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The Art and Science of Blogging


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The Art and Science of Blogging

  1. Module 2: The Art and Science of Blogging Beth Kanter, Beth’s Blog
  2. Beth Kanter, Presenter Photo by Steve Goodman
  3. Learning Objectives • What makes a good blog? • The blogging work flow • Nine essential blog post formats • Potential challenges to adoption • Tips for making it productive
  4. Reading and Commenting Quick Review Questions or concerns?
  5. Let’s talk about the assignment 1. Set up a RSS reader if you don’t already use one 2. Add at least 5 blogs to your reader using the starter pack 3. Think about a strategy for organizing, adding, and pruning 4. Add at least 5 blogs by referral 5. Add at least 5 blogs by searching on Technorati or Google Blog Search 6. Add one or more Google Blog Searches to your feeds
  6. What makes a great blog? (The Art Part)
  7. Personality Usefulness Personality Usefulness Writing Style Frequency Relevancy Interactivity Engaging
  8. Blogging Legos 1. Read/Comment 2. Write Posts 3. Interacting with Your Readers
  9. 1. Read/Comment Read you feeds Comment Update Your Feeds
  10. 2. Writing Blog Posts What topic Write
  11. 3. Interacting with Your Readers Who’s Reading You? Acknowledge Readers
  12. Example
  13. Google Alert and Technorati Watch List
  14. Ideas for blog posts need to marinate …
  15. 1. Jot it Down 2. Review it 3. Mash Up 4. First Draft 5. Look at What Others have Written 6. Bounce it Around 7. Write Final Draft 8. Post 9. Feedback 10. Update From Pro Blogger
  16. Form or Genre
  17. Instructional Posts
  18. Informational
  19. Product Reviews
  20. Lists
  21. Interviews Case Studies Profiles
  22. Link Posts
  23. Problem Posts
  24. Choosing Between Options
  25. Rant or Inspirational
  26. Collation and Research Posts
  27. Critique Posts
  28. Series
  29. How To
  30. Memes
  31. There’s more from Pro Blogger
  32. A few words about style … •Scanning text •Length •Titles
  33. Lists Formatting Headings and Sub-Headings Pictures Borders and Block Quotes Space Get to the Point Don’t Bury Your Points
  34. Keep It Simple Grab Attention Meet A Need Describe Use Key Words Take Time
  35. Adoption Issues
  36. Productivity Tips
  37. One Click Blogging Manage Multiple Blogs from One Point Image Management WYSIWYG Offline Blogging Spell Check
  38. Assignment Write 3 posts Comment on each other’s posts Incorporate reader comments Write 1 post reflecting on the process of writing blog post