometimes in order to learn or deepen relationships -- exploring from link to link is permissible – and important. Don’t Source: Howard Rheingold NetSmart make attention training so rigid that it destroys flow.
  36. What are some techniques thatyou can use to help you or staffstay focused while curatingcontent?
  37. A Few Tips Manage Your Attention, Not Just Your Time Visualize on Paper Establish Rituals Reflection Manage Electronic Distractions Manage Physical Space Just Say No
  38. What small habit will you change? To establish new attention habits, start small, find a place in your routine for new behavior and repeat until paying attention has become a habit What will you try? Type into Source: Bandragirl: the Chat:
  39. ConclusionContent curation can not only benefit yourorganization, but also enhance staff expertise in the subjectmatter area. This can have additional returns for yourorganization’s programs and services and positively impactyour stakeholders. Content curation can also help staffavoid the problems of lost productivity that informationoverload causes. Better yet, it can help your nonprofitoverall by strengthening your communications strategy andpositioning your organization as a thought leader in itsdomain. But, it requires a solid content strategy andtraining in the hard and soft techniques of contentcuration.
  40. Questions?
  41. Thank You! Blog: http://www.bethkanter.orgPre-Order Next Book: Twitter: @kanter Facebook: Subscribe to my public updates: Scoop.It: Pinterest: